Our verdict


Whether it's the urban jungle you wish to tackle, or it's the trail you seek, the On Cloudtrax will take you to your destination with no fuss in the equation. A full-fledged day hiking boot, this kick delivers heightened control on shifting terrain, cutting through various surfaces, be they dry or moderately damp. And, boy, isn't the Cloudtrax just mesmerizing to look at? We definitely think so!


  • Stellar grip
  • Incredible comfort level
  • Lightweight
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Convincing water resistance
  • Super-easy lace-ups
  • True to size
  • Great aesthetics


  • With break-in
  • Slippery tongue

Who should buy the On Cloudtrax

The On Cloudtrax blurs the line between brawny hiking boots and posh sneakerboots. Purchase it if:

  • You want something sporty to keep your feet planted on moderately rugged surfaces.
  • Extra shock absorption is at the top of your hiking footwear must-have list.
  • You want a pair that you can lace up and retighten with just one hand.

Who should not buy it

With its super-quick break-in period, the dapper-in-leather Danner Skyridge is a fine alternative to the Cloudtrax. And if you want something devoid of any issues about its tongue, check out the waterproof Salomon OUTline Mid GT.

Grips like a rockstar

Reviewers love the Cloudtrax's stickiness. "I never slipped," says an expert, swooning at the shoe's tenacity on (and we quote) "boardwalks, never-ending wooden stairs, and up and down the rough and hilly streets."

Another reviewer, albeit non-professional, said that this pair "really performed" on dirt trails, small ledges, and rocky paths. Yet another hiker said that it delivered good grip in the forest regardless of the weather condition.

Comfy steps in the On Cloudtrax

This stunner from On is quite comfortable, and experienced hikers agree. "I feel like I’m walking on air all day," says one of them. "Perfectly comfortable," says another. That said, the Cloudtrax requires a break-in period, so prep this bad boy a few days before your next outdoor adventure.

Swiftness in every pair

Adventurers are stoked about the Cloudtrax's featherweight construction. A gear maven says that it's "as light as, well, a cloud."

Working in conjunction with the boot's lightness in giving wearers springy rides is the Cloudtrax's tough-yet-resilient midsole. It delivers that "bouncy feeling," says a long-time trail-goer.

Its tongue is more of a nuisance

One of the few misfires of the Cloudtrax is its tongue. It tends to slip to the side, which can lead to bunching.

Cloudtrax: A repeller of light moisture

"They hold their own in wet weather," says a footwear pundit about his Cloudtraxes. He said that it took hours of walking for him to feel any dampness inside the shoe.

A speedy closure system

Lacing up is quite convenient in this day hiking boot. A professional gear tester says that the Cloudtrax's lacing system "is one of the best things" about the featured kick. He says that "you can tighten or loosen the boots quickly" without having to undo anything.

Cloudy with a chance to impress

A decent number of adventurers find the On Cloudtrax beautiful. One of them calls it a "really attractive shoe."