Verdict from 5 user reviews

5 reasons to buy

  • Quite a number of Ocun Oxi S reviews tell of the shoe’s super-tenacious outsole.
  • This rock climbing shoe from Ocun fits like a glove, according to numerous patrons.
  • Several climbers find the edging capability of the Oxi S incredible.
  • Its construction is impressively robust, some climbing enthusiasts claim.
  • About a handful of Ocun Oxi S testers adore the versatility of this high-quality climbing shoe.

2 reasons not to buy

  • An owner finds the Oxi S lacking in the comfort department.
  • Its fit adjustability (attributable to the shoe’s strap) could be better, says a disappointed customer.

Bottom line

Where there are tricky edges to tackle, many can rely on the great-fitting Oxi S. This tough piece of gear from Ocun is something the climbing community can also bank on where underfoot traction is highly required.

That said, the shoe in question has a lot to prove comfort-wise. Nevertheless, the Oxi S is yet another deserving Ocun investment, with its excellence in both form and functionality.

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Good to know

-The Oxi S, the one-strap sibling of the Ocun Oxi QC, is aimed at climbers who need enhanced sensitivity in their step. It promises improved mobility where hooking (both toe and heel) is a necessity.

-This model has been revamped to keep with the times and modernize its utility. Case in point: it now has an Ocun-owned outsole called CAT 1.5 for surface traction, replacing the old model’s Grippin S outsole. It also now comes with a revised toe patch to give users even more toe-hooking grip.

Downturn. The Oxi S is built with a highly downturned toe zone. Climbing kicks with this type of downward camber can get into slots with precision, as well as gain purchase on micro-edges with efficiency.

Applications. This aggressive climb-centric shoe is engineered mainly for sport climbing and bouldering. It comes with components that give wearers the ability to tackle steep overhangs and challenging vertical faces. It is both for indoor use and outdoor pursuits.

Ocun’s Oxi S is a low-cut rock climbing shoe for men and women (unisex). Female senders are advised to go down a full size to get a snug fit in it. Its forefoot zone favors someone with an Egyptian foot type—a kind of foot whose toes taper from the big toe at an angle (usually 45 degrees).

Inside the Oxi S’ highly asymmetric confines, the foot is expected to bend inward, which can cause pressure around the arch and forefoot. In the area of stretch, this shoe might not offer much. A personalized and locked-in fit in it is thanks to the shoe’s single-trap Velcro closure.

Midsole. The Ocun Oxi S’ underfoot supportiveness is bolstered by the 3D Fit midsole. It is built with medium stiffness to grant senders a combination of flexibility and sensitivity. It is topped with a fuzzy footbed made of authentic leather for additional in-shoe comfort.

Outsole. What supplies enough surface grip in the Oxi S is the Ocun-exclusive CAT (Climbing Adhesion Technology) 1.5 outsole. It is made of hard-wearing rubber, with a segmented construction. 4 mm is its overall thickness.

This Ocun offering encases the foot in its low-cut microfiber upper. It has triple the synthetic pull loops to make on and off as quick of an affair as possible. Every section of its lower perimeter—heel, arch, and forefoot—is with enough randing for lateral and hooking grip. The extension of its forefoot rand (a.k.a. toe patch) has holes in it to give the toe box extra flexibility.

Its fit management system is a hybrid of sorts. It consists of a hook-and-loop strap and an elastic gore panel, which is common in slip-on climbing shoes.


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