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9 reasons to buy

  • According to many who’ve worn the Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Fives, the shoes are very comfortable for everyday use. 
  • Plenty of purchasers love the throwback style and eye-catching design of the low-top sneakers. 
  • A lot of users report getting compliments on their shoes, even from total strangers.
  • A good number of people have commended the perfect fit of Onitsuka Tiger by Asics’ Colorado Eighty-Five sneakers. 
  • Several buyers say that these casual low-tops from Onitsuka Tiger are priced fairly.
  • A handful of customers are pleased with the wide array of color choices the Onitsuka model has.
  • The quality of Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85s is top-notch, and the shoes are very well-made, some testers have reported. 
  • The shoes are versatile according to a few customers who have remarked that the sneakers are not too bulky for summer but warm enough for winter.
  • A couple of people have stated that Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Five fashion sneakers are lightweight footwear that will function well for running or walking.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A few people have reported that some of the Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85s’ colorways don’t look exactly as pictured. 
  • The lifestyle sneakers don’t offer much in the way of padding or arch support, some buyers have complained. 
  • According to a couple of users, the back of the shoes where they meet the wearer’s heels are very stiff. 

Bottom line

The Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 has an eye-catching, old-school cool design. Its cut makes the feet look sleeker, and its true-to-size fit allows people to wear them comfortably for long periods.

It is also flexible enough for different seasons. It is a see a very well-made and good-looking shoe.



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Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 shoes are unisex. These supremely comfy kicks feature mesh on the toeboxes and sides for breathability. The Onitsuka Tiger logos are placed as leather overlays on top of the mesh to provide some sidewall support. There is, however, little arch support to be found in the shoes. 

The shoes’ full lace-up design is for centralized support and a snug fit. 

The design of Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Five fashion sneakers goes well with jeans, shorts, and khaki pants. Black jeans will really set off the colors of your low-top kicks, although the cool retro shoes look good when matched with just about any color and any outfit.

Some style tips are given below:


  • Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Five men's sneakers in burnished burgundy (black/burgundy from the Dress Pack) would look good with chinos and button-down shirts for events that require smart casual clothing.


  • Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Colorado Eighty-Five kicks in deep red (Burgundy/Burgundy) would be perfect as accessories to a pretty yellow hoodie and black tights/yoga pants.

The Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 shoes are running-inspired kicks primarily designed to give comfort and flexibility to the wearer, and the shoes certainly provide that. Whether walking, running, or standing on their feet for long hours, the wearer is sure to feel comfortable and pain-free when using these kicks. As a bonus, the shoes not only perform well, but they’re also quite fashionable and ready to take on the city streets at any given time.

The Colorado 85 comes from a very well-known brand with deep athletic roots. Onitsuka Tiger was established in Japan in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. It was the first company into manufacturing basketball shoes but it soon widened its range to include a variety of other sports.

In 1977, the Onitsuka company merged with Jelenk and GTO to form the Asics Corporation. Vintage models were still produced under the Onitsuka Tiger label, while newer ones are manufactured under the Asics brand. Although the Colorado 85s were released after the Asics company was formed, it is still considered as retro shoes now and therefore placed under the Onitsuka Tiger range.

Colorado Eighty-Five kicks by Onitsuka Tiger

The Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 shoes first appeared in the mid-80s as trail runners during the jogging and fitness craze of that period. The brand brought the silhouette back in 2012 with updated colors and materials while staying close to the shoes’ roots by offering comfort and flexibility through the flex canals and the forefoot’s external lateral treads.

  Collaborations and Iterations

The Tiger Colorado 85s have been the subject of many collaborations. In 2013, Ackomplice Clothing, a Colorado company, worked on the silhouette to produce the Colorado 85 6,200FT. The model featured red shoelaces, blue stripes, rip-stop side and toe panels that bring to mind rip-stop fabric found on hiking boots, and insoles with ski map prints. The model was released in limited numbers—only 504 pairs to be exact.

Still in 2013, Hanon collaborated with the brand on the same silhouette to produce the Colorado 85 Wildcats I and II. In 2015, the much-loved silhouette came out as part of many collaborations with stores and designers such as END, Woei, Digawel, and Facetasm.

The brand also had collaborations with BAIT on the Colorado Eighty-Five Onitsuka Tiger silhouette for a Bruce Lee concept that has continued to be much sought-after by collectors. The shoe homage to the martial arts legend featured a yellow and black color scheme with speckled black soles, “75” graphics on the insoles to commemorate the years since Lee’s birth up to 2015, and Bruce Lee’s shadow graphic on the tongues.

Colorado 85s are core models of the Onitsuka Tiger label and with super popular silhouettes, expect a number of iterations, colorways, and reimaginings to come out. The shoes did not disappoint and were promptly covered in denim (Okayama Denim) and burnished leather (as part of the Dress Pack), given a mid-top profile (Colorado 85 Mid) and reinvented as deconstructed footwear with a trail vibe (Colorado 85 MT Samsara).

  • The shoes have color-blocked uppers in mesh and suede while aggressive molded rubber outsoles provide accent to the shoes.
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