Profile of the Prince Warrior

Prince replenished its arsenal of all-court troopers with the introduction of the Prince Warrior. Fabricated for the hard-hitting competitors and the most demanding court movers, this trainer is fully packed with ground-breaking technologies. 

Prince managed to keep everything light even though this footgear is assembled with a supportive upper. The state-of-the-art Shock Eraser is integrated into the midsole to minimize tons of impact that can oppress the foot and joints. 

For longevity, it’s fortified with abrasion-resistant PRC 1000 outsole and an exceptionally durable layering of Duraskin XD around the forefoot.


Material. Ready for the battle, the bottom section of the shoe is armed with the PRC 1000 rubber compound. It’s designed with top-notch durability in mind as it is made to resist the abrasiveness of different court setups. 

Tread design. The traditional herringbone tread pattern is modified to make it adaptive to soft clay and hard court. This outsole design is intended to respond strongly well to quick stops and multidirectional foot movements, barring the possibility of slipping uncontrollably. 

Durability warranty. Intentional court sliding is a technique to hit points during challenging trajectories. This repeated action causes friction to the outsole, which can make the tread smooth and lead to loss of traction. As proof that Prince has backed the Warrior with a heavy-duty outsole, this trainer comes with a durability warranty that lasts for six months.


Cushioning. This shoe is assembled with Prince’s signature Shockeraser technology under the heel to exhibit all-day comfort. Its primary function is to absorb and disperse shock before it hits the foot. Such cushioning power minimizes foot, ankle, joint injuries.

Support. To strengthen the rigidity capacity of the shoe and help resist unwanted foot rotation during play, Prince allocated a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bridge under the midfoot arch. This design favors elite players who need extra stability and support during competitive games.


Composition. A combination of airy mesh and synthetic overlay is built into the upper. The widely woven underlay is responsible for keeping the majority of the upper well ventilated for a comfortable ride. The fusion of these materials keeps the foot secured from minor bumps. 

Fit. Prince utilized another of its own engineering, the 4foot wrap tech. This element gives this Warrior a customized and glove-like fit when the strings are pulled tightly. Such a lockdown fit will prevent the foot from slipping inside that can lead to blisters.

Added protection. The Duraskin XD is another layer of protection in lightweight built that’s incorporated in the forefoot.

Nice to know

  • Prince Warrior offers support and stability at the forefoot, which is the opposite of the Prince T22, wherein the front part is too soft.
  • The brand also came up with the clay-specific version of this called Prince Warrior Lite. 
  • Like other tennis trainers with a durability warranty, this shoe can be replaced within six months from the time of purchase, granted it obtains a considerable amount of damage on the outsole not caused by misuse.


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