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The Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate Trainer is a men's exclusive shoe with sizes that stretch from 6 to 11.5. The pair features a traditional lace-up closure that can be adjusted for a secure and snug fit.

Possessing a classic style that goes beyond trends, the Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate Trainer could make for an excellent staple shoe. Its streamlined silhouette and minimalistic design are easy to pair with an array of ensembles, from casual to semi-formal. Dress it down for a laidback day with jeans or chinos, but its wing tip-like design would look entirely in its element when topped off with a clean blazer.

This kick’s use of different materials and the exceptional attention to detail are what makes it a distinct pair. With a variation of premium suede, smooth leather, slightly crinkled leather, and wing tip-like perforation detailing the Ultimate Trainer boasts of various rich textures and finishes that ultimately makes for a well-made shoe with a luxurious design.

Launched in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger was founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka who was obsessed with American sports and believed that fitness was one way to bring war-torn Japan back up. The brand released countless shoes that cater to the enhancement and innovation of footwear to serve an athlete's performance better. From the OK basketball shoe to the Magic Runner and the Limber Up (now known as Mexico 66,) Onitsuka has been grounded in improving footwear for athletes since its inception.

Fast forward to the 70s, Onitsuka Tiger shoes took a backseat when the brand decided to merge with another shoe company called Asics. However, in 2002 Asics decided to relaunch Onitsuka Tiger – thanks in part to Uma Thurman rocking the yellow Mexico 66 in Kill Bill that reintroduced the brand to a new generation of fans. Classics were updated and overhauled with more contemporary designs for the modern sneaker world.

In 2014, Onitsuka reintroduced one of its many retro releases, the Ultimate Trainer, which is based on the Olympic Nippon athlete training shoe from the 80's "Nippon made" series. This series was made by the brand to put into the spotlight the quality of Japanese manufacturing. It stands out from the rest for its remarkable craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail. The Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate Trainer, just like every other retro, brings with it so much history and is made available in a number of colorways and materials.

  • The Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate Trainer is available in Medium width.
  • The “Nippon Made” collection involves a labor-intensive process that is traditionally made by hand, from stitching to dying and assembling, which adds more value to the products.
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