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6 reasons to buy

  • A lot of reviewers loved the look of the Polo Ralph Lauren Ian which they described as beautifully modern and classy.
  • The low-top shoe is very comfortable with plenty of cushioning on the footbed, reported many consumers.
  • The casual footwear by Polo Ralph Lauren provides an excellent fit width-wise, plenty of purchasers commented.
  • According to several purchasers, the quality of the low-top sneaker is high, with many noting the solid construction. One of them told of how durable his sneaker is and how it continues to hold up well even after months of use.
  • The Polo Ralph Lauren Ian gave great value for money, a good number of buyers stated. They also added how delighted they were with the affordable price.
  • A few users were pleased with the flexible and sticky soles of the low-top sneaker.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A lot of testers reported that the Polo Ralph Lauren Ian runs long. Some suggested going down a half size while others went down one full size.
  • The shoe tends to get dirty easily, noted a few people. They also said the suede version was hard to clean off.
  • There is no arch support in the Polo Ralph Lauren Ian shoe, one person complained. He added that he had to buy a custom insert for comfort.

Bottom line

The Polo Ralph Lauren Ian is a sporty shoe with a streamlined design. It features a nicely cushioned footbed that’ll allow you to walk comfortably for hours, an excellent fit that everyone from the narrow to the wide-footed can use, a grippy sole, and a very durable make. It also retails at a competitive price.

Balancing the scales a tad is the sneaker’s lack of support. The model also dirties quickly, and the suede version is particularly hard to clean off. Other reviewers mentioned that the sneaker tends to run long.


Expert Reviews

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The Polo Ralph Lauren Ian is offered in sizes ranging from 7 to 13. The shoe runs slightly larger than regular measurements, so users are advised to order a pair at least a half size down. The casual sneaker does not provide much in the way of arch support, but there is enough lateral support, particularly from the leather and suede versions. A traditional lacing system keeps the shoe secure to the foot.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Ian’s sporty style can be interpreted many ways. The canvas and suede versions evoke more of a street-ready look that can be further emphasized by skinny jeans with turned up bottoms, a plain white tee, and a bomber jacket. Meanwhile, the leather model looks great with pants, a blazer, buttoned-up shirt, and tie. You can kick down the latter’s style a notch by replacing the pants with blue jeans instead.

The smooth style of the Polo Ralph Lauren Ian is the first thing that catches the eye. The minimalist and streamlined design brings the crisp canvas, fine leather, or beautiful suede upper material to the forefront. The blending of fabrics and tonal colors in the canvas version is especially striking while the rich tones in the suede and leather iterations make quite an impact.

The Ralph Lauren Corporation was founded in 1967 by renowned designer Ralph Lauren, the only designer ever to receive the four top honors from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Lauren first started off selling men’s ties under the Polo Ralph Lauren label before expanding the label to include a full line of tailored clothing. The brand has since gone on to be an international powerhouse, globally recognized for their quality products that also include home accessories, watches, and fragrances. Numerous other labels and sub-labels under the Ralph Lauren company have also launched since.

The Ian comes from the company’s flagship label and carries the distinctive Polo trademark of preppy aesthetic. In spite of the sporty design, the shoe still manages to look somewhat polished and ready for smart casual gatherings. The model comes in three variations which are leather, suede, and canvas.

  • The Polo Ralph Lauren Ian features a stripe-detailed bumper cupsole, a removable insole, and the ubiquitous pony branding on the side.
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