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8 reasons to buy

  • Many runners appreciated the waterproof mechanism of this running shoe, stating that their feet stayed cool and dry, even when traversing wet surfaces.
  • A tester happily commented that the toe box of the On Cloudventure Waterproof was spacious enough to accommodate natural toe-splaying.
  • A reviewer wrote that they were able to adapt quickly to the shoe, emphasizing that its performance was excellent.
  • The shoelaces received some recognition from some purchasers; they wrote that they were smooth and easy to adjust.
  • Several runners were happy that the sole unit was flexible and accommodating.
  • According to a consumer, the modest black color scheme of this model made it suitable even for non-running occasions.
  • ‘Comfortable’ was a word that testers used as a means to describe their time with this running shoe.
  • It felt surprisingly lightweight, according to a purchaser.

1 reason not to buy

  • A runner observed that the upper unit of the On Cloudventure Waterproof didn’t feel as breathable as advertised.

Bottom line

The On Cloudventure Waterproof was able to gain the good graces of those who have tried it. According to them, this trail shoe’s components were efficient and it didn’t hinder their performance in any way. One was even able to use it casually. It’s a solid running companion, based on consumer feedback.

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Remember, how, as kids, we all enjoyed playing in the rain. The nonchalance with which we jumped from one puddle to the next was a joy unparalleled.

There was nowhere else we needed to be and, most importantly, no cellphones we needed to stick in a bag of rice later. Today, we avoid puddles with an almost precise sense of propriety…sigh, adulthood is clearly not much fun.

Which explains my instant innate desire to purchase the On Cloudventure Waterproof as soon as it was announced!



They didn’t just claim a chemical coating that would keep water at bay for the first three sorties, that they had built an entire layer into the shoe, a membrane of sorts, that would make the shoe impervious to water.

Mind you, this is water in amounts as one would accost when out on a run, maybe a puddle here and there, and in no way gives one the license to wade through a lake.

In spite of having the brilliance of such wisdom on my side, this is precisely what I did!

(Note: Since I have had the shoe for a few months, it has a bit of wear and tear. Nothing unnatural. On the plus side, you can be sure they have run the miles that I claim!)

The Aesthetic

I always like to start with the looks because that is exactly how we shall first perceive any pair.

The On brand has a rather defined silhouette, long and sleek with a sinusoidal rubber waffle sole that runs down the length of the shoe creating these air-spaces or ‘clouds’ the provide a natural cushioning.

It’s like a Nike Air turned inside out. While other brands beat themselves up trying to come up with new materials that provide grip and cushioning, this Swiss company found an ingenious way to package free air, call it CloudTec®, and make us pay for it under the garb of cushioning!

Well, marketing or not, it somehow works; the bounce in the sole doesn’t wear off after the first few hundred kilometers. But back to aesthetics, every ON pairs share this distinct design DNA, one that is functional even if a bit alien-looking.



The charcoal-on-charcoal finish of this particular shoe lends it a pretty mean business-like look.

For me, it made me focus even more on the waterproof-i-ness of the shoe considering there were no fluorescent flashes to distract me. I knew why I had bought this shoe and looks didn’t matter.

The Top

The top is a seamless mix of textures, rubber, and other materials, all of which are fused to give the impression of impermeability. Just below is their proprietary Cloud membrane, a physical layer that renders the shoe water and windproof.

You can’t see it so the only way you know it’s there is when you put it to test.

That’s right, I jumped into puddles for this one! But more on that, later… The lacing is extremely secure and doesn’t loosen on the run which is always great. Oh, one very, very odd thing is the tongue of this shoe.

I almost believed that I had received a defective pair of the tongue that doesn’t run up straight but at an angle. Once you wear the shoe, however, you realize that the angle pretty much follows the contour of your foot.

It settles in nicely, tucked in by the side and doesn’t end abruptly where your ankle begins for there it could rub against the front of your leg and chafe especially as negotiating off-road terrain requires the foot to contort and twist in all sorts of ways.


The Cockpit

This is quite the important bit. It is where your foot rests and it has to be comfortable.

