Base model: Puma California
Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: Puma California
Price: $75
Colorways: Black
Special editions: 10 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The unisex Puma California Hollywood sneaker follows a men’s sizing pattern which is available starting from 4 to 13. It is constructed in a men’s medium width, and women are advised to go one and a half sizes down for a suitable fit.

Gold-dipped sneakers mostly blend well with plain, casual clothes because having an already massive amount of luster in the bottom part of the body is enough to cover the dullness of the upper half. This style can be better accentuated by wearing dangling gold necklaces or even golden belts and accessories.

Embellished in a unique sole tooling, the men’s and women’s Puma California Hollywood brings the A-game to the celebrities with its coveted “Hollywood” mark on the upper. Shining in a glossy golden upper, the sneaker even gives the iconic Formstrip its honorable auric flair.

Concurrent lifestyle shoes bearing a tennis-era silhouette had been dominating the vintage-dominated sneaker market of the recent years. It was highly likely for a global brand like Puma to restore one of their court-specific apparel and the one being pertained here is the Puma California. The Puma California, as users shouldn’t be fooled by its moniker, has a gripping tale on how it got its name in the first place.

The chunky-soled sneaker’s nickname pays homage to the way it was constructed which, by sense, is the California Technique. And yes, this California style of assembly hails from the Golden State itself. It was introduced in the early 80s, 1981 to be more specific, and highlights a construction process involving two parts--the upper and the sole.

The California type of fusion allowed the sneaker to be durable and flexible which adequately fits the bill of the Puma California’s intended use as a tennis iteration. It was advertised as a universal training shoe for indoor and outdoor use which consists of an air-permeable net nylon material with a perforated nubuck toe front.

Years after its incarnation, the Puma California deserved to claim its rightful place in the retro-infused era of 2018. The old school design of the low top sneaker was resurrected with modern materials. It also didn’t escape the bling of the luxurious life in a glamorous version called the Puma California Hollywood. The latter shines in gold details with a huge Hollywood display printed on the underlays.

  • The bottom of the lace enclosure features a black-colored material.
  • A Puma California flag hangs on the vamp above the Formstrip.
  • The sneaker showcases a dual-density sole with a softer outer sole.