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7 reasons to buy

  • Many wearers have expressed delight over the shoe’s superior comfort.
  • Plenty of consumers adore the footwear’s aesthetic and think it’s good looking.
  • The Extreme GT is crafted from materials with excellent quality, according to numerous owners.
  • Several purchasers think that the pair has great value for money.
  • A handful of users have said that it is supremely light.
  • Some cycling enthusiasts love how easy and quick it is to adjust the closure system.
  • A few riders praise the pair's super rigid sole for transferring energy efficiently.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some users have complained about the Extreme GT’s unconventional closure system and found it complicated.
  • A few think that the colorway options available are a bit limited.

Bottom line

Building on its predecessor’s blueprint, the Northwave Extreme GT features several updates for better performance on the saddle. From excellently stiff soles to perfectly built uppers, this cycling shoe is revered for its comfort, quality, style, and optimal power transfer.

However, some have found the shoe’s SLW2 closure to be too complicated and the color choices too limiting. Taking all things into consideration, the Extreme GT poises itself as an ideal pair for aggressive riders who seek a shoe that will deliver.

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Good to know

The Extreme GT are road shoes by a cycling brand called Northwave. The shoe is based on the brand’s popular race shoe dubbed as the Northwave Extreme. This GT version features a Morph Carbon 12 AAS sole combined with a full-carbon insert in the pedal area. According to the brand, the bottom has a stiffness index of 12.0 and is slightly less than the original Extreme

The shoe uses Northwave’s patented Xframe construction technology. This technology employs ultra-light materials and is engineered to distribute pressure across the foot evenly. Lastly, the SLW2 dial serves as the footwear's closure system. It allows easy micro-adjustment while on the bike.

Efficient power transfer. The sole is constructed from Morph Carbon 12 AAS with an extra full-carbon insert in the cleat area. This combination provides a 12.0 out of the brand’s 15.0 stiffness index chart. This sole type allows excellent power transfer making it ideal for long rides.

Arch support that conforms to the foot. The Extreme GT features a patented technology called Anatomical Arch Support. This arch support is made from TPU and is externally integrated between the sole and the upper. Since the TPU material is not as rigid as the carbon in the sole, it can shape after the arch of the foot. Once the TPU has completely adapted, the wearer can expect to get the best support while pedaling.

Stable enough to stand on and walk short distances. This shoe employs rubber pads on both the forefoot and heel section of the sole. These pads help keep the wearer stay upright while off the bike.

Aside from three-bolt road bike pedals, it can also accommodate a Speedplay adapter. The shoe has a built-in three-bolt cleat system. It is compatible with Look Keo Blade, Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 SPD-SL, and Garmin Vector 3S Power Meter. However, it is also suitable for the Speedplay adapter. 

Northwave partnered with Speedplay in developing an exclusive adapter that is sold separately. This adapter is patented. Once attached to the shoe, it can be clipped onto the unique, round-shaped Speedplay pedals. What's more, is that this adapter is designed with just 0.55 mm of thickness instead of 3mm. This provides the shortest distance between the foot and the pedal. It is crafted from nylon with a thin aluminum plate.

Comfortable, light, and prevents pressure points. Made from the patented Xframe construction, the Extreme GT features a one-piece upper that is a mere 0.5 mm in thickness. As a result, the wearer is provided with a comfortably snug fit that does not cause any hotspots as well as enhanced power transfer.

Easily adjustable closure system with maximum precision. The SLW2 dial works in unison with the upper’s Xframe construction for a snug and secure fit. The closure system uses soft, flexible Dyneema cable to contour after the shape of the foot and prevent pressure points.

The SLW2 dial provides an adjustment of 0.72 mm increments, while a button serves a dual purpose. This button should be pressed to release in increments and lifted to undo the shoe entirely in an instant.  

Integrated heel system that prevents slips. This heel system consists of a heel cup covered with directional fiber to keep the foot in place and prevent the heel from sliding out of the shoe.

A removable Performance Regular footbed works in conjunction with Anatomical Arch Support for enhanced support. It also features exhaust ports that work with the sole’s vented pockets to keep the foot cool and dry during the hottest rides.

  • Measurements are placed on the outsole as a marker for cleat placements.


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