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7 reasons to buy

  • The customers mentioned that the cushioning of the On Cloudventure Peak was remarkably good.
  • A few users commented that this shoe needed no break-in time and could be used straight for marathons right out of the box.
  • A runner ‘loved’ the protection given by the shoe on rocks and against impact loads.
  • The purchasers highly appreciated the overall look of the Cloudventure Peak by calling it a pair of ‘most gorgeously designed shoes’.
  • The runners experienced zero blisters while running in these shoes.
  • The wearers were happy with the snug fit of the shoe.
  • Some individuals mentioned that the shoe performed exceedingly well on loose or wet surfaces owing to its excellent traction.

1 reason not to buy

  • A few customers had issues with the sizing of the shoe.

Bottom line

The On Cloudventure Peak, owing to its unparalleled professional attributes, has managed to outperform its competitors in the market and establish a large number of fans. The shoe has stylish looks, sturdy build, excellent grip and remarkable durability. The majority recommended that the shoe, being perfect, should make no further changes in its current design for its future models.

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Our reviews

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The On Cloudventure Peak is a great lightweight racer for summer trail runs with awesome grip on rocks and ascents. The pronounced lugs feel very stiff on hard-packed trails, and midfoot outsole leaves your foot exposed for rocks and roots. 



These shoes fit like slippers in the best possible way. Your foot slides right into the stretchy, almost compression-sock-like material of the uppers.

The Spaghetti-thin laces remind you that these are pretty minimal shoes, and comfortably adjust the upper material around your feet. I wore these around town a bit and was surprised how comfortable they were.


The midsole is relatively minimal to keep these guys light, and you can sense that a lot of the support and padding comes from the pronounced lugs in the heel and midfoot. You can really feel the terrain underfoot. 


The heel features On’s large, hollow lugs, while the forefoot features multi-directional lugs of different shapes and sizes that provide a really nice grip on loose or technical rocky terrain.



The midfoot is quite minimal, and several times I stepped on a larger rock or hidden tree root and really felt it right on my arch - ouch.

That said, for a lightweight shoe, they offer incredible traction. Compared to other trail shoes I run in like Topo’s, I like the grip on these better. 



This is where On is clearly trying to differentiate. Other than Nike and perhaps Adidas, On makes some of the sleekest-looking shoes on the market.

With their black and white contrast colorway, these things certainly look cool. I wore them around town without feeling like a dad.

That said, white mesh trail shoes are destined to show every speck of dirt, and these shoes definitely did after just a run or two. 

Test run

Location: Hudson Valley, New York | 8.5 miles, rocky trails | Late Summer | Weather: High 60s and overcast


The fall weather has arrived already, and these Upstate trails are already muddy and covered in leaves. Setting off from a loose gravel parking lot, I can already feel the grip on these shoes.



The ground feels solid despite being made up of jagged little rocks; I like it. I hit a small paved path leading down to the trail, and the lugs really clunk against the blacktop.

They’re very firm, and I can feel it all the way up my lower leg. It’s not so much uncomfortable as it is slightly odd underfoot. For me, these shoes are meant to stay on the trail. Although they feel light on the upper, the lugs feel substantial.

Looking for hills

After a flat first mile, I head up a loose dirt track trail. It's rocky and full of roots. These shoes feel amazing, giving me very secure footing on rocks of all sizes.

I hit a small exposed peak of large boulders. Jumping from rock to rock, I never slip at take-off or landing. The grip is really superb, noticeably better than that of my day-to-day trail runners - the Topo Terraventure 2. 

Coming down from the hill, I notice one of this shoe’s weaknesses: the exposed midfoot. Coming down, I step right on a root, followed by a few rocks right at my arch.

I feel them quite acutely, and it hurts. While the rest of the shoe offers tons of protection, I find that I need to be extra careful not to land on anything larger than a small rock. 

