Cali Star: A retro tennis kick gets a swanky finish

Puma Cali Star makes your hearts tickled pink if you love wearing vintage-style sneakers spun with fresh and flattering updates. These include having a platform sole and chic accents, which can punctuate a rather dull casual wear.

Cali Star can easily fall within the sporty casual range, with the blend of full-grain leather and suede taking up its cover. Just like most pairs from the Puma Cali branch, this revamped tennis shoe from the '80s also gets a thickset sole from heel-to-toe. Instead of the bold Puma labeling seen at the back of Puma Cali, this kick bears a strip of color around the heel for added charm.

Why pick this over Puma Cali Sport?

Although both sneakers come with stacked rubber soles, the Cali Star variations offer feminine touches. From a neutral color palette, some variants appear with metallic, floral, or leopard accents. On the other hand, the Cali Sport is designed with color blocking that grabs a more relaxed, athletic vibe suitable for men and women. 

Limitations of the Cali Star

This sneaker trumps in comfort and style, but if you’re looking for an extra grippy lifestyle kick, you might need to check out other throwbacks from Puma. One worth considering is the gum-soled Puma Suede Platform, which comes in chic colors too.


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