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8 reasons to buy

  • Many purchasers loved the attractive design of the Puma Basket Heart Canvas. It is frequently defined as "beautiful."
  • The Puma Basket Heart Canvas sneakers impressed heaps of buyers because of its superb comfort on foot.
  • A couple of buyers highlighted that the satin laces make these sneakers even more beautiful.
  • Lots of reviewers said that they would recommend this Puma Basket shoe to anyone.
  • Some reviewers appreciated that they got this Puma shoe at an affordable price.
  • Several commenters liked that the pairs they received are as precise as they are in the photos.
  • The Puma Basket Heart Canvas women’s shoe suits many styles, according to a few reviewers.
  • A couple of buyers noticed the excellent quality of this Puma shoe.

2 reasons not to buy

  • At least one reviewer commented that the soles of the Puma Basket Heart Canvas are thin.
  • The Puma Basket Heart Canvas women's sneakers have limited colorway options.

Bottom line

With its endless releases of sneaker models, it seems that Puma is determined to hold its spot in the sneaker market. The German brand once again updated its classic Puma Basket silhouette, this time through the Puma Basket Heart Canvas.

This modern Puma Basket version highlights a breathable and comfortable canvas upper paired with a prominent lacing system that creates a statement. Attractive and fashionable, it did not disappoint as well in overall comfort and quality. On top of these desirable features are a budget-friendly price and a versatile style.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Basket Heart
Price: $80
Colorways: Beige, Blue, Grey
Special editions: 7 special editions
Small True to size Large
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This Basket Heart version from Puma is made available in women’s sizing starting from 5.5 in Medium width. It shadows the narrow tooling of the original Basket model but adds a unique oversized lacing system in ribbon and satin materials for a snug and secure fit that can be adjusted depending on the wearer’s preference.

Like other Basket iterations, this shoe features a low-top profile that permits plenty of foot movement. Both the collar and tongue are padded for the much-needed in-shoe comfort. Overall hold and support are excellent, considering its basketball shoe DNA.

The Puma Basket Heart Canvas is one of the many Puma Basket models that retains the classic silhouette of the original but incorporates modern elements to give a new look and fresh appeal to the shoe. Its lacing system, for one, is a bit out of the ordinary. Unlike most sneakers, this Puma Basket Heart version boasts oversized laces in two sets with different materials so buyers could achieve varying looks – one is a pair of grosgrain ribbon laces for a casual sporty look, and another pair of satin laces for a touch of elegance to the shoe's athletic roots. The signature Formstrip received a makeover as well. Glitter detailing is added on the iconic branding to the sides.

The Puma Women’s Basket Heart Canvas is a fresh spin on the timeless silhouette of the iconic Basket shoe. It features a breathable and lightweight canvas upper replacing the original leather, but that is just one of the few newly added attractive features of this modernized kicks.

Upgrades for this version include the lace-up closure and the signature Formstrip branding on the lateral sides. This Puma Basket version has two sets of wide or oversized laces, while the Formstrip was transformed with shiny glittered detailing.

The Puma Basket is a successful and well-received core shoe model from the German sports brand. Along with other timeless Puma shoes such as the Puma Suede, Puma Roma, Puma Clyde, and the Puma California, the Basket silhouette originated as a performance sports shoe but, through time, was able to transition into a casual or a lifestyle sneaker model successfully.

The Puma Basket first made a solid appearance on basketball courts during the early ‘70s as the leather alternative to the Puma Suede. It shadows the Suede's general profile and features with one primary distinction – the Suede has a suede upper, while the Basket utilizes long-lasting leather.

Presently, the Puma Basket has a myriad of colorways released throughout the years. Several reworks have also been made to the original silhouette, which resulted in different Puma Basket versions and collaborations, including the Puma Basket Heart that first released in 2016.

One shoe model in this lineup is the Puma Basket Heart Canvas. As a modernized Basket shoe made for the ladies, the Basket Heart Canvas features a canvas upper that offers a lighter and more breathable alternative to the leather of the original Basket. It also flaunts an extra-large lacing system that comes with two sets of laces – a pair of grosgrain ribbon laces and another pair made of satin material. On the lateral side of these Puma Basket shoes are glittered or sequined Formstrip for an added feminine and fancy touch.

Some of the Puma Women’s Basket Heart Canvas colorways include “Pearl/ Puma White/ Rose Gold,” “Birch/ Puma White/ Gold,” and “Blue Flower/ White/ Silver.”

  • The durable canvas upper of the Puma Basket Heart Canvas women’s displays stitch detailing.
  • Also featured are textile lining and cushioned footbed for enhanced in-shoe comfort.
  • The midsole has textured protective foxing for durability.
  • The grippy rubber outsoles provide superb traction on surfaces.
  • Puma brandings are placed on the tongue and heel.
  • Other retailers refer to this shoe as Puma Basket Heart Canvas Wns.


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