Our verdict


The NikeCourt Zoom NXT keeps you light and bouncy on your toes while also making sure that your feet remain stable shifting side-to-side. It is highly efficient on both hard and clay courts, helping you stop on a dime or slide to quickly reach for the ball. The eye-catching hole in the midsole shaves some weight off the shoe, adding a futuristic vibe to this Nike tennis shoe.


  • Springy on the toes
  • Great lateral stability
  • Comfortable in-shoe feel
  • Works on all courts
  • Great for wide feet
  • Durable outsole and toecap
  • Uncanny traction
  • Breathable
  • Visually appealing


  • Loose for narrow feet
  • Lace eyelets rip easily
  • Mesh rips on hard court

Who should buy the NikeCourt Zoom NXT

Zoom NXT is an eye-catching silhouette from Nike which is definitely worth considering if you want the following:

  • a shoe that can handle tennis, racquetball, and pickleball on any court (hard or clay)
  • a tennis shoe with a heavy focus on stability that still feels light and nimble

NikeCourt Zoom NXT who should buy

Who should not buy this tennis shoe

If you are a big fan of a super plush and comfy underfoot sensation, the NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo would be a better option.

And if you are a fast-paced player who needs the lightest, speediest and low-to-the-ground Nike shoe, then go for the Air Zoom Vapor Pro.

NikeCourt Zoom NXT makes you feel surefooted

Tennis players agree that this NikeCourt shoe is well-equipped with support and structure, especially through the midfoot. A great number of testers experienced the benefits of the stability offered by the Flyplate:

  • “wasn’t concerned about rolling my ankles at all”
  • “prevented any nasty ankle rolls or missteps”
  • “that Flyplate is gonna catch you going side to side”

Some of the other comments mentioned that the shoe makes you feel balanced and low-to-the-ground which is surprising given its midsole design.

NikeCourt Zoom NXT stability

Zoom cushioning keeps you on the toes

A word that the reviewers most commonly use to describe the shoe’s cushioning is “responsive.” Given that the shoe comes with added forefoot cushioning, many players could feel it under the balls of their feet.

One commented that with that added bounce “you can stay ready and prepared.” Another person echoed by saying that it “felt like [he] was able to attack and react super easily.” An expert reviewer also mentioned that the shoe keeps him “on [his] toes, allowing [him] to react faster to volleys and drop shots.”

Overall, according to the feedback, it seems like the shoe’s bouncing effect helps you get up and spring into the next shot with ease.

NikeCourt Zoom NXT cushioning

This is not a plushy pillow

Quite a few people were disappointed with the firmness of the Zoom NXT. As much as the Flyplate helps in stabilizing the foot, it also detracts from the shoe’s softness. An expert reviewer warns that if you are someone who suffers from heel pain, “make sure you’re putting a heel cup or orthotic.”

Roomy fit, surprising for a Nike

The majority of reviewers agree that the NikeCourt Zoom NXT runs about half a size larger than their regular tennis shoe size. In addition, it also has an accommodatingly spacious toebox. In the words of a tall player with wide feet, the shoe “felt decently wider than [his] normal Nike shoes.”

This has become a real treat for those with wide feet but a potential drawback for the narrow-footed players. The latter complained about missing out on the stability because they were “slipping around on the lateral movement” and “moving around inside the toebox a bit.”

NikeCourt Zoom NXT fit

As for the heel fit, a number of wearers reported that it is wide and loose and “doesn’t feel quite as locked-in.” However, most players managed to get a snug and locked-in feel by tightening up the laces through the midfoot.

It is also important to mention that the shoe’s upper has a tendency to loosen up over time, which was “almost too much” for those with narrow feet. So, if the shoe initially feels a bit loose, we recommend sizing down.

Such a durable shoe…if it wasn’t for the eyelets

Many wearers of the Zoom NXT agree that this Nike tennis shoe is a well-built and sturdy one. An avid Nike buyer mentions that the model has a “more substantial built compared to Nike releases over the past few years.” A shoe expert who performed a durability test on the shoe’s outsole and toecap (by drilling them with a sandpaper tool) says that there is “barely a scuff.” A 4.5-level player reports that “only the forefoot portion of the outsole was worn down” after about 26 matches.

NikeCourt Zoom NXT durability

The only warning came from the toe draggers and sliders who do not recommend the shoe for hard courts due to the delicate mesh upper. There is a bit of a sacrifice of durability for comfort here.

But the main problem for a number of Zoom NXT wearers has become the frail nature of the eyelets. There is plenty of complaints about how easy it is to tear these. “The top lace eyelet ripped making the shoes nearly unwearable,” says a player who has only worn the shoe ten times. Another buyer shares: “it doesn't give me a lot of confidence to get another pair and move aggressively in them.”

What’s more, for a few people the eyelets broke when they laced the shoe up for the very first time! The problem is that you can’t get a proper lockdown once the eyelet is ripped.

NikeCourt Zoom NXT eyelets

Light on the feet

On a lighter note, the shoe feels impressively light, based on the general users’ feedback. The playtesters report the following:

  • “it won’t drag you down”
  • “easy to forget about wearing the shoe”

The paradox is that the shoe itself weighs 15 oz (425 g) in a men’s US size 10 which is heavier than the lightweight tennis shoe category (12.7 oz / 361 g on average). However, wearers say that the way in which the shoe’s weight is distributed makes it “feel lighter than other physically lighter tennis shoes.”

NikeCourt Zoom NXT lightweight

NikeCourt Zoom NXT grips like no other

The traction-loaded waffle outsole of this Nike shoe left numerous tennis players impressed. Here are some of their comments:

  • “ideal for cuts to the net during a volley return”
  • “it’s almost like the shoe is glued to the ground”
  • “you take a big cut on the court and the shoe is not gonna give out on you”

An experienced shoe tester even did a “suicide test” on a super slick hard court outside in 22F and reported that the shoe is “still gripping corners.” He also refers to the grip as “one of the best among Nike shoes, at least in the last 5 years.”

What’s also nice about the outsole is that it allows you to slide as well. People with that playing style say that they can get to the ball really quick and “never felt stuck.” As one of them puts it: “a nice blend of grip and give.”

NikeCourt Zoom NXT traction

Breathable upper keeps your feet fresh

The users are happy with the ventilation provided by the mesh upper. They agree that the Zoom NXT lives up to the claim of “added breathability compared to the Air Zoom Turbo GP.”

NikeCourt Zoom NXT breathability

You cannot walk past a style like that!

Prepare to be asked many questions from your fellow players if you don a pair of NikeCourt Zoom NXT. With a large hole in its midsole, the shoe is a real attention magnet. Some reviewers compared it to the Jordan 36 for that reason.

The futuristic design paired with aesthetically-selected color combinations makes the shoe perfect for those who want to stay fashionable on the tennis court.