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9 reasons to buy

  • The NikeCourt Flare’s Ariaprene® ankle strap, which was specifically made to behave like a second skin, decreases the rolling of the ankles and generously provides support for a majority of the users.
  • Many of the customers commended the shoe’s exceptional comfort contributed by the full mesh upper.
  • Several players experienced exceptional swiftness and agility when moving around the court as radiated by the shoe’s minimalistic structure and the herringbone pattern on the outsole.
  • Exhibiting a lower profile, the NikeCourt Flare maintains its action closer to the ground as stated by a handful of users.
  • The shoe’s XDR (extra durable rubber) outsole grants near flawless durability and great court traction, according to some purchasers.
  • The shoe’s snug fit had captured the desires of some of the customers and that the shoe is true to size.
  • More than a handful of the buyers applauded the shoe’s simple but elegant design.
  • A few of the users shared that the shoe has no break time needed.
  • A handful of the buyers praised its extreme lightweight silhouette accounted by the full mesh upper and the inclusion of the Injected Unit midsole which has a dimpled texture.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of players stated that after a few hours of wearing the NikeCourt Flare, it produces heat and will leave the feet sweating and damp which was inconvenient.
  • The shoe takes time to put on which is a tedious job for some users.
  • The bottom of the feet of some users experienced pain after hours playing with the shoes on, as contributed by the lack of arch support.

Bottom line

The NikeCourt Flare’s Ariaprene® collar acts like a second skin and provides outstanding support which minimizes ankle rolling. With a full mesh upper, the shoe exhibits comfort and stability on the hard court.

The Extra Durable Rubber outsole is engraved with an intensive herringbone pattern that promotes on-court activeness and agility and a faster response. Truly an advancement in tennis history, the NikeCourt Flare would surely leave a legacy in its time.


Expert Reviews

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Become an expert

The NikeCourt Flare, as envied by most males being exclusive for Serena Williams and later on regarded as a women’s shoe, is available in women’s size ranging from 5-12 with B Medium width.

The NikeCourt Flare originally is intended for tennis players and is obviously displayed as a sporty looking shoe, but because of its incredible aesthetic appeal, it can be worn casually on an everyday basis.

With its simple silhouette and various compact colorway combinations, it can be partnered with pants with colors complementing that of the shoe’s colorway.

The eye-catching element of the NikeCourt Flare is the extended neoprene collar purposed for sufficient shank support on the hard court. A conservative upper design features a breathable mesh with infused overlays for a minimalistic silhouette. It also has an Injected Unit midsole that has a dotted texture for lightweight cushioning. A pull tab is present at the heel for ease of wear. Its herringbone outsole design is made of XDR or extra durable rubber patented by Nike.

Having won 39 Grand Slam tennis titles in her professional career, Nike sure would like to share a legacy with Serena Williams in the form of a shoe. Encountering troubles with her ankles as they tend to roll, Serena worked with Nike on designing a shoe that would provide generous ankle support. Along with Nike’s Aaron Cooper, the designer responsible for the Kobe series, they created a shoe revolving around a Kung Fu master’s idea of unhindered mobility. Cooper, along with his team, conceptualized a shoe with a minimalistic silhouette but exhibits exceptional support and durability in gameplay.

In the series of tennis games in the year 2014, Serena was wearing an unpublicized customized shoe which has a visible extended collar for support. It was a tool for maintaining her number 1 ranking from the previous year, addressing her problems with ankle rolling. A year later in the month of June, the shoe was named the NikeCourt Flare and was made available for the public to purchase.

  • To celebrate Williams’ 23rd Grand Slam title, Nike made an Air Jordan 1 retro of the NikeCourt Flare with her signature visible on the heel. It was available in 2 colorways: the ‘banned’ (black and red) and a pink+black colorway.
  • Serena can be seen wearing the shoe at her match with Caroline Wozniacki during the 2014 U.S. Open.
  • Nike has been honoring the Black History Month for more than a decade and in February 2017, they released an exclusive NikeCourt Flare BHM.
  • Victoria Azarenka, another tennis athlete was seen wearing the NikeCourt Flares versus Serena Williams in the 2016 BNP Paribas Open Finals and even won in those shoes.
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