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9 reasons to buy

  • The fine detailing and additional accessories of the Puma by Rihanna Creeper White Leather make its price worth it, according to many buyers.
  • Owners of this Creeper ecstatically describe that its pure white cover with a black heel and Formstrip on the side makes it highly sleek and fashionable.
  • Sneaker collectors love the idea that this shoe is packaged in a cool, black Fenty labeled box, neatly wrapped in layers of paper, and comes with a velvety shoe dust bag.
  • The silver lace tips add beauty and to this classic looking Creeper White Leather, according to some.
  • A casual and sporty shoe with good support and amazing quality of materials, as defined by a number of buyers.
  • Many adore the thick white sole of this Creeper version for its durability.
  • Reviewers mention that this platform sneaker makes them stand out not just for its extra height, but for its attention-grabbing clean cracked leather upper and ultra-white sole as well.
  • The perforations on the cover make this shoe comfortable and breathable considering it is composed of pure leather in and out, as explained by many reviewers.
  • A reviewer notes the impeccable traction of the sole.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The thick, sturdy sole of the Puma by Rihanna Creeper White Leather makes it feel heavy on the feet, as expressed by some users.
  • High demand for this White Leather Creeper edition makes it rather pricey.
  • Some buyers find the sneaker a bit tight.

Bottom line

Like its creator, the Puma by Rihanna Creeper White Leather is a head turner as it pops with lots of standout detailing from the upper, laces, sole, and branding. Priced higher than your usual dressy Puma sneakers, this well-crafted creeper isn’t just style without substance since its plush cover and thick sole are durable enough to last a long time. 

As a bonus, this well-cushioned platform kick is neatly packaged in a cool looking box as if it was personally wrapped by Rihanna herself.


Style: Platform
Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collaboration: Rihanna
Collection: Puma by Rihanna
Closure: Laces
Material: EVA, Leather, Rubber Sole
Price: $150
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Puma sneaker

The Puma by Rihanna Creeper White Leather comes with a round toe and has plenty of room in the toe box. This platform Creeper is available in menand women’s sizes. The shoe has padded footbed, upper, and tongue, which are made of cracked leather and might require a break-in time for some users. However, the shoe is generally comfortable. 

The White Leather version of the Puma Creeper echoes Rihanna’s superstar quality as it is definitely a head turner with its fresh, timeless cover. It speaks of an old school vibe combined with fashion forward detailing as revealed by its classic lace closure, metallic lace tips, and glittery branding on the tongue and footbed. Its thick, immaculate, and serrated sole makes one wearing this elevated sneaker pop out among the crowd. A charming and versatile silhouette with a unisex style that adds glamor to an everyday casual and informal wear.

Puma by Rihanna Creeper White Leather pops out in the crowd or against any backdrop with its blinding white profile and black detailing. When magnified, its leather upper has creases which makes the entire cover softer than other synthetic or genuine leather.

This variation of the upper is less shiny than the patent leather of the “Glo” edition, however, this shoe maintained its attractive and stylish overall image with the additional classy finish coming from satin made Formstrip on the sides and black leather on the heel.

Apart from the upper, an apparent attribute of this White Leather Creeper is the thick sole which replaced the familiar tan gum sole of the earlier iterations with a hard wearing rubber.

Puma’s creative director Rihanna creeps into the limelight and steals the show once again when she unveiled another trendsetting sneaker, the Puma by Rihanna Creeper White Leather in the first quarter of 2017. This white silhouette combined with a black heel panel and black Formstrip on the sides is tailing the success of the first edition, the Suede Pack, dropped by Rihanna earlier on for the Fenty collection.

Before the Fenty Creepers dominated the hipster and sneaker world, style icon Rihanna merged with Puma in 2014 to direct a creative team in producing sneakers that will generate a positive impact globally under her sub-branding. They dug into the archives of Puma and took cues from the classic 1968 Puma Suede, a shoe that transcended into the first ever stylish suede ball kicks designed by fashion icon Walt “Clyde” Frazier in 1973.

Rihanna juxtaposed this concept with the post-war combat creepers, an early sneaker style staple which was later associated with the free-spirited era of punk and grunge. Combining all these influences, Rihanna creatively conceived a sporty and trendy shoe with an elevated sole. Soon enough, Puma and Rihanna revealed the first offspring of their collaboration, a premium set of velvety Creepers under the Fenty collection.

Three colorways for this initial Puma Fenty Creeper release includes black with a gum sole, black paired with white sole, and tan upper with a gum sole. All covers are made of suede with an uber thick sole. An update on the upper came out later with the release of Puma Creeper Patent Leather made of complete black upper with a shiny surface.

Another set of the Rihanna Creepers was unveiled in 2016, consisting of three colors for the cover: an all white, an all black, and a green with maroon detailing. Only the black and green-maroon silhouettes are created with suede finish, while the white design, also known as the Basket Glo Creeper, has a sleek shiny patent leather.

Multitude of variations of the Creeper went in less than a decade since Rihanna became an influential personality in the sneaker culture. The thick-soled signature shoes were given a variety of uppers such as leather with ultra glossy surface, satin, and camo patterns.

No matter what designs she brings on stage, Rihanna’s creations almost always received a warm response. It is quite hard to oppose that her signature Creepers are indeed hot commodities. The Creepers instantly disappear before hitting the shelves, as others got sold out instantly within a few hours of the product’s pre-sale introduction.

In 2017, Rihanna went back to the roots of her Creeper line and introduced a two-toned silhouette reminiscent of the classic Puma Suede and punk culture’s creeper shoes and went for a cleaner rendition. The Creeper White Leather version retained the timeless charm of one of Puma’s prominent and earlier sneaker profiles. And merged the olden style to the present time with a touch of allure.

  • The Puma by Rihanna Creeper White Leather has an approximately 40mm sole thickness.
  • The inner part of the tongue mentions that this platform sneaker in made in Romania.
  • Creepers originated during the post Second World War, when the British soldiers traversed and crept wearing suede cleats with makeshift rubber soles out of rummaged old tires. From the battlefield, the Creepers sneaked and debuted into the British subculture with the rise of “Teddy Boy”, a dominant style in the 1950s with a rebellious connotation. No wonder this style had an appeal into the punk and rock culture of that era.
  • Rihanna’s Creepers are also labelled as Fenty collection. Fenty is the surname of Rihanna.
  • Rihanna’s Creeper received the Shoe of the Year award given by the Footwear News during the 30th Annual Achievement Award held in New York in 2016.


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