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5 reasons to buy

  • According to many, the Puma Complete TFX Sprint 3 is very comfortable to wear. 
  • Many wearers appreciate its lightness. 
  • A lot of the athletes claim that it enhanced their performance. 
  • Some buyers laud the shoe’s durability. 
  • Several users commend its versatility; it has excellent traction on varied surfaces. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • The underfoot of the shoe felt too stiff, remarked a purchaser. 
  • A buyer states that it becomes loose-fitting every after use. 

Bottom line

The third version of the Complete TFX Sprint series is a track spike that is engineered for sprinters and hurdlers alike. It is equipped with reliable features that are meant for support and durability. With its overall design, the Puma Complete TFX Sprint 3 will help keep athletes on their forefoot, powering propulsion to up the game.

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Good to know

Use - Apparent through its name, the Puma Complete TFX Sprint 3 is an updated model that is chiefly configured for sprinting. However, it also functions in hurdles, boosting the momentum of the athlete for robust performance. 

Spike Plate - Just like that of Adidas Adizero Accelerator, the Complete TFX Sprint 3 is outfitted with a TPU spike plate. It is intended for an efficient toe-off while maintaining the lightweight, durable qualities of the track and field shoe. 

Focusing improvements on fit and breathability, the Complete TFX Sprint 3 flaunts synthetic leather and air-mesh. These upper materials supplement additional support and security. 

To maintain the reliable capabilities of the sprinting spike, it is still equipped with the same spike plate- TPU plate. It balances both the weight and durability of the shoe. 

Acting as the underfoot coverage is the spike’s rubber outsole. It aids in augmenting the sturdiness and grip of the shoe on a variety of surfaces. 

Unlike most track and field spikes that are unisex, the Puma Complete TFX Sprint 3 is listed in both men’s and women’s sizes. It is available in standard sizing measurement. Thus, athletes can get a pair using their usual size preference.  

Sporting a traditional lacing system, the Complete TFX Sprint 3 offers a secure wrap around the foot. Moreover, the combination of both synthetic and mesh upper betters the support provided by the track spike.

For lasting protection against the coarse track surfaces, the Puma Complete TFX Sprint 3 is shielded with a rubber outsole. Such an outer component permits grippy traction while promoting strength. 

The spike plate of the sprint shoe is similar to some Adidas models, such as the Adizero Finesse and Distancestar. This plate enables a propulsive ride by keeping the athlete on his/her toes. This is further advanced by the rigid properties of the spike plate. Moreover, such characteristics also deliver durability while maintaining minimal weight. 

A full-length EVA foam is situated in the midsole of the Complete TFX Sprint 3. Although it is very sturdy, it does not sacrifice the comfort delivered by the track spike. It helps enhance in-shoe cushioning while maintaining the shock-attenuating attributes of this track and field sprinting shoe. 

The same midsole component is present in the Asics Hyper LD 5 and Nike Zoom Rival SD 2

The upper composition of the Complete TFX Sprint 3 exhibits a high-strength, form-fitting combination of both synthetic and air-mesh materials. These grant a breathable, comfortable in-shoe experience. 

With the sprinting spike’s upper construction, the runner will not have to worry about premature removal nor slippage of the shoe. An internal band arch bandage also keeps the foot in place, offering lockdown. 

Lastly, a traditional lacing closure supplies an adjustable fit, keeping comfort and security. 


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