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The PUMA California is part of the PUMA Classics line, featuring a sporty-yet-versatile silhouette that fits a variety of activities (from a quick jog at the park to running office errands on casual Fridays). It's made up of top-quality materials, with many color options for buyers to choose from. With its budget-friendly asking price and comfortable confines, the model in question is a great investment.


  • Detail-oriented craftsmanship
  • Among the budget-friendliest
  • Posh to a fault
  • Quite versatile
  • A trove of colorways
  • Smoothens transitions on flat surfaces
  • Undeniably cozy


  • Makes feet look stout
  • Needs more support underfoot

Who should buy the PUMA California

The PUMA California revels in its athletic, old-fashioned style, giving off classy vibes with every step. You're part of its target audience if:

  • Sportiness is highlighted in your wardrobe. In other words, you like joggers and track pants.
  • You're after a clean look in something royally plush.
  • Inexpensive PUMA sneakers give you goosebumps.
  • Momentum is a big deal to you.

PUMA California buy

Who should not buy it

If you're looking for a kick with a more slender profile, trade the California for the PUMA Suede Classic. Also, consider the PUMA GV Special instead if extra underfoot support is a must-have for you.

PUMA California no

Ravish in the PUMA California

Many purchasers agree that this shoe from the PUMA sneaker collection has a great style and overall design.

PUMA California design

Generously comfy interior

Reviewers in droves confirm that the PUMA California is incredibly comfortable. The shoe's plush lining makes being in its confines a restful experience.

PUMA California comf

A transformative piece

The shoe goes well with different types of clothing. This doozy characteristic makes the shoe worth its price and compels owners to recommend it to their peers.

PUMA California versa

PUMA California: Unamusingly magnifying

The featured sneaker has a bulky profile, which can make feet appear bulky and clunky.

PUMA California magni

Not-so-convincing midfoot

Verified purchasers say that PUMA California needs to have more arch support to make standing for extended periods that much more bearable.

PUMA California arch

Transitions made effortless

California's rockered heel and toe zones make steps and strides glide-like, resulting in more distance covered minus the early foot fatigue.

PUMA California effortless

The California's exemplary workmanship

According to many reviewers, PUMA California is built with ingenuity. It is devoid of excess glue and stitching flaws.

PUMA California flawless

Express yourself in tons of hues

There are many colorful options under PUMA California's palette. You'll likely end up with your favorite combination of hues sooner than later.

PUMA California hues

Makes your thrifty momma proud

This posh sneaker from PUMA is, without a doubt, super affordable. Its MSRP (minimum suggested retail price) of $70 is among its many aces.

PUMA California cheap

The PUMA California in history

In 1924, brothers Adolf “Adi” and Rudolf “Rudi” Dassler established the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory in their small hometown of Herzogenaurach in Germany. The business started out small right in their mother’s laundry room, with the brothers having to pedal a stationary bicycle to make the machines work when the power went out. They often disagreed, but they were united in their goal of creating high-quality sports shoes.

Even as success followed suit, the brothers split up for good in 1948, with Rudi leaving the company and establishing PUMA on the other side of town. Meanwhile, Adi founded Adidas, leading to a fierce rivalry between the two brands that would persist for years. PUMA found early success with the PUMA Atom, the brand’s first soccer cleat, which was worn by members of the West Germany National Team in 1950.

PUMA California histoa

Since then, PUMA and its Leaping Cat logo have been ingrained into mainstream popularity. The brand’s kicks are in demand by athletes and casual wearers alike. Among its classic offerings is the PUMA California, an O.G. sneaker that rose out of the tennis courts in 1983. It was worn by Argentinian grand slam champion Guillermo Vilas, helping it rise in popularity.

This PUMA lifestyle sneaker has since been updated and found its way from the court into the streets. It has a laidback style and an iconic silhouette that has been enshrined in sneaker history, lending the model a timeless touch.

PUMA California histob