With most off-roaders, I find, that in a bid to be safe and secure, they are stiff and unrelenting. The blade that runs along the length of the shoe, as the spine up the back, are both reinforced to take the blow that running on trails can subject the feet to.

Trouble is that every now and then when the landscape opens up and allows for a few flat-out sprints, these shoes seem to drag from under. They, for lack of a better word, trail.

Not so much with the Cloudventure for its gait allows for a good spring and ample flexibility on the recoil. It doesn’t pinch on the forefoot (ample room in the toe box) and neither does it rub around the ankles.

The aforementioned Cloud Membrane insulates and the feet do feel warm, a bonus when heading out for a cold dewy run.

The Bottom

At first glance, the sole looks rather similar to any of the other ON shoes but on closer inspection, the off-road pedigree starts to show.



The clouds are a lot less ‘airy’ which helps ward off unwanted debris that could get caught in them otherwise.

The small 3D lugs (dubbed Grip Rubber by the brand) which garnish the outer sole are great on grip. The sole bottom is further crisscrossed with fine lines to further enhance traction.

All in all, the shoe holds well and you can tell when you gently lean in as you round corners, hit ascents like a mountain goat or come upon a downward slope and don’t need to drop pace to stay upright.


The Performance

The test phase. I ran through rain, first the gentle drizzly kind and then the torrential stormy type. The shoe endures well on the grip part no matter what.

I tried ambling up rocks that I would normally consider too ambitious to climb up otherwise. The shoe was good as a trekking shoe and also a great running pair.

A versatile one for all things off-road. (I did a few road runs with them too and found them good.) 

The drop isn’t much (6mm) and the extra weight (~10oz. for a size 8 pair) helps with training the leg muscles and on race day when you trade these in for running flats, you go admirably faster.)



While running a day after the rains, I was more brazen while approaching puddles. Well, a bit concerned at first but with each splash, as I realized that no water got it, I got bolder.

Later, I realized that the giant splashes ended up entering the other from above around the ankles so getting carried away with my landing had not been a great plan on the run.

Post run, I found a fairly deep puddle and decided to kerplunk my foot like a stone. I did it a few times and didn’t feel the water soak in immediately.

All well then, I thought, but a few minutes later, I could feel my socks soaking up the water. So waterproof but within reasonable limits of exploitation. Go dunking them in puddles like biscuits in a teacup and your feet will end up like the said biscuit!



So far, for the price paid, this has turned out to be a great shoe.

I like how it looks, how it feels, and how it handles. The sole is grippy, the uppers insulated against wind and water (as claimed) and definitely better than any other shoe in the field I have tried so far, and the air cushions (CloudTec, sorry) I suspect, will  function just as well as long as you aren’t planning on going for a run in a vacuum.

The price is appreciable, especially considering this is Swiss technology and manufacturing.



The only two drawbacks in the shoe that I could sense were these. First, the shoe should rise higher around the ankles else the waterproof impermeability stands a bit compromised.

 Funny thing is that they do have a version (the Cloudventure Midtop) with a higher foot-embrace but why they have chosen to not launch it with this version remains a mystery.



Unless they are going the iPhone way and are planning to launch an upgrade once everyone has bought this pair and got comfy with it. (At the time of writing this, the shoe has been around for almost a year but still, no sign of an altered gator-incorporated waterproof version is known of yet.)

The second thing I found a bit lacking was the quality of the outer sole; it wears out too fast. The treads seemed to disappear on mine barely a few moderately long runs in.

Sure I pronate but it was still surprisingly quick a fade. Mind you, this complaint I have had with all my ON pairs — I’ve used a CloudSurfer and a CloudCruiser before and found them plagued with the same issue. At least, with these, the interiors are sturdier and have been more lasting.

Oh, one last thing, more a caveat than anything — the insulation works well so clearly not the shoe for running on a hot day.

It doesn’t breathe like most other shoe will and while that may be a boon while trudging through snow or slush, it doesn’t work on a hot day when you can feel the sweat start so chafe your feet.

But anybody who wants a shoe which is waterproof and windproof and yet breathable may sooner find success looking for a unicorn!



All in all, a great shoe, well-engineered and executed.

