Top: Low
Surface: Soft Ground
Collection: Puma Classico
Lacing System: Laced
Price: $35
Brand: Puma
Colorways: Black
Small True to size Large
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A top rated Puma soccer cleat
It has never been more popular than this November

  • The soft ground variation of the Puma Classico is made of a synthetic upper that aims to mimic the softness and durability of leather. This is the same upper concept applied in the popular Adidas Samba Classic. At a glance, one might think that the upper is fashioned with genuine leather. This is due to the quilted patterns from the forefoot to the heel area that are reminiscent of Puma heritage soccer cleats.
  • The soleplate is constructed through injection moulding which makes up for the cleat’s durability. It is made with a Polyurethane material known for its lightweight and flexible properties.
  • Signature to Puma classic cleats such as the Puma Future 18.1 Netfit FG/AG, the soft ground cleat is built with six conical studs. The studs are removable and are designed with a flat metal tip similar to the soft ground variation cleats of the Puma Future collection
  • The low top soccer cleat features a central lacing system as its enclosure type. A lace-guard is stitched through the synthetic tongue to keep the laces in place.

The Puma Classico SG is offered in men’s sizes ranging from 6 to 10. The forefoot and heel stitches secure the foot snugly without the sensation of overstretching. Through the lace-up enclosure, fit can be adjusted according to one’s preference.

A standard Polyurethane outsole makes up the injection moulding construction of the soccer cleat. It provides players an extra flex that allows for freedom of movement especially helpful for push-off motions.

Six studs are arranged in the outsole to produce excellent traction on slightly wet to muddy grounds. The studs are the screw-in type that can be adjusted depending on how soft the ground is. It features flat metal tips that aid players when maneuvering in rotational directions. It is similar to how standard conical studs work on a firm ground.

The soft ground soccer cleat is designed with a synthetic upper meant to offer soft and lightweight sensation to players. It exudes a leathery look and feel through its forefoot and heel stitches that aid in ball control.

The soccer cleat is enclosed through a central lacing system that provides a more custom fit.

  • The Puma Classico Soft Ground has a variation for kids.