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10 reasons to buy

  • According to few individuals, the color scheme is suited for the summer time.
  • One user remarked that it is a pleasure to wear sneakers that has a rich history behind it.
  • Several users like the clean and crisp style of the Mexico Delegation Shibori.
  • Even though the suede is generally quite hard to maintain, one tester was surprised that his sneakers were still clean after several months of heavy use.
  • A commenter mentions that the style of the shoe and brand is better compared to others.
  • A couple of commenters highly enjoy the comfort that these sneakers bring.
  • The soles emit the feeling of walking in clouds because of its shock absorbing power, said a few buyers.
  • Because of the sleek silhouette of this low-top sneaker, it doesn't make the feet look big.
  • A small number of testers claimed that it is the perfect purchase because of its fantastic quality and affordable price.
  • The versatile and retro style is much appreciated by several reviewers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Since the heel is too stiff, it rubs off and causes blisters, said a couple of reviewers.
  • The upper is a bit hard to clean, said one of the owners.
  • Since the insoles are glued and cannot be removed, inserting orthotics may not be an option.

Bottom line

The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Delegation Shibori represents the brand's rich history and emanates the Japanese art through its traditional dyeing technique. Aside from the change in upper, much of the silhouette launched in the 1966 pre-Olympic trials was kept. This, in turn, means that the same level of quality, comfort, and versatility that is seen on the Mexico Delegation range is also exhibited for these sneakers.


Base model: Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Delegation
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Onitsuka Tiger Mexico
Price: $130
Special editions: 1 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Delegation Shibori is a low-top sneaker that is offered in men's sizes from 4-11.5. As a unisex shoe, the brand suggests that women order 1.5 sizes down to get the best fit. Although these sneakers fit true to size, those with wide fit are recommended ordering a size up to have a roomier toe room. The lace-up closure permits a customizable adjustment for its users.

Along with the Samsara Lo, the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Delegation Shibori was released completing the art of Shibori pack. Although the structure and production of the shoe were kept intact, there are a few tweaks apparent on these sneakers, including its rich indigo colorway. The low-top and retro silhouette increases its versatility making it effortless and unchallenging to pair with different items of clothing.

One of the most evident features seen for the Mexico Delegation Shibori is its refashioned upper. As the brand is deeply rooted in Japan, these sneakers were able to showcase a classic art technique true to its heritage and incorporate it into modern items.

The upper of the shoe boasts the process Shiborizome. It is traditional manual dyeing in Japan wherein the fabric is pressed, twisted, and squeezed to evenly distribute the color, resulting in an uneven and unique pattern. Because of this method, no two shoes come alike.

The indigo colorway creates a more vibrant and more luxurious vibe on the shoe. This lifestyle sneaker and the traditional craftsmanship enrich the Onitsuka's originality that is deeply rooted in Japanese traditions.

As one of the company's flagship and best-selling shoes re-released during the brands 50th anniversary, the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Delegation comes from a rich history representing the brand's involvement in sporting events. The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Delegations was initially released in 1966 during the pre-Olympic trials and 1968 Parade of Nations. More than being part of an iconic event, the shoe is also noted to be the first model sporting the Tiger Stripes, making the shoe identifiable amongst other brands.

The shoe went through different transitions, of being previously named Limber and eventually becoming Mexico 66 as it is a more fitting name since it represents the sneaker's history. Moreover, the brand also went through a shift of renaming Onitsuka Tiger to ASICS.  However, in the early 2000s, the company revived the original name along with its iconic shoe. Currently, the Mexico Delegations comes in a wide array of colorways and materials.

  • The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Shibori retails at $130.