Works for the price it commands and serves the intended purpose only too well. But I am not a serious off-road runner — more an infrequent enthusiast than a regular trailblazer — so perhaps the more serious types may weigh in on this shoe differently.

For me, it is a versatile sturdy trainer that I can take with me on trips and rest assured that no matter what the terrain throws up, I can conquer it.



So good even the pup is curious to get in on the action!

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Being a sommelier, food and drink are close allies, as also enemies! I took to running and just never stopped. Soon enough I added swimming and cycling to the mix. Typical commitment issues! I often review gear for lifestyle magazines in India and am gearing up for an Ironman hopefully soon. Nothing should come between me and my food and drink — that’s perhaps my strongest motivation to keep pushing!

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The Cloudventure Waterproof is the latest top of the line trail shoe from On Running. It is somewhat of an anomaly having a stiff and at times unforgiving ride with little of the cloud-like cushioning the brand is known for.

Nonetheless, it is a hardy trail shoe with good rock protection which performs best on softer ground particularly on ascents and downhills.



You know the type of advert where a well-groomed architect steps out of a mid-century modern house into a German engineered car before driving up a twisting road to a grassy mountain pasture for a quick 20k before breakfast?

Well, he’s wearing a pair of On Running Cloudventure Waterproof trail shoes, and you can bet he didn’t pick his matching running gear off the floor and give it a surreptitious sniff before putting it on for a second day.

In short, the Cloudventure Waterproof looks classy. The attention to detail puts other shoe manufacturers to shame and will make the sort of people who post unboxing videos on YouTube get their knickers in a twist. For instance, an asymmetrical gully lacing system comes complete with a metal eyelet which echos the brand logo.



These laces are however very thin, and although I had no breakages, they don’t inspire a lot of confidence. Due to their nature, they are difficult to cinch tight, especially with cold or gloved hands. It is hard to get a good tight fit without the lacing feeling uncomfortable across the top of the foot, something that is exacerbated by the thin tongue.

Nonetheless, the gusseted tongue successfully keeps debris and water out. On Running use a membrane within the shoe’s upper rather than an external coating to ensure a waterproof finish. My highly scientific test of standing in a mountain stream for 3 minutes can attest to its effectiveness.

I am however in two minds about waterproof shoes as once ankle deep, water seeps in over the top and the shoes hold it inside. The Cloudventure does come in a non-waterproof version, so the choice is yours.



The upper is a two-layer mesh which I found to be breathable especially given the excellent waterproofing.

On Running suggest that their shoes don't correct your movement instead the sole reacts to your running motion, I’m not sure I agree but suffice to say the upper is supportive and the arch support is well placed.

The Cloudventure Waterproof is marketed as a “lightweight” trail shoe, however at 385g for my UK 9.5 (US 10, EU44) they are far from it. This is over 10% heavier than the waterproof version of the Brooks Cascadia, a sturdy workhorse of a shoe and 20% more than the high spec, the Innov-8 Roclite 315 GTX.


Good looks count for very little in trail shoes if they don’t fit well. Unfortunately, this is where the problems begin.

First the good news, the toe box is surprising wide with plenty of room to splay out your toes. There is a sturdy toe bumper which affords excellent protection against rocks and roots on even the toughest trails.



On Running have a handy chart on their site to find the right sizing based on other running brands. Despite this, I found the shoes loose around the midfoot and more so the heel. It's difficult to pull the lacing in tight enough to address this. Even with heel lock lacing my foot was moving about especially on uneven terrain.

Heel collar

The heel collar although seemingly moderately padded is very stiff, as is the heel counter and area around the Achilles. This caused considerable discomfort, especially when running on a camber or if the ankle rolls (more on this later). 

I had to cut a number of runs short due to ankle and heel pain and blisters on the Achilles. In the end, I admitted defeat and took a few days off to recover. Now, this may just be me, and although I’m usually pretty hardy, I had problems with the similar Salomon Speedcross which was generally well received.


Midsole & outsole

The previous iteration of the Cloudventure Waterproof had issues with the longevity of the Cloud Pods. There are pictures online of them shredded after only a few runs. On Running seem to have taken this feedback on board; the outsole has been completely rethought and beefed up.

