Our verdict


A significant number of wearers marveled at the comfort the Propet Stability X provides. Its lightweight nature and fashionable design have also passed with flying colors. On the flip side, a few pointed that the tongue was too short to cover the instep. Despite that, the positive attributes of the footwear have outnumbered the negatives.


  • Comfortable for extended periods
  • Snug heel and roomy forefoot
  • Sufficient arch support
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Lightweight
  • Accommodates custom orthotics
  • Stable
  • Great on hot weather
  • Good quality-price ratio


  • Unappealing design to some
  • Rigid upper
  • Lacks grip

Who should buy the Propet Stability X

The Propet Stability X is a walking shoe with an athletic silhouette for men and women. It uses lightweight materials from the mesh upper to the sole unit. It is a solid choice if: 

  • Your everyday chores require you to be on your feet standing or in motion, and a shoe comfortable to wear for several hours is what you need. 
  • A walking shoe that allows heel inserts for your foot condition is what you need. 
  • You are looking for footwear that helps keep the feet cool and dry even during humid days. 

Propet Stability X Logo1

Enhanced outsole durability

The Propet Stability X features a rubber outsole. This compound is durable and is able to withstand rough surfaces.

Propet Stability X Outsole1

It also effectively delivers traction and flexibility.

Propet Stability X Outsole2

Shield against impact

The lightweight EVA foam midsole provides soft underfoot cushioning and protects the foot against impact. Its flexible nature allows the foot to move naturally, thus preventing foot fatigue.

Propet Stability X Midsole1

Amplified comfort

Inside the trainer is a removable double PU insole. This component has a gel heel pad and cushioning ridges that enhance the comfort brought about by the midsole. Users can remove one layer to change how the cushioning feels or both inserts to accommodate orthotics.

Propet Stability X Insole1

The Propet Stability X's upper

Protecting the top of the foot from outside elements is the mesh upper. This fabric is soft and breathable, facilitating movement and ventilating the foot chamber. The interior uses a brushed nylon lining that wicks moisture away from the foot and keeps it fresh.

Propet Stability X Upper1

Mid and rearfoot comfort

The quarters form a saddle at the midfoot that integrates with the lacing system. It keeps the fit snug when the laces are cinched. The padded tongue and collar also deliver a comfortable fit.

Propet Stability X Lace and Collar

Leather overlays protect the lace-up closure.

Propet Stability X Lacing System2

At the back of the shoe is another leather component that keeps the rear foot steady. There’s also an internal built-in heel counter that amplifies stability.

Propet Stability X Heel