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8 reasons to buy

  • Many of the published reviews enthusiastically talked about the overall positive feel of the Puma Basket Classic Winterized.
  • An overwhelming majority of reviewers actually recommend this pair.
  • A lot of reviewers loved the neat and classic look of the shoes.
  • Many loved the fact that the Puma Basket Classic Winterized goes with almost every outfit.
  • A considerable number of purchasers noted how affordable the winterized Basket Classic was when they bought them.
  • Many of those who left reviews mentioned that the shoes fit them well.
  • A lot noted how the Basket Classic Winterized made moving very comfortable.
  • There are a couple of colors to choose from.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few talked about how the padding was not able to distribute pressure evenly.
  • There were a few complaints about the shoes being too narrow.

Bottom line

The Basket Classic Winterized from Puma is an affordable pair that brings so much value. Aside from their sleek and classic silhouette, the shoe also offers enhanced protection against the harsh winter cold. They also make walking extra comfortable. If it’s for the Puma Basket Classic Winterized, a vote with your money will not go to waste.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Puma sneaker

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This Puma Basket Classic Winterized comes in medium widths for both men and women. The men’s pair comes in a wide range of sizes, the smallest is 5.5 while the largest is 13. For the ladies, the smallest is 6.5 while the largest is 10. The shoes are said to run true to size.

With its either black or brown upper, the Puma Basket Classic Winterized will easily go with denims, khaki pants, some tights, and other items that are usually in an active person’s wardrobe. They are perfect for casual walks even in the harsh winter cold.

The smooth leather upper is the best feature in this shoe because of its premium look and simple appeal. Besides the aesthetic value of the upper, the smooth leather is treated with winter-ready technology to make it an ideal option during the cold months. Fashion and technology are easily meshed in the upper of the Puma Basket Classic Winterized.

The Puma Basket Classic Winterized traces its roots to a Puma shoe model that was released in 1971. The Puma Basket was meant to be the full-grain leather counterpart of 1968’s Puma Suede, the model whose silhouette the Basket took after.

As the name implies, Puma Basket was originally targeted at basketball players. However, its sleek and clean look made a surprising appeal to the hip-hop crowd, which eventually helped secure for the Puma Basket a spot in the Trainer Hall of Fame as it became an icon in its own right.

The current version retains the form of the Puma Basket, but borrows the suede from the Basket’s predecessor and silhouette inspiration. More durable rubber outsoles and rugged laces complete it with a winterized appeal.

  • The shoes’ laces feature unique patterns that add a more fashionable touch to the pair.
  • The Puma Basket Classic Winterized features an embossed Formstrip on both sides of each shoe.
  • The shoes’ lining is made of a combination of smooth leather and fabric, which contribute to the comfortable warmth that many appreciate during winter.
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