Who should buy the PUMA Cali Wedge

Hailed by PUMA as bolder than ever, the Cali Wedge is confidence-inspiring in more ways than one. You're part of its target crowd if:

  • You want to look fiercer in a pair of slim-straight jeans or sporty leggings.
  • You're in the mood to look taller than your friends.
  • Sneakers that look premium but sell for less than $100 are what you need.
  • Collecting low-maintenance kicks is your thing.

PUMA Cali Wedge buyer

Who should not buy it

If you need a similar shoe that has no reported fit issues around the toe box, check out the PUMA Cali Sport. Also, purchase the PUMA Cali Star instead if you want a chunky shoe that's still sufficiently flexible.

PUMA Cali Wedge noir

Super-charged comfiness

The majority of women who tried the PUMA Cali Wedge find this pair very cozy on their feet.

PUMA Cali Wedge comfy

PUMA Cali Wedge: Transformative style-wise

There are those who say that the Cali Wedge gives their usual outfits a whole new look.

PUMA Cali Wedge style

Beautifully crafted

Cali Wedge could not look more premium. 

PUMA Cali Wedge craft

Puts stilettos to shame

Female sneakerheads say that this kick makes them look taller. Apparently, its sky-high heel has the power to give them the height boost they need.

PUMA Cali Wedge boost

Wanted: A roomier toe box

Sneakerheads from the female gender camp find the PUMA Cali Wedge narrow around the forefoot.

PUMA Cali Wedge toe

The breezy Cali Wedge

The shoe's toe box is peppered with perforations for extra breathability.

PUMA Cali Wedge breathe

Unamusingly stiff

There are those who are not very fond of the Cali Wedge's rigidity, particularly underfoot.

PUMA Cali Wedge stiff

Very low maintenance

The PUMA Cali Wedge's synthetic leather is easy to clean.

PUMA Cali Wedge maint

Works with your realistic budget

With its MSRP (minimum suggested retail price) of $90, the Cali Wedge from PUMA is among the most promising budget-friendly sneakers out there.

PUMA Cali Wedge cheap

Reach new heights with the PUMA Cali Wedge

PUMA re-styled one of its women-exclusive iterations, the PUMA Cali, with a bolder update. The PUMA Cali Wedge features a chunky statement sole covered with modern materials for an edgy and street-style vibe. With its fashion-forward look, the PUMA Cali Wedge can surely add a pop of fun to your everyday getup.

What to expect?

Featuring a hotter-than-ever style, the PUMA Cali Wedge from the Cali collection displays several noteworthy features:

  • Its eye-catching thick midsole and wedge heel not only offer a neck-breaking look but also add extra inches to the wearer's height.
  • The shoe's platform-like construction also makes the wearer's legs look slimmer.
  • PUMA added bold branding on various parts to further boost this pair's striking appeal.

PUMA Cali Wedge expect

Facts / Specs

Base model: PUMA Cali
Style: Platform, Wedge, Sporty, Retro
Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: PUMA Cali, PUMA Classics
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Rubber Sole, EVA, Synthetic

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