Ocun Jett LU notable features

-The Ocun Jett LU, the lace-up sibling of the Jett QC,  is engineered for tackling technical routes, especially on verticals where precision is pretty much required. Its designers gave it a stiff construction for improved support.

-Its synthetic upper is fully randed to deliver multi-directional climbing security. What provides enough grip underfoot in the Jett LU, on the other hand, is a heavy-duty outsole developed exclusively by Ocun.


Downturn. The Jett LU from Ocun comes with a moderately downturned forefoot zone. It provides toeing precision without sacrificing comfort. Kicks with this amount of downward camber deliver a well-rounded kind of climbing performance.

Applications. This moderate rock climbing shoe is crafted particularly for sport routes. Its stiff yet comfortable construction makes it capable of scaling vertical faces and steep overhangs alike. It is for both indoor and outdoor use.


Ocun’s Jett LU is a low-cut rock climbing shoe for men and women (unisex). Buyers from the female gender group are advised to size down to get a precise and comfy fit in it. Stretch-wise, the shoe might provide only a little, if not none at all. Within its inwardly curved confines, the climber’s foot is expected to bend.

The kind of last used in its construction gives the Jett LU a more spacious forefoot region, which includes the toe box. It uses a lace-up closure (hence the LU in its name) for lockdown security and fit personalization.


Midsole. The Jett LU’s supportiveness underfoot is thanks to its extra-rigid midsole. It comes paired with an insole or footbed made of authentic leather for added cushioning.

Outsole. In the Ocun Jett LU, senders can ascend walls and rocky surfaces securely with the long-wearing CAT 1.5 rubber outsole. It is a single-piece component, which translates to a more solid experience underfoot. It owes its longevity to its 4-mm thickness.


The fuzzy below-the-ankle shell of the Jett LU is made mostly of microfiber. It has a pair of synthetic pull tabs to make slipping in and out of the shoe relatively quick and easy. Ocun shoemakers gave it a breathable tongue for additional comfort.

Every section of its lower region (heel, arch, and forefoot) has enough randing for hooking and lateral grip. The rand around the big toe has a wider coverage, granting climbers a small helping of toe-hooking traction.

Rounding out all things upper in this Ocun piece is the Jett LU’s to-the-toe lacing system. It is made of a flat synthetic lace and combination eyelets, the top pair of which are plated.


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