Who should buy the Oboz Sypes Low Leather Waterproof

The Oboz Sypes Low Leather Waterproof is a solid option if:

  • You are looking for a shoe that could help your feet stay pain and fatigue-free even after several miles of walking. 
  • A hiking shoe that does not require any break-in period is what you are after. 
  • You prefer a companion for hiking that could tackle both trail and city surface well.

Who should not buy the Oboz Sypes Low Leather Waterproof

Those who have high insteps might not find the kind of comfort they need with Sypes Low Leather Waterproof.  A handful of hikers say that, unlike most Oboz hiking shoes, this piece is rather tight around the forefoot. Furthermore, based on a few reports, the tongue gives a poking feeling around the upper eyelets. That said, folks looking for a shoe that could provide a cozier hiking experience might want to have a look at other Oboz hiking shoes.

Steady for a long-distance hike

Numerous reviewers find the Oboz Sypes Low Leather Waterproof quite stable and supportive. A professional among them finished a 7-mile pack adventure without getting tired or achy feet.

Unbox then hike

This shoe provides tons of comfort on day one, says many of those who have hiked in it.

For the trails

According to a footwear critic, its Bend outsole sticks magnificently to various surfaces, including wet rock and logs.

For the cities too

To a bunch of trail-goers, the Sypes Low Leather Waterproof “works like a charm around town,”, particularly on pavements and man-made walkways.

It kicks the water out

Wearers say that this Oboz Sypes Low Leather Waterproof is fully capable of barring out moisture completely.

Breathe in and out

It does a swell job of mitigating and flushing out heat. It allows owners to enjoy a fresher and healthier environment for their feer. 

His and her

Users from both gender camps adore the eye-catching looks of the Sypes Low Leather Waterproof.

Oboz Sypes Low Leather Waterproof vs. Arete Low

Two of Oboz’s low-top kicks stand toe to toe in this matchup. Their differences are detailed below.

Versatility. While both shoes are built primarily for day hikes, they are not the same in terms of secondary use. The featured footgear is town-ready, while the Oboz Arete Low lends itself well to speedy hikes on level terrain.

Moisture protection. Between the two hiking shoes, only the Sypes Low Leather Waterproof comes with a B-Dry membrane and is therefore fully waterproof. Its rival, on the other hand, is exponentially more breathable.

Weight. The Arete Low is lighter than the featured hiker by approximately 50 g per pair.

VERDICT: For fast summer hikes, the Arete Low has the upper hand. The Sypes Low Leather Waterproof, on the other hand, can tough it out there come rain or shine, whether on trails or city pavements.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 15.7oz / Women 13oz
Use: Day Hiking, Urban hiking
Cut: Low cut
Features: Lightweight / Lace-to-toe, Eco-friendly / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal, Wide
BRAND Brand: Oboz

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Paul Ronto
Paul Ronto

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