The pods are much more substantial; I would be very surprised if you could destroy them. This seems a departure from the original ‘Cloud-Tec’ system whereby the pods compress then lock into the midsole with each foot strike. Instead, the Cloudventure employs Zero Gravity Clouds with the midsole extending into the pods making them much less compressible.

The midsole lies over a "liquid-injected plate of thermoplastic polymer" something On-Running call a speedboard, essentially this adds stiffness, providing a propulsive springboard effect as well as good protection against rocks.



Even allowing for the central cut out channel, the sum product of all this 'engineering' is a heavy inflexible shoe which lacks any of On-Runnings trademark cloudlike cushioning. The Cloudventure seems at odds with their whole philosophy of adaptive, responsive shoes.

A trip to my local running shop to acquaint myself with the rest of On-Runnings range confirmed this anomaly. All their other shoes are light, flexible yet springy.

The surface of the outsole is covered in "Mission Grip." A tiny triangular ‘micro-engineered protrusions made of sticky rubber. This provides good grip on smooth and loose surfaces although was somewhat lacking on a wet stone.

By 20km, I was already seeing some wear with the surface flattening off. This seems a common occurrence in softer stickier rubbers.


On a positive note, the stiffness and torsion of the midsole excel when ascending or descending especially in soft mud where it provides a firm platform to push off against. This lends itself to faster running on soft, even terrain.

On harder surfaces, however, I found them to be very unforgiving. This is bad news for those of us that combine a stretch of road running to get to the trails.

The arrangements of the pods provides a deep, stud-like grip. Again, this is good in the mud; however, the zigzag central channel and pods quickly clog up with muck and debris which doesn’t disperse easily.



The heavily structured mid and outsole distinctly lacks ground feel. Consequently, a misstep can cause the ankle to roll. In a more flexible shoe, I would have been able to correct this, instead of the stiff heel collar of the Cloudventure jams into the malleoli or achilles.

Obviously, On-Running aren’t going to dispense with the USP of their novel mid and outsole but if anything the modifications made to improve durability render the Cloud Tec more hindrance than a help.

You’re left wondering whether this shoe would perform better with a traditional mid and outsole, why reinvent the wheel? All this engineering will set you back £150 which puts the Cloudventure firmly at the top end of the market.


There’s no denying, the On Running Cloudventure Waterproof is a ruggedly handsome shoe with an array of innovative technology. Although prone to hyperbole, creativity and enthusiasm for the design process clearly abound at On Running.

Unfortunately, the result is an over-engineered shoe which ultimately is less than the sum of its parts. Too heavy for faster outings and lacking the comfort for longer runs it's hard to say where the Cloudventure might find its place.

Whilst not for me, the Cloudventure Waterproof may suit those looking for a sturdy, stiff shoe for muddy obstacle races or fell running over shorter distances. Or perhaps they simply belong on the feet of a more refined runner in alpine Switzerland rather than the stark beauty of a Snowdonian mountainside?



I tested the On Running Cloudventure Waterproof over 50+ miles in the Snowdonia National Park including some night running on the wonderful trails shown above.

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Having been the living embodiment of a couch potato, I started running in my mid-forties and haven’t looked back at the sofa since. The majority of my running is on the roads and trails of Wales over distances of 10-40 km through rain and mud. I make up for a lack of speed and natural ability with enthusiasm and consequently have chalked up several moral victories. I hate treadmills.

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I am not a hardcore trail person, but occasionally I will run through the bushes and hit some wild tracks around Sydney national parks.

Never had a proper shoe for that kind of exercise so I was quite excited to test the On Cloundventure Waterproof to see what the difference would be in overall feel, performance, etc. Didn’t know what to expect really as it was my first exposure to “ON” brand.  

Inside the box, I found a bunch of uplifting statements from trail athletes, a membership card and a big poster with the promise of adventure. To give them justice I tried to test them on different terrains, distances and weather conditions, even though in Sydney summer is usually very hot and dry. Jumped into some paddles, climbed some rocks and did some tough beach runs.



