Who should buy the Puma Court Rider 2

This basketball shoe from Puma is easily suitable for the following:

  • players who are lighter and faster such as guards
  • buyers who want their basketball shoes to double as lifestyle sneakers
  • wearers who do not have time to break in their shoes
  • athletes with normal to wide feet

Puma Court Rider 2 court rider 2 buy

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Puma

The Puma Court Rider 2 is not for those who have narrow feet. They are better off with the Puma Clyde All-Pro. If they are willing to wear shoes from other brands, the Kobe basketball shoes from Nike are going to be great picks. 

Puma Court Rider 2 court rider 2 not buy

Bigger players who need a lot of cushioning and extra strong support are not the targets of this basketball shoe from Puma. They are better off with the Nike LeBron 19 and other picks from LeBron James's line.

Excellent grip, anyone?

When it comes to traction, you are not going to have problems with the Puma Court Rider 2. "Gripped every surface I played on superbly," an expert says of it. Another commenter relays that he bought the Puma Court Rider 2 because of its purported grip, and they were not disappointed. Another expert says that while the traction setup is not really the squeakiest, it still works well and he experiences no major issues on the indoor court where he plays. 

Puma Court Rider 2 court rider 2 traction

Dust won't be an issue

An expert reports that the outsole does not really pick up a lot of dust, so those players who play on slightly unkempt courts may not have problems with this. Another reviewer has the same comment, and he adds that he doesn't really need to wipe his shoe at all.

The Court Rider 2 means court feel

According to one avid reviewer, this shoe is low to the ground and is quite reactive. It is still able to offer impact protection, but it is still not for players who are heavier and have more aggressive play styles. The whole cushioning setup offers more response than compression, so it's going to serve the needs of lighter and faster players better.

Puma Court Rider 2 court rider 2 court feel

Foot containment is OK

When it comes to support and lockdown, one commenter says that this shoe offers "nothing crazy" or particularly outstanding. However, he vouches that the Court Rider 2 still gets the job done pretty well. The Puma Court Rider 2 is still able to lock the foot down without pinching and so much restrictiveness. 

"Comfy, supportive fit," another user comments. This is corroborated by an expert who reports that this shoe indeed delivers a one-to-one fit, ensuring support wherever it is needed.

Puma Court Rider 2: Wide-feet friendly

This basketball shoe from Puma is pleasantly accommodating to those with wide feet. A wearer with wide feet reports that his feet typically hurts when he buys new shoes, but this was not the case at all with the Court Rider 2. Aside from being "perfect for wide-footers," another commenter reports that this is the "best-fitting basketball shoe" he has ever worn. It's already a bonus that this shoe is also very easy to put on and take off.

Experience comfort in the Court Rider 2

"The build is excellent," an expert says of the upper. He is able to say so because the upper performed "admirably", providing ventilation and comfort even when the shoe is worn for long hours on end. Another reviewer reports that this shoe already "felt awesome out of the box." An expert also says that the shoe takes "basically no time to break in." Now, those who want to save time will really find this shoe a very good pick.

Puma Court Rider 2 court rider 2 comfort

Play in style with this Puma basketball shoe

According to one wearer, the shoe's appearance is "what takes everything to the next level." He is not ashamed to take this shoe even to his non-sports-related gigs because of how appealing it looks. Other users report that they get a lot of compliments when they go out wearing the Puma Court Rider 2.

Puma Court Rider 2 court rider 2 style

As already mentioned, the Court Rider 2 can be worn outside for leisure because of how it looks; however, playing ball on outdoor courts is an entirely different story. One reviewer points out that the midsole and the outsole "feel a bit soft" so he is not confident that this can be used on outdoor courts for long.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Puma Court Rider
Colorways: Black / Red
SKUs: 37664603 / 37664605 / 37664609 / 37684901

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