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7 reasons to buy

  • The Puma Clyde Sock comes in several colorways.
  • A handful of buyers commented that the shoes are comfortable to wear.
  • A good number of wearers agree that the shoes fit great and are true to size.  
  • One reviewer liked how the colors and the design seamlessly come together.
  • The shoes are of quality make, something that a lot of buyers like.
  • Those who bought the shoes thought that it was priced just right.
  • Reviewers were appreciative of the innovation that Puma has added to the Puma Clyde Sock.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers shared that they were hesitant to buy the shoes because of the tube socks.
  • One pointed out that the Puma Clyde wouldn’t be ideal in warm weather because of the attached sock feature which would make it hot to wear.

Bottom line

The Puma Clyde Sock high-top is an on-court basketball shoe that has been turned into a street shoe. It’s an updated take on the Puma Clyde sneakers wherein a soft rib-knit collar has been added for a modern twist. Available in several colorways, it also offers comfort and quality.

Though innovation is always appreciated, some reviewers were not sure on how to feel about the tube sock that has been added to the silhouette as it limits the options on where to wear this and what to wear it with.


Base model: Puma Clyde OG
Top: High
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Clyde
Price: $130
Colorways: Black, Blue, Grey
Special editions: 15 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Puma Clyde Sock are comfy to wear and have the perfect fit for it, too. The traditional lace closure allows the wearer to choose how snug or how loose they want the shoes to be. Meanwhile, the EvoKNIT sock collar adapts to the foot and gives added support and comfort.

The sneakers can be bought in men’s sizes from 5 to 13 US with half sizes available. Women who want a pair need only to go 1.5 sizes down their standard or usual size.

The Puma Clyde Sock still has the classic silhouette but with a modern twist that makes it much more appealing to the youth of today. Three colorways are available with the Puma Clyde Sock high-tops mainly grey, peacoat, and black. These colorways give wearers some leeway when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit to wear.

Though some might think that the sock feature might make it hard to dress in, there are some options when it comes to outfits. Since the sock runs up just to the ankle, wearing a pair of jeans with folded ends will do wonders and accentuate the Puma Clyde Sock perfectly. Tees will also go well with these sneakers. Wearing shorts with the Puma Clyde Socks will show off the attached tube sock feature perfectly and will add personality to the overall look for sure.

Athletic and sporty yet chill and relaxed, the Puma Clyde Sock is a welcome addition to any closet.

Without a doubt, the Puma Clyde Sock is easily distinguishable thanks to the tube sock feature it holds. The socks have the EvoKNIT technology which is entirely knitted and extends to the toe box to give it a refined sporty look. Another distinct characteristic of the shoes is the golden branding of the Puma Clyde logo on the lateral side.

When one sees the logo with the jumping cat on something, the Puma brand instantly comes to mind. The company was established in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler whose first foray into the market began with a pair of soccer cleats with screw-in studs. These were the world’s first ever soccer shoes, and so Puma started off in the field of soccer. It’s an extensive history with various Puma cleats coming out and being worn by some of the world’s greatest players.

But Puma’s success story doesn’t stop there nor is it only limited to soccer. With a passion for success, Puma went on to dominate in some sports including basketball. With basketball, the Puma Clyde takes center stage. It’s a classic Puma sneaker that was popularized by iconic basketball player Walt “Clyde” Frazier when he asked the brand to create a shoe for him that was lighter, broader, and a better fit as basketball shoes. He loved it, and so did the world. It became a staple in any sneakerhead’s collection and a lifestyle shoe that, until today, enjoys a significant presence in the sneaker market and community.

The Puma Clyde has been a vital part of Puma’s retro offerings throughout the years and has retained this silhouette due to its popularity. Working on this demand, Puma's appetite to innovate and modernize takes to the spotlight again the Puma Clyde Sock which was released in July 2017. The brand updates the classic silhouette, giving it an identity of its own. It features a high-top fully-knitted EvoKNIT sock collar, a fixed sock-like attachment to provide it with some style and flair. These high-tops take us back to the days when court shoes and tube socks were still very much in, nostalgic in nature but modern in look.

  • The Puma Clyde Sock has a leather and mesh upper.
  • The textured rubber outsole on the shoe provides better grip.
  • For cleaning, it is recommended that you only spot clean them.


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