Extending the run 

The great thing about these shoes is that after the first mile or two, I completely forgot about the shoes themselves and just enjoyed the run.

I initially set out for a quick 5-miler and ended up just under 9. I found that I really relaxed into the run and built energy as I went. Many things could explain this, but the shoes definitely helped. 


This is a really solid shoe for people who spend a lot of time on trails. They’re marketed as a trail racing shoe, so I expected a lightweight shoe with good grip.

I thought this might mean that they were really specialized for race day and wouldn’t excel at the day to day trail runs that make up 90% of my miles.

What I didn’t expect was that these had become a regular shoe in my daily trail run rotation. When heading out on a rockier trail with lots of elevation change, these are my go-to.

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I'm Brendan, an avid trail and road runner in New England. Having lived and run all over the world, from the East Coast, Southwest, and West Coast of the US, to South America to Europe, I've run in every climate condition and terrain imaginable. I've run handfuls of half marathons, 10K's, 5K's, XC races, and more. But, primarily, I enjoy the peace and zen-like quality of running every day. It helps me be present, relaxed, and happy.

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On Cloudventure Peak is super light, super fast, super grippy, and super comfortable. If you are considering trying this shoe, go buy it now and start enjoying it ASAP!

Comfort 10/10

When first slipping on the Cloudventure Peak, they were instantly comfortable, with an excellent supportive integrated sock type structure. It is snug enough to require a bit of pressure to get a foot in.



But, it certainly is not a difficult and awkward struggle as I have experienced with other shoes favouring the sock type integration.

I have to be honest; At that moment, I thought that these shoes couldn't be comfortable and perform on tough surfaces at the same time, all while remaining secure. I was wrong!

I planned to go for a short 5km (3-ish mile) run to get a feel of the shoe and maybe break it in somewhat if that was needed. But that was impossible! This shoe made me want to run and keep running.

I ended up running on—feeling fantastic with a big smile on my face. I had to call my wife to explain that not only was I out longer than I had said but that I was only turning around at halfway.

The shoe is light, secure, stable, and easily the most comfortable trail running shoe I have ever worn. These are all true even when the shoe is pounded through water, mud, grass, scrub, and the occasional animal surprise.

That first run ended up being just over 34km (21 miles). I would have kept going if I had brought some nutrition and a bit more kit with me!

Every run so far has felt the same, and in the last five days, I have run four times and covered just under 150km (94 miles).

Upper 9/10

The upper is made from a ripstop fabric, which helps keep the shoe so light. But, it also has almost zero volume and does not retain any water.

With such a light construction, I was expecting some movement or stretching of the upper. However, it has been reinforced with taped additions in key areas and locks down the foot even when totally saturated.



The ankle, heel design, and cut are low enough to prevent any rubbing. Also, when foot striking at an angle when running across a hillside, it doesn't fail to keep tight and stable.

The only things I would suggest to improve are the lacing system and colour. I think it is better changing to a speed lacing system rather than standard laces.

Also, it would be better to reconsider the white colour as it does not fare well in the dirty, mucky terrain.

I think that is how good this shoe is, given that I need to point out the colour to find anything for improvement.

Insole 10/10

If a shoe is comfortable, and you are not aware of the insole as it is doing its job and staying put, then it is the perfect insole. The Cloudventure Peak can 100% boast this.

Sole 9/10

The Cloudventure Peak's sole features some very bold and clever designs. The lugs are predominantly big and aggressive, but also has smaller sharper lugs at critical points.



Also, on the larger lugs, there are smaller prominences to provide a bit of extra bite when required. I am not very familiar with the cloud cushion technology or technicalities, but they seem to offer an exceptionally comfortable ride.



It is as much as you might expect from a much heavier, slower and more cumbersome cushioning specific high-end road training shoe.

The final feature, which seems to deliver such a fantastic running experience, are two long, deep, and relatively wide channels throughout the forefoot. These join in the midfoot and continue almost to the end of the heel.

