Our verdict


The PUMA Axelion Block offers the runner the capacity to stay supported while also enjoying an in-shoe experience that is freeing. The breathable upper works with the classic heel-focused support system, accentuating all-around balance and unfettered performance. But the comments on the restrictive forefoot design and the not-so-durable lacing system can serve as cautionary tales.


  • Breathable knitted textile
  • Secure lacing system
  • Affordable price
  • Performance footwear
  • Responsive grip
  • Heel support


  • A bit restrictive forefoot
  • Shoe lace breaks apart quickly

Who should buy the PUMA Axelion Block

The PUMA Axelion Block is recommended for:

  • Entry-level road runners for easy runs, treadmill sessions, and all-day wear.
  • Daily runners who want a breathable, cushioned, and affordable running shoe.

PUMA Axelion Block logo

Delivers midfoot-to-heel cushioning

Fans of road running shoes that can also work well as companions for casual urban strolls can enjoy the PUMA Axelion Block. This product provides an overall wrap that is secure yet agreeable.

PUMA Axelion Block midfoot-heel cushioning

The design is inspired by the classic PUMA models, with a relatively uncluttered upper working with a midfoot-to-heel cushioning system that delivers a mix of impact attenuation, form-welcoming coverage, and forward propulsion.

Axelion Block controls movements 

The outsole unit of the PUMA Axelion Block features a rubber. This compound rests in designated node-holes, offering constant protection for the contact points and combating wear and tear.

PUMA Axelion Block outsole

These nodes are also responsible for providing the foot with the capacity to control movements and avert slipping through surface adhesion.

Heel support and shock attenuation

Shallow flex grooves grace the forefoot section of the platform. These channels provide the forefoot section of the shoe with the ability to bend in tandem with the toes of the foot as they prepare for the toe-off phase of the gait cycle.

PUMA Axelion Block cushioning

Cushioning is the responsibility of a midfoot-to-heel unit. This supportive accouterment is made of a hard shell that houses a foam piece. Steadiness, heel support, and shock attenuation are elements that govern the existence of this unit.

Welcoming underfoot feel

A fabric-topped insole that runs the whole length of this neutral running shoe offers a feeling of softness.

PUMA Axelion Block insole

The forefoot section, the part that doesn’t have a traditional midsole unit, can benefit from this add-on as it can enjoy an underfoot feel that is somewhat welcoming.

Secures the foot

The upper unit of the PUMA Axelion Block utilizes a knitted textile. This stretchy material covers the exact outline of the wearer’s foot, keeping it secure and free of irritation.

PUMA Axelion Block secure the foot

It has breathing holes that permit the foot to enjoy wafts of air throughout the running session.

Midfoot steadiness and extra durability

Knitted uppers grace many running shoe series, including the much-lauded Ultraboost roster from Adidas.

PUMA Axelion Block knitted uppers

Stitch-on panels are placed at the bottom of the upper unit. These layers offer midfoot steadiness and extra durability for the rest of the facade.

PUMA Axelion Block offers precise fit-adjustment 

An overreaching lacing system graces the instep of this product. This mechanism involves long, semi-round shoelaces, discreet eyelets on the bridge of the upper, and fabric lace loops that connect to the panels at the sides.

PUMA Axelion Block lacing system

The shoelaces snake through both the incognito holes near the instep, as well as the loops near the arch. Having such a design improves the preciseness and efficacy of the fit-adjustment method of this product.