Ocun Crest LU notable features

-The Ocun Crest LU is a rock shoe designed to help those starting out with the sport mount on small footholds with as much security and precision as possible. Its medium stiffness translates to extended climbing comfort.

-This particular Ocun offering is quite similar to a sneaker shoe sole-wise. Indeed, the Crest LU comes with a full-fledged sole unit, which consists of a grippy outsole, a heavy-duty midsole, and a supple insole.

-The Crest LU is one of the brand’s vegan-friendly kicks. Shoes of this kind are built with animal-free components.


Downturn. With its practically camber-less construction, the Ocun Crest LU is categorized as a neutral climbing shoe. The flatness of its toe box equates to efficient smearing and edging. Neutral kicks provide a kind of comfort that lasts multiple pitches and longer routes.

Applications. This beginner-friendly rock climbing shoe is made primarily for bouldering. It may be used on both indoor walls and rocky outdoor surfaces.


The Ocun Crest LU is a unisex climbing shoe with a low cuff height. It can accommodate a wide variety of foot types. Female customers might want to go down one full size from their regular street size to get a precise fit in it.

It supports the toe types cube and Greek. The former type refers to toes whose tips level out. The latter, on the other hand, is about digits that form a triangle, with the second (long toe) being the tallest.

As a mostly synthetic piece, the Crest LU might not yield much when it comes to stretch. Inside its flat confines, the foot is unlikely to bend. Its lace-up closure promises a customized and secure fit.


Midsole. Climbers will get most of the support they need from the Crest LU’s 2D Fit midsole. It has a middle-of-the-road stiffness. Atop it is an insole made of canvas for additional comfort.

Outsole. The Crest LU comes with the CAT 1.1 rubber outsole for underfoot slip resistance. Its thickness is at 4 mm. The robust build of the shoe is partly thanks to its heel-to-toe (non-segmented) construction.


The tough low-top shell of the Crest LU is made of microfiber. Placed on both sides of its heel are two synthetic pull loops for on-and-off convenience. A thick enough tensioned rand is stationed at its heel for adequate rearfoot hooking traction. For lateral and toeing adhesion, on the other hand, the featured shoe comes with a forefoot rand and a dedicated toe patch.

A total of 7 pairs of eyelets and a flat lace make up the Crest LU’s closure system. While its eyelets are non-plated, they are reinforced with a strip of hard-wearing overlay.


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