It is easy to see they create an incredibly efficient water and mud handling system. I checked on several occasions to see if any clogging occurred, and every time, regardless of how bad the mud was, the channels were clear.

Durability 9/10

With just over 150km running in the Cloudventure Peak, the only notable thing is the discolouration of the white upper from the muck and mud. The rest of the shoe shows no visible wear at all.

It is important to mention also that approximately 40km of the 150km has been on tarmac (asphalt) roads and other hard surfaces. Yet, the outer rubber on the sole is showing no signs of wear.

I will be very interested to see how the shoe is after 600km as I have high hopes it will stand up to the tough stuff for 800+km and even over 1,000km.


On Cloudventure Peak is my new favourite trail running shoe of all time. My previous, and still a firm favourite, is the Salomon Slab Sense.



The Cloudventure Peak should come with a health warning saying that this shoe will make you want to run longer and faster than you plan and could be detrimental to all other commitments bar running!

Yes, I really think it is that good. Thank you to On Running and everyone involved in dreaming up, designing, testing, manufacturing, and delivering this shoe. You have all done an exceptional job.

Best for

Tough trails, stony mountain paths, ruts, route, muck, mud, and virtually everything you can throw at it.

Amazingly, in spite of the aggressive outer sole designed to provide exceptional bite and grip, the Cloudventure Peak manages to deliver an incredibly comfortable ride on hard surfaces and tarmac (asphalt), too.

Struggles on

It is very difficult to find any fault with this as a trail shoe. The only loss of grip occurs on deep slimy mud or slick rock, which only crampons would prevent!

| Level 2 expert Verified
Hi! I'm Simon. I have been active all my life and have always done any and every sport I can, from track and field (sprints to pole vault) to Soccer, Cricket and everything in between! I've been running road and trail races since 2004. I average at 40-60 km a week, mostly on trails. I’ve participated in lots of varying distances, but my real love is ultra trail running. My favorite events so far are The Kerry Way Ultra in Ireland and the Haria Extreme in Lanzarote.

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I was really curious about getting an On Running shoe because of their distinctive look. Finally, I was lucky to get one of these for trail running.


Design 9.5/10

The design of the shoe is outstanding. It gets all the attention from people around, and they would start asking questions about the shoe.

It is designed as a racing shoe. It weighs 260 grams, and it has a 4 mm heel to toe drop.

This is a fast shoe. The low drop gives you the sense and feeling of the ground and makes you feel secure when running fast on uneven terrain.



The only thing to complain might be the color as only black and white colorway is available for now. A white shoe for mountain running activities might not be the best choice as the shoe will get dirty easily.

Fit 10/10

The shoe is true to size. I am size EU 41 or EU 42 in other running shoes and ordered my Cloudventure Peak size EU 42.  I had no problem with it as it fits perfectly.



It has a sock-like structure, and once you tighten your laces, it keeps your foot right in place. Thus, it gives a secure feeling when running downhill.

Insole and outsole 10/10

The outsole is made of mission grip material that sticks to every kind of surface very well. I’ve used the shoe on rocky terrain, mud, small rocks. I did not feel insecure in any cases.

The only problem that I have is that sometimes, small rocks stick between the lugs of the shoe as lugs are quite wide. I am not talking about the holes, but between the lugs.



The outsole of the shoe also has cloud pods. Cloud pods do all the cushioning that On Running offer to the user. I can say that they work really well and are comfortable.

On claims that the cloud pods work in different directions, so the shoe will take the required shape to keep your foot comfortable, and it does that.



These cloud pods not only does the cushioning but also give an explosive take off while you are lifting your foot.

Another clever thing with the Cloudventure Peak is the speedboard. All trail runners have a plastic or metal board insole to protect the foot from rocks or sharp objects on the trail, and they are usually made of one piece.

On divided this protective board in two at the forefoot section. This way, when you step on uneven surfaces, the speedboard will take the shape of the terrain and keep your foot secure and comfortable.

