We spent 9.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

6 reasons to buy

  • According to most of the critics who left their comments about the Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku, the shoe feels really comfortable on foot.
  • Several buyers noted that the shoe breaks-in easily.
  • The shoe feels lightweight on foot as what a handful of reviewers expressed.
  • Many admired the stylish design of the silhouette.
  • The durability of the shoe got praises from some of the users.
  • One can get a pair of the Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku at an affordable price.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers pointed out that the Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku may run at least half a size larger.
  • The shoe is only available in one colorway.

Bottom line

The Puma Clyde has witnessed various iterations throughout its existence. One of its many variations includes the Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku. This version of the classic silhouette offers the remarkable comfort and lightweight feeling from the Puma Clyde. A more trendy appeal with the chrysanthemum detailing added on its upper is featured by this low-top shoe. A stylish look and a price that keeps the wallet smiling, the Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku can be a great addition to a sneaker collection.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Clyde
Price: $110
Small True to size Large
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The same average fit may be shared by the Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku with the main model, the classic Puma Clyde. The shoe features an easy slip-on with the elastic laces on the front that helps lock down the foot in a snug yet comfortable fit.

This low-top sneaker is unisex, but it is only offered in men’s sizing in medium width. Women, though, can purchase a pair by going 2 sizes down than usual for a better fit. It may also run large, thus, going at least half a size down when purchasing for a pair may be applicable.

The Puma Clyde has made a huge influence on the pop art culture as well as in the fashion world. Now, with its new image in the form of the Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku, a fresh, stylish look of the classic silhouette is showcased. The chrysanthemum embroidery covering its clean white upper adds more to the allure of the shoe, representing the importance of the Japanese culture yet also giving off the trendy vibe.

Being flexible when it comes to styling is also one thing that the shoe features. The sleek design of this classic, low-top shoe allows the wearer to be experimental with their look. Paired with some skinny jeans, fitted jeans, cuffed jeans, jogger jeans, shorts, as well as skirts, mini dresses, and short shorts for women, the shoe is good to go.

The chrysanthemum flower detailing that is embroidered on the white upper of the Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku is the highlight of this Puma Clyde variation. It adds more to the appeal of this low-top sneaker, making it look more attractive to the buyers. The clean and sleek design of the shoe also garners attention as it gives off the classic vibe from its origins, the Puma Clyde.

First released in 1973, the Puma Clyde was a product of the collaboration between Puma and the New York Knicks’ famous basketball player, Walt Clyde” Frazier.

Frazier wanted to have a wider Puma basketball shoe to play ball in. Thus the Puma Clyde was created. The silhouette gained more popularity during the 80’s as it became the shoe for some hip-hop legends. Wearing his Clydes with the long sideburns and fedoras, along with the alternating Formstrips, is what Frazier was known for.

Ever since its release, the Puma brand has dropped different variations of the Puma Clyde silhouette. One of these variations is the Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku which features a clean white upper with the colorful chrysanthemum embroidery as its detailing as the brand took inspiration from the Japanese culture.

  • The Puma Clyde Fashion Kiku may be sold at a discounted price in some retailers.
  • The Puma Kiku Pack is named after Japan’s Chrysanthemum Day which is known as the Kiku no Sekku.” It is celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th month of the year.
  • The signature Puma Formstrip is displayed on the sides of the shoe.
  • Puma branding can be seen on the tongue and heel of the shoe.