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Weight: Men 7.7oz
Closure: Hook and loop , Lace-up
Event: Jumping
Features: Removable Spikes

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5 reasons to buy

  • Many wearers laud the comfort offered by the Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite.
  • Several purchasers claim that the track shoe provides a stable performance. 
  • It has sufficient lockdown, observed some users. 
  • Quite a few testers profess to the supportive configuration of the jumping spike. 
  • A number of reviewers applaud the lightness of the track shoe.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some are disappointed, saying that the jumping shoe is too tight. 
  • A few athletes have expressed that the track spike constricts foot movements.

Bottom line

Aiding to the highly technical nature of triple jumping, the Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite sports traction, and stability. With its lockdown system, the shoe offers maximum security. Featuring high-grade componentry, the track jumping spike delivers optimum strength and balance.

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Expert reviews:

Use - The Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite is used for jumping events, specializing in pole vault and triple jump. The general configuration of the shoe aims to deliver an explosive takeoff to the athletes. 

Spike Type - The shoe features six ¼ inch Christmas tree spikes. As its name suggests, the construction of these spikes is tiered, allowing maximum grip and traction. 

Spike Plate - Just like the Nike Zoom 400, the platform features a full-length Pebax® plate. This element is known for being highly durable without sacrificing the flexibility of the shoe. It also attenuates the impact of shock during the forefoot strike.

Designed to power the jump of star athletes, the Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite features components that cohere to such pledge. Incorporating Nike’s innovation—Dynamic Flywire, the shoe is constructed to have a lightweight yet secure fit. 

Running full-length in the outsole of this track and field shoe is its Pebax® plate. It permits flexibility while still retaining its rigidity to protect the shoe from the abrasive elements.

The Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite is available in unisex sizing using men’s sizing scheme. For female users, it is recommended that they pick a pair by going 1.5 sizes down. 

To give the foot lockdown and security, the jumping spike sports a midfoot strap composed of Velcro strap. The synthetic and TPU upper of the shoe gives a comfortable and breathable wrap around the foot. To complete the overall security and fit of the shoe, Dynamic Flywires are furnished to the upper to provide support and lockdown.

Situated in the outsole of the Zoom Triple Jump Elite is its six-pin spike plate design. The spike receptacles of the shoe indicate that its Christmas tree spikes are removable to allow maximum traction. The material composing the whole spike plate of the shoe is a Pebax® plate. It is known for being rigid but still employs sufficient flexibility to permit movements. It is designed to heighten propulsion. 

For additional grip, a textured solid rubber outsole is utilized by the Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite. Such a design not only captures an enhanced grip but also contributes to the overall durability of the shoe.

Employed by the Zoom Triple Jump Elite’s midsole is lightweight foam, running full-length. This component presents a lightweight cushioning and support to the foot.

Providing lockdown over the footbed is the Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite’s synthetic and TPU upper. Such engineering permits foot security and breathability to keep the foot feeling fresh. 

A Velcro strap composes the midfoot strap of the shoe which is designed to provide a comfortable and superior fit.

One of Nike's renowned innovations graces this shoe as it utilizes the Dynamic Flywires to promote necessary support and fit. This technology employs minimal weight, thus positively contributing to the lightweight configuration of the shoe.

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