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11 reasons to buy

  • For users with wide feet, the Onitsuka Tiger GSM Pastel does not restrain the toe portion.
  • Many users were satisfied by the sneaker's reasonable price range.
  • Onitsuka Tiger keeps producing high-quality shoes, and this sneaker is one proof of its excellent structure.
  • One walker was astonished that the sneaker fits good for walking long distances.
  • Aside from its long-term comfort, the sneaker is also cozy for wearing during chill occasions and casual gatherings.
  • The pastel flair of the sneaker attracted a handful of buyers with its very vibrant glow.
  • The form, design, and tint of the sneaker made it a stylish option for clothing.
  • The low profile structure of the Onitsuka Tiger GSM Pastel adds to the retro feeling of past tennis silhouettes.
  • It goes well with everything especially jeans and shorts.
  • According to some, the sneaker is durable and sturdy.
  • The sneaker is perfect for everyday usage.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Although the low profile stance is perfect for casual wear, some users are looking for a little bit of arch support.
  • One consumer disliked the brightness of the pink color and said that it was too pink for her.

Bottom line

By sourcing all retro inspirations of the past, the Onitsuka Tiger GSM Pastel brings forth the vintage appeal of a tennis sneaker with contemporary upgrades in design and structure. Flushed with a lustrous pastel colorway, the low-top sneaker supersedes the classic flair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes and coincidentally goes well with every article of clothing. Bound with comfort and durability, the sneaker enlists itself as a viable option for casual wear anywhere and anytime.


Base model: Onitsuka Tiger GSM
Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: Onitsuka Tiger Lifestyle Shoes
Price: $85
Small True to size Large
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The Onitsuka Tiger GSM Pastel's versatility of movement comes from the low top cut and the soft suede and leather overlays. The interior is lined with soft textile as supported by a cupsole which absorbs shock and cushions the feet.

Men and women can avail the sneaker with a size range from 4 to 12 and 5.5 to 13, respectively. In general, the sneaker is manufactured in medium widths for all classifications.

Low top Onitsuka Tiger sneakers, including the GSM Pastel, have a great impression of looking good with jeans and shorts due to its casual low to the ground profile. The vibrant pastel color adds uniqueness to its design in tonal cues which is perfect for outgoing women or the rather bold men who can pull off the girly Skyway (light blue) colorway.

What sets the Onitsuka Tiger GSM Pastel above the rest is its pale-muted color variations in Evening Sand (light pink) and Skyway (light blue) colorways which are attached to a cupsole with visible stitching. The traditional Onitsuka Tiger logo overlays are tonally tinted that adds to its subtle appeal.

From its roots of the hand-combed net for hammocks, Onitsuka Tiger has come a long way from its humble origins of developing a leisure recliner that swings from side to side. Since 1949, the company started to produce footwear that focuses on a healthy living giving the feet the opportunity to maximize its capabilities. Kihachiro Onitsuka, the company's founder, established the footwear brand in hopes to develop an athletic niche with the Japanese youth after the second world war.

Probably the most iconic iteration that spearheaded Onitsuka's venture into lifestyle footwear would be the OK shoe, a basketball silhouette that is inspired by octopus tentacles for grip and traction. From then on, performance shoes became a massive hit within the walls of the Onitsuka franchise producing more and more sports specific shoes aside from running models like the Marup and the Corsair.

The Japanese sportswear producer started the tennis trend a few years after their first line of athlete shoes entered the limelight. In 1952, the Tiger Tennis and Tiger Lawntennis shoes displayed a basic canvas-on-a-rubber-sole form which was the possible inspiration of future versions.

The Lawnship, which was released in 1976, became the brand's first technological breakthrough for their tennis department. It includes a herringbone outsole and a rounded-toe for increased lateral movement. The combination was coined simple, dynamic, and efficient at the same time. This shoe was the inspiration of many more tennis-styled sneakers to come.

With the re-launch of the Onitsuka Tiger subgroup in 2002, retro models like the Mexico 66 and other iterations became a hit. The public soon recognized the appeal of vintage Onitsuka Tiger footwear on which the company utilized as a marketing strategy.

One of the models that were inspired by retro models was the Onitsuka Tiger Game Set Match or GSM in short which takes on the low profile shape of the Lawnship but bearing the coveted ASICS stripe on its panels. Different colorways were released including one wrapped in pastel colors.

  • Perforations are arranged radially along the toebox to provide efficient breathability. Holes can also be seen between the lines of the OT branding.
  • The upper material is composed of soft suede and soft leather for premium comfort.
  • Onitsuka Tiger branding can be seen at the tongue which is also drenched in the same color as the whole shoe. Another one is placed on the heel part of the footbed.