Profile of the Prince T22

Prince strikes again by reminding the public what timeless court masterpieces ought to be. The Prince T22 is presented as an all-time classic trainer appropriate for any tennis playground. Three of its major selling points are stability, durability, and plush cushioning. 

Despite having a chunky façade, Prince T22 is made to keep you supported as you try to level up on your game. It comes with an outsole durability warranty, which means that the outsole is expected to survive for a protracted time.


Composition. This trainer is made with an abrasion-resistant PRC 1000 rubber compound. It is primarily designed to provide a strong base for clay and hard court playing. The rubber extends on the sidewall to improve traction. Its herringbone grooves are crafted to keep the foot firmly fastened on the ground before bursting to different directions on the court.

Durability assurance. This shoe is identified with a six-month outsole durability guarantee, which means that it’s equipped to outlast several months of play on any surface. Should it obtain substantial damage within half a year from the time of purchase, you can have it replaced for a brand new pair.


Underfoot cushioning. The Prince Shock Eraser gel heel insert is intended to safeguard the foot against impact. The responsive attribute of this cushioning unit minimizes the occurrence of bone, joint, and muscle injuries. At the same time, it works to make every stride comfortable, especially during long rallies and matches.

The Shock Eraser is incorporated into a compression-molded ethyl vinyl acetate (CMEVA), a closed-cell foam. Such property compresses and takes up load before it expands and disperses the impact. 

Midfoot Support. Under the arch is the injected wYshbone TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) shank, which is added to keep the midfoot stable when sliding and making sudden directional movements.


Ventilation. The outer covering is built with a microfiber synthetic leather and air mesh underlay, which are responsible for keeping the shoe lightweight and breathable. Compared to other mesh-built tennis trainers, this one is equipped with a broader weaving pattern. This means that the upper can wick away moisture quickly to maintain a comfy and dry environment for the foot.

Added protection. Serving as a forefoot bracing system is Duraskin technology. It offers support and added layer of defense during toe dragging.  

Fit. The toebox is spacious enough to accommodate those with broad feet comfortably. The TPU strap on the forefoot grants stability and custom fit.

Comfort. The removable SoftSpring PU sockliner is added to disperse shock. It molds to the shape of the foot and prevents it from slipping, especially at the back of the shoe.

Nice to know

  • Prince T22 is one of the long-standing profiles that continues to earn the trust of pro players. 
  • One of the top players who once wore the Prince T22 is Russian-American Alex Bogomolov Jr.


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