Overall, I have logged 100km. I was willing to bite the bullet for the sake of science and took the plunge into the wild full of deadly animals to give CLoudventure’s proper baptism of fire.


ON is the running shoe and apparel company based in Switzerland with a quite interesting range of products. Never heard of them, but Swiss are famous for their exceptional precision and attention to detail.

My pair came in “Seal & Kelp” style, basically greenish/greyish upper with black surroundings. It does have that mix of rough manly yet stylish appeal. I like the way they look, but I would appreciate more of a selection in the color department.



The Design mainly due to the specific purpose make that shoe destined for extreme sport and while having nice aesthetics you would not consider wearing it casually. The look is pure and simple, and for me, that is a good thing. After all, it was advertised as a shoe for the mountain missions.

The first thing that immediately strikes is a quite unique design of the midsole. The shoe at first glance looks super solid and supportive. I can only imagine that the development's main emphasis was to achieve the best performance for the trail and less on fashion and glamour.


Went true to size which was 11 US, I am content with that call so far. Padded sock liner (all those soft materials inside) provides snug fit and comfort. Laces very, and I mean very slim yet strong, you don’t need to pull them too hard to have a good lockdown.

Your foot will have good support while taking those risky tracks. I had immediate trust from the very first use. The ride was pleasant, but Cloudventure is way heavier than my average runner (in my size it is approximately a bit over 350g which is 100g more than most of my shoes).

They do feel lighter than they are but still bit clunky. I had some runs on my usual tracks which are not as challenging as those shoes would like them to be.

They felt slightly out of place on a flat surface. It is just a different animal and you just need to get used to it. I need to mention that on my 15km run my feet were suffering.



I had a blister on the top of one of my toes. It is probably to the fact that I am used to more flexible upper. My muscles were working harder than usual from all that extra weight and I am predicting that when I will slip in back into my ultra-light Epic Reacts my speed will go off the charts. Bottom line is that on standard track they perform good enough.

Average pacing below 5 minutes per km on various distances. It is a plus considering those shoes are not cheap. It may be overkill for a road runs unless you are after building those leg muscles.

I still managed to go fast, just didn’t felt that effortless as in my other sneakers. Shoe on first go feels already broken down nicely which is a huge plus as we can skip that awkward face of getting used to the new pair.

They shine in action, as you can see on the shot below. It is almost that the colour changes depending on the lighting. Sometimes they grey, sometimes they green and in the daylight even blue. This would be related to reflective features of the upper because you want to be visible at any time of the day.



Thanks to the advanced physical ON membrane, this runner is 100% waterproof and wind resistant.

The upper still maintain a respectable level of breathability, although in Australian summer when you are facing 30 plus degrees mixed with 100% humidity, your feet will sweat a bit.

The combination of layers which seem to be mesh on the toe area and reinforced rubber feels very solid while still providing some flexibility, so you don’t feel caged as much and it is comfortable.



As I pointed out previously laces are very slim and short, which may be a trouble for some. I tend to double knot all my running shoes and I think the design here is to align with the whole water resistance aim.

Make sense as they won’t be gathering any additional weight while wet. Lastly, it is very easy to clean and durable. You would need to try hard to damage that shoe.


The material used by ON here is CloudTec, a cushioning system made from several (strategically placed) hollowed tubes (also known as clouds).

It provides great support and cushioning during running by adopting either horizontally or vertically to surface we are landing our foot on. Tubes react to the angle and shape of contact with terrain and absorb the shock from impact protecting your legs.



As mentioned before, the shoe is heavy, but it will keep you safe from hurting yourself which on the trail run is a must. Great responsiveness and support. Cloudventure got only 6mm heel drop which creates minimal, barefoot type feeling.

It makes sense for me when I think about the main purpose of this shoe is. It helps more evenly distribute impact areas. It took me a moment to get used to as I had a bit bigger drop before and several first strolls, I had a bit of a flat landing, which felt slightly odd.


This outsole is built for the extreme. Designed for any obstacles that you can encounter during a challenging run on the rough trail.

