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5 reasons to buy

  • Many Ocun Ozone Lady testers are very impressed with the rock shoe’s edging game.
  • Its snug fit is nothing short of excellent, according to numerous customers.
  • Based on several Ocun Ozone Lady reviews, this high-quality climbing shoe sticks to most surfaces quite effortlessly.
  • Its sturdy build is amazing, say a few wearers who have purchased the shoe.
  • Someone who has climbed in the Ozone Lady multiple times finds its confines easy to slip in and out of.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Based on a report, this Ocun rock shoe has a lot to prove in the comfort department.
  • An owner is not amused with the Ozone Lady’s lackluster craftsmanship.

Bottom line

Senders who are in search of an edging wonder—one with great-fitting confines to boot—might find one in the Ozone Lady. Those looking for a solidly built climbing shoe with a super-tacky outsole might also find it in this piece of gear.

That being said, climbing in this rock shoe may not always yield a comfortable experience. Nevertheless, the Ozone Lady is an attractive investment, especially for those who have a higher tolerance for discomfort.

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Good to know

-The Ocun Ozone Lady, the female-specific sibling of the Ozone QC, is aimed at climbers who need enhanced footwork precision in pockets and on edges. It is equipped with a Vibram outsole for footing security on virtually all sorts of surfaces.

-It comes engineered with the 3-Force System. This patented Ocun-owned tech provides torsional support, thereby improving the shoe’s ability to secure the foot (especially the forefoot) during twisting maneuvers.

Downturn. The Ozone Lady is one of Ocun’s moderately downturned climbing shoes. It has a kind of camber that helps the foot mount on edge-type surfaces without requiring too much effort (leg power) from the climber. In terms of comfort, rock shoes of this type can last multiple pitches.

Applications. This moderate rock shoe is engineered primarily for sport climbing and bouldering. It may be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes with components that allow for the scaling of vertical faces and steep routes (also known as overhangs).

The Ocun Ozone Lady is a below-the-ankle rock climbing shoe for women. Its interior favors the Egyptian foot type, which is characterized by toes that taper at a 45-degree angle from the big toe down. It has a highly asymmetric construction, which means within its confines, the foot is expected to lie bent inwards. Stretch might be marginal in this shoe. Its fit can be customized to the senders’ preference via the shoe’s hook-and-loop closure.

Midsole. Additional support underfoot in the Ozone Lady comes from its 2D Fit midsole. It has middle-of-the-road stiffness, which translates to sufficient flexibility with every step. Atop it is an insole made of natural leather for added cushioning.

Outsole. The Ocun Ozone Lady can provide multi-directional traction thanks to its 4-mm thick Vibram XS Grip outsole. It is based on a rubber compound (of the same name) that supplies sufficient adhesion on a variety of surfaces. Grip longevity and shape retention are a couple of its key features.

The Ozone Lady’s low-top shell is partly microfiber and partly synthetic leather. It has double the pull loops for on-and-off convenience. Its tongue is made of a material similar to mesh.

At its heel, Ocun engineers placed a tensioned rand for added support on top of heel-hooking traction. They also gave its arch zone and forefoot section (which includes a good part of the instep) sufficient randing for toe-hooking and lateral climbing grip.

Completing the Ozone Lady’s upper equation is the shoe’s Velcro strapping system. It is made up of a pair of sturdy hook-and-loop straps and smoothed-out buckles.


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