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6 reasons to buy

  • Almost everyone who has made an Ocun Strike LU review adores the shoe’s unbelievably grippy outsole.
  • It is quite the versatile rock climbing shoe, based on several reports.
  • Fit-wise, the Strike LU is exemplary, according to a decent number of customers.
  • Some patrons find this climbing shoe from Ocun delightfully comfy.
  • Its edging prowess is nothing short of brilliant, says a climbing enthusiast.
  • An owner considers the Ocun Strike LU a wise investment.

1 reasons not to buy

  • According to a wearer, the forefoot zone of this shoe could be pointier.

Bottom line

Choosing to tackle problems in the Strike LU translates to climbs where excellent surface traction and versatility take center stage. Sporting one also equates to super-comfortable ascents, especially on edges.

This well-fitting Ocun rock shoe, however, might not be the best option for where forefoot precision is required. Nevertheless, the Strike LU is a competent climbing shoe, thanks to its remarkable send-specific positives and an asking price that appeals greatly to the masses.

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Good to know

-The Ocun Strike LU is a well-rounded product built with climbers of all skill levels in mind. It is designed to provide lasting comfort, reducing the likelihood of wearers removing the shoe in between send attempts.

-This shoe has been overhauled to modernize its utility. Indeed, compared with its former self, the updated Strike LU has a sleeker profile. Its eyelets have also been upped from six to eight.

-When it comes to surface grip, the refreshed Strike LU relies on its CAT 1.1 outsole. This sticky component replaces the previous model’s Grippin Dura outsole.

-Ocun lists the Strike LU under the vegan category. This means that this budget-friendly shoe, from top to bottom, is completely devoid of animal substance.

Downturn. The Strike LU is among Ocun’s selection of downturn-less (neutral) rock climbing kicks. Since it comes without any meaningful downward camber, it can get on edges and perform smears with as much purchase as possible. By design, climbing shoes of this type provide extended comfort, making them ideal for problems involving multiple pitches.

Applications. This indoor-centric offering from Ocun is mainly intended for bouldering pursuits. It is adequately equipped for ascents on vertical faces. It is a rock shoe made for beginners and intermediate climbers alike.

Ocun’s Strike LU is a low-top climbing shoe for men and women (unisex). Climbers from the female gender crowd are advised to get a pair a full size smaller than their street shoe size. It provides a kind of fit that accommodates virtually every foot type.

Inside its mildly asymmetric confines, the foot is likely to bend inward, giving the inner side of the arch a little bit of pressure. In terms of stretch, the Strike LU might only provide marginal at best. A customized fit is via the rock shoe’s lacing system.

Midsole. The Strike LU is equipped with a medium-stiff midsole for added support underfoot. Atop it is a canvas footbed, which provides extra cushioning.

Outsole. When it comes to slip and skid resistance, climbers have the Strike LU’s heavy-duty outsole, called CAT 1.1, to thank. It is a rubberized component exclusive to the brand. 4 millimeters is its thickness.

The Ocun Strike LU climbing shoe sports a low-top upper made of microfiber. It comes with a pair of synthetic pull loops to expedite slipping in and out of the shoe. Its tongue is sufficiently padded for added comfort.

Ocun engineers wrapped its heel with a hard-wearing tensioned rand for heel-hooking traction. They also furnished both its arch and forefoot zones with a rubber rand for lateral and toe-hooking grip.

Completing the upper equation of the Strike LU is the shoe’s lace-up closure. It consists of combination eyelets and a lace made of interwoven synthetic cords.


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