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The low top sneaker comes with a lace lockdown for securing the fit. The sneaker comes in a unisex sizing but favors the width of a men’s construction. A good thing about Onitsuka Tiger shoes is that they indicate the counterparts of the sizes in both genders. Women, who are one and a half sizes below the men’s standard, can cop a pair of these low tops starting from 5.5 to 15.5. Men's sizes have a range of 4 to 14.

The sporty-looking image of the Onitsuka Tiger MHS can be partnered with pants contrasting the colorway of the uppers. The “Marzipan” colorway shines in a caramel-y gloss which can be best worn with darker colored pants or joggers. Women, on the other hand, can partner it with leggings or Capri pants to better embellish an outgoing look. Sundresses go well with the Marzipan colorway.

The Onitsuka Tiger MHS low top has distinct accents that can be seen from afar like the cork detail on the heel and the serrated outsole tooling. The uppers also come in tonal pigments slightly hiding the OT striping on the panels. Whip-stitches are utilized for the fusing of the overlays for an artisan-bound effect.

Onitsuka Tiger had been in the sneaker game for the long haul, and despite the vicissitudes, it had maintained a relatively steady state of popularity. The reason for its success can be blamed on several icons on different facets of society and enterprise. But the very venture that catapulted the overflowing revenue of the OT brand comes from their religious involvement with sports.

Kihachiro Onitsuka, the Japanese brand’s founder, had his first successful shoe idea a few years after the end of the Second World War He had a vision where he utilized sports as a tool to better unite the communities together. What better way to start the franchise than penetrating the basketball realm via the Suction-Cup shoe which draws inspiration from the octopus tentacles that got stuck on Kihachiro’s bowl one night.

The basketball shoe was a huge success which later evolved into a more pristine model called the OK shoe--an acronym of Onitsuka Kihachiro. There was no stopping the Japanese company at this point which bore footwear for a different kind of sport including volleyball, tennis, running, wrestling, and many more.

The brand owes it to the 1964 Olympics held in Japan for their global reputation. It was almost serendipity that the first satellite broadcast simultaneously happened that year. The world saw the athletes wearing Onitsuka Tiger runners even though the iconic stripes were non-visible and were yet to be introduced via the Limber Up iteration.

Decades have passed, and the Onitsuka legacy lives on. Tapping all sorts of platforms from cold sports to vast landscapes, the Japanese footwear producer continued to evolve and expand enlisting several mergers and subsidiaries along the way. The company also had realignments to further provide the public with the right kind of product. They also brought back the classics with the Mexico 66 leading the pack.

As with the resurgence of vintage styles and the widespread appreciation for artisanal designs, OT introduces the Onitsuka Tiger MHS. The low top running-inspired sneaker adds cork accents on its heel with a dash of jagged shark-tooth tooling on the outsole.

  • Comfort comes from the faux-leather linings atop a padded insole and a Polyurethane Foam midsole.
  • Perforations can be seen on the heel for increased breathability.
  • Worn leather is the prime material used for the sneaker’s uppers.
  • Some of the colorways of this model include Black/Black, Marzipan, and Cream/Cream.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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