Guys from ON used Micro Engineered Grip Rubber which is strong, durable yet still maintaining decent flex. You will feel safe and secure due to superior traction provided. Grip will literally blow your mind. It also extends to the toe area, guarding the shoe against unnecessary beating.



Even on more casual tracks I couldn’t help myself but jump on rocks and almost look around for the puddles or some unusual spots I could perform a test on. The whole design is quite unusual especially for someone who is not very familiar with that type of gear.

Everything seems to be very well thought out here. It is my assumption, but I reckon the spacing between those tubes on outsole prevent clogging with mud and such. It's like a 4x4 off-roader among the runners.


  • This shoe is destined to last.
  • With waterproof and wind resistant features, nothing can stop you.
  • Superior traction and stability will keep you safe from injuries.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • No break-in period required.
  • CloudTec technology just works.
  • Easy to maintain and keep fresh considering how dirty they may get.
  • I was surprised by how good they look.


  • It is a lot of money for a sneaker that has a very specific purpose.
  • I am aware that it is not a speed shoe, but it is heavy.
  • Limited colorways.


It may be not entirely fair, but even though it is a trail shoe I am judging in with a wider angle. I tried to test it in their ideal environment on trail runs, but also on the flat road like tracks. Wanted to have an idea of how a wide spectrum of use this shoe can provide.

On heavy tracks, Cloudventure Waterproof is just a miracle worker. Keeps your legs safe by adapting to the shape of whatever you land your stride on. You just don’t concern your head with any feeling of danger as they are fully trustworthy.

No matter how much I tried to give them some solid beating, I couldn’t even get them properly dirty. They do not have as great energy return and bounce so you may need to try a bit harder if you want to get your pace up, but to be fair, they are not meant for speed.

Their goal is to be able to tackle whatever nature will throw at you and keep you dry, comfortable and alive. They are fulfilling those tasks perfectly while looking super cool. I was literally jumping in each puddle I could find on the way and would not even feel the splash of water on my foot.

Rocks, tree roots and other trip hazards didn’t affect my running comfort. For those warmer summer days, I could use some more breathability, but considering the technology that is responsible for water/wind proofing it as good as it can get. Not just the clocks and cheeses in Switzerland.

For traditional running, they feel heavy, yet I still managed to have decent times. It came with a bigger effort, but it is something you can get used to. For someone who is using stability shoes which are typically in a similar weight category, it would not feel much different.

Probably they will be extremely happy with the comfort, drop and overall protection. For me, it was a quite new experience as all the sneakers I use are light, bouncy, breathable and minimalistic in regards to stability features.

I did enjoy running in them, and I think we have a bright future ahead, especially because due to the exceptional durability they will last forever. I will limit them to specific runs only so they can shine in their proper field.

Overall, if you in search for trail shoes I would recommend ON Cloudventure Waterproof without blinking. They will tick all the boxes and I can only imagine how handy they can be if you live in mountains with snow and all that extreme stuff. They just look adventurous and seem unbreakable.

Just let this picture of a happy man below speak for itself.


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I am a Polish born guy that happened to live in Australia. I am a dedicated surfer/paddle boarder and an enthusiastic runner and occasional soccer (football) player – in other words, I like to stay active. I do participate in half marathons and races etc., but mainly I just run for fun, from fast 5km sprints to long relaxing 20km runs. Always researching, learning new things and trying to find the way to push myself to another level. My weakness would be that whatever am into, I am always looking for the best gear out there – sneakers, wetsuit, board shorts… just love to do my leg work in search for the good stuff. Performance plus fashion equals happiness.

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With the recent shoe test initiative, I got a chance to try out the new Cloudventure Waterproof by Swiss brand On. These are my first ON shoes, so I had no expectations. Well, maybe just one – as Swiss is kind of a keyword for brand’s success, these should be well-made shoes.

During February in Latvia, we had the greatest worst weather, so it was just perfect timing for testing shoes that are designed for harsh weather. We had it all: rain, mud, snow, and puddles, even quite a bit of ice.  

This is some insight on what happens when Swiss engineering faces tough northern winter.


