Our verdict


The PUMA Dreamer 2 has a revered spot in the basketball shoe market. It offers a really soft and breathable upper, making it suitable not only for in-game use but also for all-day utility at work or school. This PUMA basketball shoe also boasts commendable craftsmanship; its look is so seamless you would think it is much pricier than it really is! Its amazingly supportive fit is the final feature that makes it such a pleasure to wear.


  • Very comfortable upper
  • Amazing one-to-one fit
  • Great support and lockdown
  • Grip that works
  • Effective cushioning system
  • Nice craftsmanship
  • Neat design


  • Not for wide-footers
  • Hard to put on

Who should buy the PUMA Dreamer 2

This basketball shoe from PUMA is going to work for you if you:

  • have narrow to normal-sized feet, and you want a nice one-to-one fit
  • are looking for a performance shoe that is comfortable and looks good enough to be one of your lifestyle sneakers

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from PUMA

People with wide feet will not find this basketball shoe useful. Other PUMA basketball shoes also have similar narrow structures, so they are better off with basketball shoes from other brands such as the LeBron 19 and Cosmic Unity from Nike

All-day comfort? No problem with the PUMA Dreamer 2

Basketball players report that this shoe cradles the foot so well; there are no problems even if it's worn for long hours on the court.

It must be noted here, however, that the opening for the shoe might not be big enough, making it hard to put on and take off this shoe. 

The fit is just right

As long as you get the right size, the PUMA Dreamer 2 wraps around the foot nicely. It is comfortably snug, so there are no unwanted spaces in it.

The structure is admittedly narrow, so the Dreamer might not be so comfortable for those with wide feet.

The Dreamer 2 contains the foot so well

The upper is made of knit with leather and suede overlays. According to experts, this delivers a truly responsive fit around the midfoot and forefoot.

The grip won't let you down

The sticky rubber outsole's cleverly engineered traction points further enhance its grip on the hardwood.

The midsole tooling works well

The combination of Profoam and RS foam in the midsole delivers a different kind of control and springiness for that confident drive to the basket. 

Who wants basketball shoes that look and feel premium? 

Basketball players say that like many PUMA basketball shoes, this one is put together so well it looks and feels more expensive than it really is.

Play and frolic in style with the PUMA RS Dreamer 2

Aesthetics-wise, the Dreamer 2 from PUMA is indeed a standout. Many wearers love the compliments that they get when they go out in this shoe. This shoe, after all, is made in collaboration with J. Cole, a musician who has become a pop culture icon. This shoe is released in versions that colorfully pay homage to significant milestones in J. Cole's music career.