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8 reasons to buy

  • A vast majority of reviewers rave about how comfortable the Northwave Revolution is on and off the bike.
  • Most shoppers appreciate the shoe’s well-made materials and built.
  • The overall simple style of the footwear has impressed many shoppers.
  • Several users praise the double dial closure of this pair for being highly adjustable.
  • A handful of cyclists laud the Revolution shoe because it performs well with every pedal.
  • It is well-ventilated, according to some riders’ opinions.
  • Some buyers think that the product is reasonably priced.
  • The shoe is lightweight, which contributes to the overall exceptional energy transfer.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A small number of individuals have claimed that the rigidity of this pair’s sole is quite supple than what they have expected.
  • Some shoppers find the color options to be a bit limited.

Bottom line

Designed to endure rigorous rides, the Northwave Revolution is praised for its excellent power transfer and comfort. Mixing these attributes with first-rate construction, quality, and style, it received a lot of positive reviews.

Although a few small complaints were reported, the shoe continues to impress. Be it for racing, training, or long leisurely weekend rides, this model is deemed ideal.

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User reviews:

Good to know

The Revolution by the Northwave brand is crafted as a road cycling shoe. It has been designed to withstand rigorous rides while providing excellent power transfer and comfort. Be it for racing, training, or long leisurely weekend rides, this model is ideal. 

Crafted with a Morph Carbon 12 AAS sole with an additional full-carbon insert in the cleat area, the shoe offers stiffness for pedaling power and comfort off the bike. It also features the brand’s TPU Anatomical Arch Support system, which is known to shape after the wearer’s foot for optimal support. 

The combination of the breathable upper material and the BioMap unibody construction work together for a snug and comfortable fit. Lastly, two dials are utilized so that the wearer can find a precise fit.

Excellent quality and sufficient stiffness. The sole is made from Northwave’s Morph Carbon 12 AAS material. This type of sole features a full-carbon insert in the cleat area for improved speed while pedaling. This material has an overall stiffness index of 12.0 out of the brand’s 15.0. It is also known for its optimal quality.

Arch support that shapes after the wearer’s foot. The Northwave Revolution employs the brand’s patented arch technology called Anatomical Arch Support. It is a specialized TPU support that’s integrated externally between the upper and the sole. The TPU material is relatively softer and way more adaptable than carbon, which naturally shapes after the wearer’s arch providing the exact degree of support.

Compatible with both three-bolt and Speedplay pedals. This shoe features a built-in 3-hole cleat system which makes it suitable with road pedals with the same cleat design. Try the following pedal models: Shimano DPS-SL, Look Keo Blade, Speedplay Zero, and Time Xpresso.

The footwear can also accommodate Speedplay pedals with the help of an adapter. This adapter is sold separately. Speedplay pedals are characterized by being dual-sided, and they offer “free float.” Free float means that the cleat placement has very little resistance and allows the foot to move while clipped into the pedal. This feature aims to reduce stress on your ankles and knees by following their natural path while pedaling.

The upper is designed to aid in better power transfer. This footwear employs the BioMap unibody construction. This technology utilizes a more anatomical, wraparound design that helps minimize energy loss while cycling. It wraps around the foot without creating pressure points.

Easy and precise adjustments. The Revolution cycling shoe uses two SLW2 dials for its closure system. One for the toe box to midfoot sections and another for the top part of the shoe. These dials feature flexible Dyneema cables that curve after the shape of the foot for zero pressure points.

The SLW2 dials adjust in 0.72 mm increments for tightening. A button on the side of the dial serves a dual purpose: it could be pressed to release in increments or lifted to loosen the laces in an instant completely.

A system that prevents heel slippage. This shoe features an integrated heel system in the upper to keep the foot in place and prevent heel slips.

The Northwave Revolution utilizes a regular cushioned footbed for enhanced in-step comfort. It is also vented, working in unison with the perforated sole, for a breathable fit.

  • Collars are padded to prevent blisters and keep the area around the ankle comfortable.
  • Ventilation holes are placed throughout the upper and the sole to keep the foot dry. 
  • Brandings are seen on the outsole as well as on the lateral and rear parts of the upper.
  • The SLW in SLW2 dial stands for Speed Lace Winch.

How Revolution compares

This shoe: 64
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60 94
This shoe: $185
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$85 $550
This shoe: 10.9oz
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