Overall look and design

First impression was very good as shoes arrived in a neat black box with smartly designed elements and attention to detail. Personalized owner card was enclosed, which I found a bit too much.  

These shoes are easy on the eye. Compact and proportional design, nice colour combination. Reflecting elements are tiny and well integrated into the overall design.

For some, it might be a disappointment, but the choice of colours is limited to two options – metal & dust rose (in the photo) and black & graphite.


Size & fit

I have a standard 38 EU size, but for On I got 38.5 and they fit me well. It is similar to Salomon, just choose one step up from your standard size.

At first, I was doubtful about how the fit will be. Shoes seemed very hard starting from sole all the way to the upper.

During the first two runs, it felt strange, too stiff, even clumsy. However, after a few runs comfort improved significantly and ride felt good. It turned out that it took not much time to break them in.

Feet sit well in these. I guess well-padded interior is an answer to this.


On emphasizes the creation of a cloud-like running because of CloudTec, which is the solution that is meant to provide cushioning for the first impact with the ground (soft landing) and strong and explosive take-off. Less time on the ground, more time in the air.

This is quite interesting and in an action gives a notion that it actually works. To have this effect you still need to break these in well. At first, cushioning was not convincing as midsole was very stiff the same as the entire shoe.

Ride in general is comfortable and stable. Shoes perform well on different terrain, mud and snow are no obstacle for these.

As I run during winters, I have to face some icy trails. Similar to most running shoes, these do not perform well on icy tracks or pathways with the ice-snow mixture. Well, I was not even expecting that to work. 

Here is a short insight into some of my training routes:



Apart from that, there are some other aspects that might become an issue. I had some stones stuck in the sole, which can get very annoying as you can feel rocks through the sole and need to slow down or stop to get them out.

I did not face the situation with debris stuck in the air holes (Cloud Pods) of the sole, but it seems very likely to happen on certain terrains. These are the rocks you may get to fight with:



Upper is made out of engineered mesh with an advance membrane that is a key to the waterproofness of the shoe. Waterproofness got tested in the worst ways - runs during heavy rain, puddles of mud, snow, salt covered pavement, and partially melted snow mush. With the current weather, breathability is good, but summer will reveal whether it can be good in hot weather.

The upper is almost seamless. The material holds up and durability looks promising.

So far no evidence of wearing out. The tongue is padded and not really sawn in, but actually a part of the interior of the shoe. That adds to the comfort.



I appreciate small details like brand icon metal ring on the hole of the shoelaces, little CloudTec icon on the sole and some others, but then there are basic things like laces that make a shadow on all nice small things.

Laces are short if you use the entire row of the lace holes. I skip the last one to make laces long enough in order to make a proper knot. The other downside is that laces are so slick that they do untie from time to time. I would prefer lock laces as an alternative solution.


This is something I really like about these shoes. The heel counter is the perfection of an internal padding and external firm protection.

Heel irritation and blisters are often a problem. In this case, however, it is well balanced and well executed. The same applies to the toe box. It is hard and protecting, but padded and soft from the inside.



The insole is made out of foam. Nothing much to tell, functions well, do not really differ from all others.

The midsole has several air holes or pods that provide cushioning. This absorbs shock while allowing the shoe to be considered light.

These are quite bouncy and stable at the same time. On the other hand, trail shoes are meant for trails full of rocks, branches and other stuff that can get stuck in the holes.



The outsole is made out of Micro-engineered Grip-Rubber that combines multiple grip patterns to provide control in changeable conditions. Sole performs well on different surfaces; it will be a good partner on technical trails with sharp ups and downs. Both traction and grip are good enough for all apart from ice, but, yes, who can beat ice without studs?

After approximately a month, soles do not look any different apart from having some dirt on them. Also upper kept its look, which is very impressive considering that we have a large amount of salt on the roads and paths during winter.


  • Waterproof
  • High stability and comfort
  • Seamless and durable upper
  • Warm & windproof – good for winters
  • Good heel and toe protection
  • Attractive design


  • Too short and slick laces
  • Rocks stuck in the sole
  • Only two colours available
  • Very stiff at first
  • Expensive


At first, I had a lot of doubts about these shoes, but they proved my doubts unfounded. Shoes look good and actually serve their purpose. They are not usual, but after a few runs, you can get on the same path. The design is nice and you can see that all details are thought of, well, most are.

