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Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Onitsuka Tiger Lifestyle Shoes
Price: $375
Small True to size Large
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The narrow-fitting design of the low-top Onitsuka Tiger Fabre Nippon Lo is best for those with slim foot features. Those with wide feet configurations should opt to go a full size higher to get a comfortable fitting sneaker. The limited sizes range from 7.5 to 11.5 for men and 9 to 13 for women.

The premium pricing of the Onitsuka Tiger Fabre Nippon Lo means it is only for those wanting the best of Japanese craftsmanship and design. The low-top silhouette is best worn with casual wear that is both stylish and functional often portrayed by Japanese-inspired casual wear and fashion. The Asian style of slim and sleek features that do not disregard comfort is best paired with the Onitsuka Tiger Fabre Nippon Lo footwear. Men dressing in these stylish designs can wear them on special occasions because of its superior craftsmanship while women can wear them for daytime as well as night time casual events.

The dressier colorways and finish of the Onitsuka Tiger Fabre Nippon Lo makes it ideal casual wear that exudes elegance and superior craftsmanship. Men may opt to wear them with a bomber jacket or a slim shirt on top and a khaki or denim at the bottom. Women may choose to wear these with shorts or skinny jeans and a casual blouse or button-down shirt.

The most remarkable characteristic of the Onitsuka Tiger Fabre Nippon Lo is its use of premium leather and suede. With the iconic Tiger side stripes, each model is made using a labor-intensive process from the stitching to the dying of the upper materials to demonstrate the skilled hand portraying the height of Japan’s artisanal quality.

Founded in Kobe, Japan in 1949 by company founder Kihachiro Onitsuka, the Japanese footwear label has been at the forefront of the shoemaking business for several decades. The leading Japanese footwear brand was established as Onitsuka Co. Ltd. manufacturing sports footwear mainly for running and eventually basketball and other sports.

In 1977, the company was later on merged with other partners and became Asics Corporation. While there was a name change, several iconic shoe designs like the Mexico 66 and Corsair are still produced and marketed using the original Onitsuka Tiger label.

In 1981, the basketball shoe silhouette of the Onitsuka Tiger Fabre Japan-S was released. The Fabre Japan-S model became the design base for the low-top Fabre Japan sneaker. Since 2008, Onitsuka Tiger has been producing its Nippon Made collection to showcase the best of Japanese footwear design. The Nippon Made collection conveys Japan’s superior craftsmanship in making things. The Nippon Made collection is also priced slightly higher than most Onitsuka Tiger models as building one of these shoes involves a labor-intensive process that includes stitching and dying with every step requiring a skilled hand to come up with exceptional quality footwear.       

The Nippon made collection also showcases the spirit of Japanese sneaker craftsmanship by using quality material and beautiful detailing by expert artisans bringing to life the pride of local artisans. The collection also come at some time in limited pairs for favorite silhouettes like the Mexico 66 Deluxe and the Fabre Nippon Lo paying particular attention to details, material, and assembly techniques for a better fit and functionality.

  • All Nippon Made collection footwear is hand-made with high-quality cow leather and imported from Japan.