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5 reasons to buy

  • Almost everyone who has reviewed the Ocun Oxi QC is enthralled with its snug fit.
  • Based on a decent number of reports, this rock climbing shoe deals with edges very well.
  • The Oxi QC’s ability to latch on to a variety of surfaces is phenomenal, according to several climbers.
  • About a handful of wearers find this Ocun rock shoe astonishingly versatile.
  • The Ocun Oxi QC climbing shoe provides loads of comfort, say some of those who have purchased it.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Its overall construction could use a bit more sturdiness, according to a couple of users.
  • An owner is not impressed with the way the Ocun Oxi QC smears.

Bottom line

An edging genius with great-fitting confines points heavily to one of Ocun’s finest—the Oxi QC. This rock shoe can also be described as a superbly versatile piece with amazing surface traction.

That said, this climb-focused offering might not be reassuring enough for those who prefer sending in an extra-rigid shoe. To sum up, while the Oxi QC is not perfect, what it has on offer makes it a competent tool for scaling challenging verticals.

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Good to know

-Dubbed by Ocun as their most versatile Oxi offering, the Oxi QC provides a well-rounded performance in a variety of climbing situations. It is capable of gaining purchase on tricky footholds, thanks to its downturned construction.

-Footing security in the Oxi QC is courtesy of the shoe’s sole unit. It consists of a plush insole, a moderately stiff midsole, and an Ocun-exclusive outsole.

Downturn. The Oxi QC from Ocun is engineered with a heavily downturned toe box. This type of downward camber helps senders pull off precise forefoot maneuvers minus the unnecessary lower leg strain. Generally, aggressive rock shoes like the Oxi QC provide enough comfort on short climbs and single-pitch problems.

Applications. Bouldering and sport are the types of climbs for which the Ocun Oxi QC is made. It is engineered with a set of components that allows for scaling of steep terrain (overhangs) and vertical faces. As an all-around rock shoe, it may be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Oxi QC from Ocun is a low-top rock climbing shoe. Since it is a unisex gear, female climbers may need to size down (about one full size) to achieve a precise fit in it. When it comes to stretch, this climbing shoe might provide only a little.

The foot is expected to bend inward within its curved or asymmetric confines. It comes with a toe box that favors the Egyptian foot type (a foot with toes that taper from the big toe). Lockdown customization comes by means of the shoe’s two-strap closure.

Midsole. Ocun’s Oxi QC delivers support underfoot with its 3D Fit midsole. Its designers set its rigidity to medium to give it some flexibility. It comes paired with a comfy insole made of leather.

Outsole. The Oxi QC can mount on virtually any surface thanks to its proprietary outsole, called CAT 1.5. It is a rubber-based component, with a 4-mm thickness.

The Ocun Oxi QC has a microfiber upper. Getting in and out of its confines is made much more convenient with a pair of synthetic pull tabs and the shoe’s split tongue, which is made of mesh for extra breathability.

Around its lower perimeter—around the forefoot—is a thick rubber rand for toe-hooking traction. For heel-hooking security, on the other hand, Ocun engineers furnished its heel section with a long-wearing slingshot rand (also made of rubber).

The Oxi QC’s fit management system rounds out all things upper in this rock climbing shoe. It comprises of two hook-and-loop straps and two heavy-duty buckles with a metallic finish.


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