I would recommend different lace solution as well some work to avoid things getting stuck in the sole, which directly affects running speed, overall performance, and comfort of the runner.

All in all, I do like these shoes, but I still wait for a chance to have some more technical runs and races to evaluate more in-depth, as well as to see what happens during hot weather. But facing reality, shoes are pricy.

If you get a good deal or have a shoe budget like this – go ahead, shoes are good! Not perfect, but good. 

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I’m a running enthusiast from Latvia, averaging around 30-50km per week. I did my first half marathon in 2014, since then I have run several half marathons and trail races. Now, I'm starting to train more in trail and off-road running. My favorite trail racing series are Stirnu buks (Roebuck), which is taking place in different locations around Latvia’s most beautiful landscapes - you are welcome to join!

Good to know

  • The On Cloudventure Waterproof is a running shoe that’s meant for those who have neutral running gaits. It’s created using quality materials in order to provide long-lasting and efficient performance. As specified in its name, it’s the waterproof version of this model. It utilizes a special membrane to completely shield the shoe’s interior from water.
  • The bottom part of the upper has rubber reinforcements, which shield the foot from debris and other hazards on the outdoor terrains. Stitching is only present as a means to reinforce the materials. Otherwise, the façade of this product has a clean and consistent look that’s seldom present in trail shoes.
  • Like all the shoes in the On Running product roster, the Cloudventure Waterproof has a set of pods that act as the cushioning system. Coined as ‘clouds’, these individual units provide active cushioning throughout all the phases of the gait cycle. They handle the impact shock during the landing phase, and they give energy & lift during the toe-off.
  • The outsole unit features a durable rubber, which is highly resistant to wear and tear. Gripping lugs and traction patterns enhance the grip, while rubber reinforcements on the sides of the ‘clouds’ heighten their durability.

The waterproof version of the On Cloudventure features standard measurements. The sizing scheme follows the preferences of runners. D=Medium and B=Medium are the width profiles available for men and women, respectively. It has a semi-curved shape, which adheres nicely to the natural curve of the human foot.

The Grip-Rubber technology makes use of a durable rubber compound that’s highly resistant to abrasion. It has been micro-engineered to deliver reliable traction on a variety of surfaces and running conditions. Gripping lugs and traction patterns enable the runner to get the right amount of surface control.

The outsole unit blends naturally with the shape of the cushioning systems. It doesn’t stiffen the material. It still allows the foot to move naturally through the gait cycle.

The Intelligent CloudTec® cushioning system utilizes 11 pods, which are called ‘clouds’. Visibly seen on the bottom of the On Cloudventure Waterproof, they deliver responsive cushioning for the wearer. It carries the foot well throughout the running experience, and even gives an energized lift during the toe-off.

The Speedboard is a plate in the mid-sole. It distributes the weight of the runner and the impact of the footfall evenly across all the ‘clouds’ of the sole unit, thus making each step much smoother and easier.

The upper unit makes use of the On Membrane, a stretchable material that’s 1005 waterproof and weatherproof. It’s not coated with any harsh chemicals, making it soft and agreeable to the skin. It’s lightweight and it still accommodates airflow into the foot-chamber.

The perimeter of the upper unit’s lower section uses the fusion of rubber and engineered mesh. This also includes the toecap. It acts like a shield against debris and potentially injurious surfaces.

Reflective strips allow the On Cloudventure Waterproof to be visible in low-light conditions, which is helpful when it comes to running at night.

An extended rubber heel cage locks the foot in place and prevents accidental shoe removals. It also adds a bit more security for the foot.


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Top 49% neutral running shoes
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Jens Jakob is a fan of short distances with a 5K PR at 15:58 minutes. Based on 35 million race results, he's among the fastest 0.2% runners. Jens Jakob previously owned a running store, when he was also a competitive runner. His work is regularly featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and the likes as well as peer-reviewed journals. Finally, he has been a guest on +30 podcasts on running.