Upper 10/10

The upper of the shoe is made of very light material. It almost has no weight. It is made of a stretchy and unbelievably breathable material.



My feet never sweated while running in Cloudventure Peak. The lacing system is very well and keeps your foot secure and locked.

Also, the material used at the upper is water repellent. It is not 100% water-resistant, but it will repel the small splashes. The toe protector is also good enough to protect your foot.


Cloudventure Peak is now my favorite trail runner. It is light, fast, and tough—good for any terrain. It is also suitable for road sections on your trail run.


Cappadocia Ultra Trail – 63k Parcour


I do not have any negative feedback regarding the performance of the shoe. Maybe the only thing I could say is that this shoe can be great for short to middle distance trail runs (up to 60k). You may need more cushioning—thus sacrificing the lightness—if you are doing a 100 km or over race.



As mentioned earlier, the shoe comes in black and white option, and it will look dirty after you log some miles in the shoe. This might be the only negative comment that I can give regarding Cloudventure Peak.

| Level 1 expert Verified
Hi, my name is Fatih! I have been running for two years now with a weekly mileage of 50km. I've participated in half marathons, countless marathons and trail races like Garmin Runfire Salt Lake (21k) and Manavgat Ultra Marathon (38k). My all-time favorite race is Cappadocia Short Trail (38k) and will do 63k parkour this year.

Good to know

  • The Micro-Engineered Grip Rubber on the shoe’s outsole offers remarkable traction and enhanced durability to the user.
  • The Cloudtec Elements in the midsole provide the desired responsiveness and comfortability to the runners while the Speedboard Platform maintains the natural gait during the activity.
  • The Ripstop material on the upper is breathable in nature and it feels smooth against the skin. It maintains an environment of healthy ventilation inside the shoe, thereby keeping the runner’s foot dry and cool during the run.
  • The Taped Reinforcements are added to bring more structure to the upper. These are very light in weight and provide additional protection to the user’s feet while running.
  • The Lightweight Welded Eyestay secures the shoe in its proper position, thereby keeping the fit comfortably snug around the foot throughout the running session.
  • The rubber toe cap & the heel cap provide additional protection to the forefoot and heel regions of the runner’s foot respectively.

The Peak version of the On Cloudventure fits true to size. The shoe is available in the standard running length and it comes in the standard medium width of D for men and B for women, respectively. The upper is flexible, which makes it suitable for runners with wide feet, as well.

The On’s innovative technology of the Micro-Engineered Grip Rubber on the outsole has excellent traction properties. It provides a firm grip to the runners on loose or wet surfaces, thereby improving their efficiency and minimizing the effort needed to resist the tricky conditions on trails.

The shoe utilizes the brand’s exclusive Cloudtec Elements in its midsole for maximum comfort and enhanced responsiveness. The technology consists of tiny compressed balls very effective in absorbing and distributing impact loads and returning back the energy needed for propulsion.

The full-length Speedboard is very effective in evenly distributing the effect of concentrated loads over the whole surface area, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the shoe or of injury to the user. The plate provides a plush yet responsive feel during the ride and keeps the individual motivated for running longer distances.

The Ripstop material on the upper ensures a lightweight and breathable environment for the runner, thereby keeping the feet comfortably cool and dry while running.

To add structure to the upper, the On CloudVenture Peak utilizes the nearly weightless ‘Taped Reinforcements’ on its top. These reinforcements maintain a snug fit around the user’s feet and are also very effective in keeping moisture away from the shoe.

The Lightweight Welded Eyestay is an efficient way of tying the shoe. The technology provides a feel of customized fit to the user.

The shoe houses the Rubber Toe Cap in the forefoot region. It provides additional protection against rocks and aberrations while running.

The On Cloudventure Peak boasts the heel cage, which keeps the user’s heel in its proper position while out on the trails. It also provides additional security against impact forces during longer runs.


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