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Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Basket
Price: $100
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The Puma Basket Bling is designed for women and is offered in sizes measuring from 5-11. Though it sports a traditional lace-up closure, these sneakers exhibit the word extra as the satin laces can be looped around the pearls. Style doesn't need to compromise fit, says the Puma Basket Bling.

Shifting from a basketball shoe to lifestyle footwear opened the Puma Basket into being refashioned to infinite ways. The Puma Basket Bling is one example of how sporty can meet glam. Contrasting the tough and sporty leather upper are the oversized pearl rivets which gives it a chic glam look.

Inject some elegance on your sporty and casual look by pairing these with dresses, shorts, and jeans. Those who always find themselves confused on accessorizing an outfit can find these a lifesaver.

While old meets new is a recurring trend among sneakers, the Puma Basket Bling defines this into another level. The classic low-top silhouette of the then-basketball sneaker gets refashioned as if conceptualized by the fashion gods. When you think that pearls, satin, and leather are too much for one shoe, think again.

Known to be the brand which pioneers innovation in performance footwear, Puma has released many iconic silhouettes that catapulted athletes into success. Released in 1968 is the Puma Basket, a leather version of another favorite low-top sneaker, Puma Clyde. Initially constructed as a basketball warm-up shoe, it reached its popularity and eventually transitioned into becoming a hip-hop favorite.

Its success resulted in countless Puma Basket reissues, using different designs and colorways imaginable. One of which is the Puma Basket Bling, a monochromatic shoe decorated with pearls.

  • The Puma Basket Bling is available in black and white hues.
  • Women can avail these chic kicks for only $100.


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