Our verdict

These spikes are top of the line for the competitor looking to go fast. They are extremely light and very fast but sacrifice comfort and protection for those things, so choose carefully what you would prefer. They will keep you on your toes and give you that extra spring you need in that last kick of your race. I recommend these for people who are used to the little comfort the more experienced spikes give and people who don’t have a severe heel strike.


  • Fast
  • Good looking
  • Flexible
  • Very comfortable
  • Good traction
  • Breathable
  • Secure lockdown
  • Good price


  • Feels heavy
  • Durability issue

Nike Zoom Victory 3 review

The Nike Victory spike line is praised for being fast, ultra-lightweight, and extremely elite. They are designed specifically for 800m-5,000m track races. It is an extremely well-engineered spike and was extremely well thought out for the most part.

A pleasing ride overall

The ride of this shoe has pleased me overall, and it’s clear that this is an elite shoe meant for very experienced runners. I have run multiple races in these ranging from 800m to 3200m (with paces being anywhere from 4’30-5’10 a mile).

I have also run workouts in these, with most of them being 400m repeats on the track. These spikes gave great spring off during the faster races, such as the 800-1600 races, also the 400m workouts.

Though the spike didn’t feel as smooth in the 3200m, it did help in the last 400m kick when I needed it the most. I really enjoyed the races I’ve done in these spikes though there were a couple of tiny problems I’ve experienced with the spikes.

(Disclaimer: I’ve been developing plantar fasciitis, so my thoughts on the comfort/protection might be different than most.)

Those problems came into comfort and protection of the feet, with the spikes leaving my feet feeling pretty beat up after each hard effort in this during longer races and I feel as though the spike could have had some more cushioning in the forefoot for the longer distances that this could be run at (3200-5k).

I personally wouldn’t wear his over 3200m, 800-1600m would be the optimal distance I would race this at. People who are lighter on their feet and are midfoot/forefoot strikers could get away with racing up to 5k.

The Victory 3 is good looking

These spikes are the best-looking spikes I’ve ever owned, and the best looking spikes I’ve seen on the market. They look fast as well as very breathable. 

Comfy and responsiveness

In terms of the midsole, track spikes don’t have much midsole in general. With the little midsole, this shoe has (really only in the heel to the midfoot), it is made of a blend of Phylon and rubber.

That midsole blend provides good responsiveness and comfort that’s just right during racing. 

Aggressive outsole of the Nike Zoom Victory 3

The spike plate of this shoe is very aggressive and very well thought out. It is a 3/4 length injected Pebax spike plate. It uses a honeycomb design, which provides optimal flexibility in the respected areas.

It is very aggressive, especially in the last 200m sprint of the race. It keeps the runner on their toes and provides amazing propulsion. It also grips the track very well, with the help of six removable pyramid spike pins.

The outsole also features a Sharkskin heel pad that provides even better traction, and for heel strikers, it distributes impact across the entire foot better.

Breathability & upper

The breathability is very good as the upper is a very thin Flymesh material. The tongue of the upper wraps around the whole midfoot, providing a secure lockdown. The heel of this shoe has a hole cutdown, which brings down the weight of the shoe.

At first, I wasn’t very sure of how it could possibly keep my heel stable and locked in, but it does as long as you tie the shoe tight. I was pretty happy with the upper and how breathable it was.


This shoe has a good amount of flexibility while still providing good propulsion. The spike plate’s honeycombed pattern uses a certain algorithm to help the areas of the outsole that need stiffness and flexibility the most.

The Victory 3 is heavy

This spike is probably the most responsive distance spike I’ve ever worn and probably one of the most responsive on the market. That is heavy due to the very aggressive spike plate and the responsive midsole as well.

Very good traction

The traction of this spike is very good. It has six removable spikes that provide an adequate grip on the track. The spike plate and Sharkskin heel pad also help very much in terms of traction.

Durability issues

In terms of durability, there is little concern, but it being a racing spike durability shouldn’t be a huge concern in performance.

The only real issue I can see is the wear in the Sharkskin heel pad where I strike, and the photo is only after a couple of races. Other than that, it’s fine in terms of durability in the spike plate, upper, etc. 

Good price

The retail price of this spike is $125, which I feel is the right price for high quality, elite track spike.