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9 reasons to buy

  • Several buyers are attracted to the minimalist look of this Mexico 66 low-top, designed with eye-grabbing upper pattern options.
  • Few like that the classic Onitsuka Tiger stripes design are nicely incorporated in the upper.
  • According to a couple of buyers, this Onitsuka Tiger and Disney collaboration shoe is made of superb quality and craftsmanship.
  • Some describe this sneaker as extremely cute and ideal for walking around the city. It gives a lovely pop of design to a wide range of casual wear.
  • A couple of users say the trademark Onitsuka Tiger heel flap isn’t uncomfortable and grants an easy on and off.
  • Gratified purchasers like the textile interior as it kept the feet comfortable.
  • A significant number of reviewers are glad that this Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 x Disney is created with a super sticky rubber outsole.
  • According to lots of users, the outsole holds up well even after walking several miles.
  • Many consumers buy this shoe for its decent price.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some wearers highlight that this shoe lacks cushioning like the original Mexico 66.
  • A few purchasers are not pleased with the thin construction of this shoe. 

Bottom line

Disney’s most loved duo characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse turn up on one of Onitsuka Tiger’s traditional silhouettes, the Mexico 66, using designs that garnered the approval of its grown-up fan base.

Dubbed as the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 x Disney, this low-top steals attention with the splash of creativity on its upper that compliments well with Mexico’s classic beauty. Apart from its versatile style, this sneaker charmed consumers with its comfortable interior and durable structure.


The unisex, low-top Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 x Disney sneakers can be purchased in men’s sizes. Women buyers may obtain a pair that’s 1.5 shorter than their typical shoe length for the approximate equivalent of men’s sizing to women’s. Just like traditional Mexico 66 sneakers, these Disney-themed kicks offer a secure and locked-down fit with its lace-up front.

If you’re one of those blown away with anything concerning Mickey or Minnie Mouse, then you might want to treat yourself and get your feet strapped with any, or perhaps, all of the irresistible variations of the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 x Disney low-top. These designs promise to present subtle accents of the cartoon duo which make these kicks appear less childlike.

One of the three designs is punctuated by Mickey’s pair of gloved hands, patched around the rear end of the shoe. Another version has large polka dots on the entire cover that resembles the bow and skirt of Minnie. The other style is marked with contrasting grid pattern across the upper with a silhouette of Mickey towards the heel area. The entirely white and black sneakers pair well with practically any outfit, while the red one is a fitting match for blue, yellow, and black wardrobes.

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 sneakers serve as a charming and sophisticated backdrop even for fun and amusing Disney motifs such as Mickey and Minnie. The timeless exterior of such old-school runner that carries the trademark Onitsuka cross stripes is tamed down by solid shades of red, black, and white that covers the entire upper and sole. Branded as the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 x Disney, these commemorative sneakers which were dropped on the 90th year of Disney’s most celebrated mice is as classic as the characters it holds. These would hardly go out of style.  

To demonstrate the 90 years of Mickey and Minnie being Disney’s powerhouse couple, Onitsuka Tiger and Disney hooked up to come up with a series of impressive sneaker releases in 2018 labeled as the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 x Disney.

Through many generations, these beloved characters have been captivating the hearts of consumers with an unending circulation of commemorative items and collectibles. In celebration of another milestone, Disney and Onitsuka Tiger resurrected the Mexico 66, an old-school running shoe charmer, and spun it with detailing that’s meant to impress the hearts and souls of Mickey and Minnie admirers.

The Mexico 66 is Onitsuka Tiger’s classic runner which is a rebranded version of the 1960s running trainer called the Limber Up. This model was born in 1966 and made its debut at the 1968 Summer Olympics pre-games held in Mexico as it was spotted on the feet of Japanese athletes and some delegates from foreign nations. This sneaker became a flagship model by Onitsuka Tiger which carried for the first time the iconic cross striped pattern on the side walls.

Today, the Mexico 66 is one of the preferred classic styles under the Onitsuka Tiger brand that’s considered a fashion statement by many. Appropriately made as a lifestyle sneaker, the Onitsuka Mexico 66 x Disney comprises of different styles released under the 2018 Mickey and Minnie Mouse sneaker collection that offers a striking symmetry between classic and modern designs.

  • The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico x Disney varieties were released on March 10, 2018.
  • The cover of these shoes is made of soft leather.
  • The jagged leather overlays on the heel reinforce such area for added stability.
  • The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 x Disney sneaker with grid lines and iconic gloved hands have Mickey’s silhouette printed on the heel, while a bow design is showcased on the polka-dotted variety.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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