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Weight: Men 5.5oz
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Spike Type: Pyramid

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8 reasons to buy

  • The majority of sprint runners like the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite for delivering the right amount of comfort on the track.
  • The Zoom Superfly Elite is also being praised by a lot of athletes for giving maximum grip on the track.
  • A number of users have reviewed the shoe's construction as incredibly lightweight.
  • Several users agree that the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite provides a supportive and snug fit that worked well for track racing.
  • A few users have noted that the shoe's upper design is robust without being too tight to the feet.
  • Most of the users applaud the shoe's breathability.
  • Quite a few reviewers are impressed with how rapid and energetic the track spikes on the outsoles are.
  • Some commenters really like the durable construction of this 3D printed track shoe.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some users have issues that the Zoom Superfly Elite's track spikes are not removable and replaceable.
  • A few reviews mention that going sockless in the shoe is not recommended as it may cause unwanted hot spots due to some prominent seams inside the shoe.

Bottom line

The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite has proved itself to be a high-quality track spike with a current and sleek design. It has been deemed as a favorite for many sprinters and short-distance runners for its comfort, lightness, durability, support, grip, and fit. Although praised by the majority of reviewers, the shoe does also have its few drawbacks. A handful of users did not like that the spikes are permanently fused into the shoe's spike plate. This is not a deal-breaker for the shoe's sake though, as this feature makes it more durable. Thus, this makes the Zoom Superfly Elite a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable track shoe.

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Use - The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite was built for the elite level sprinter competing in events from 100m-400m. It delivers a propulsive ride from start to finish.

Spike Type - The shoe employs Pyramid spikes which are used for dirt or grass surfaces as well as muddy cross country.  It has eight fixed stainless steel pins to guarantee optimal grip during runs on the track. Usually, 1/4 inch should be enough for any surface except grass javelin runways. These types of track spikes are designed for specific events and distances in track and field ranging from sprints up to long-distance events. Another track shoe with a similar spike type would be the Nike Zoom Rival S 9.

Spike Plate - The spike plate found on the Zoom Superfly Elite is the Injected Pebax® with generative design. It uses an algorithm to identify where zones of stiffness and flexibility are needed. The full length injected Pebax spike plate also delivers a stiff yet flexible design. Meanwhile, the fused eight-pin non-removable spike pattern provides a fantastic grip on a variety of track surfaces.

  • After over a decade since its last appearance, the Nike Superfly Elite is back with an updated seamless, woven Flymesh material. It offers superior breathability by providing an airy, ventilated environment inside the shoe. This updated upper also provides extra tension during acceleration.
  • The outsole now comes with an innovative spike plate with eight fixed pins that provide vital traction and optimal grip to help any runner power through the track races. The eight fixed traction pins also offer zones of stiffness and flexibility for a natural stride.
  • The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite has been created using 3D technology, ensuring its remarkable build and durability.
  • These track running shoes now comes in six colorways. It has been updated with a sleek modern design to make it look more stylish and track race-ready.

The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is a unisex shoe that is listed in men's sizes. For women's sizes, it is recommended to get one size higher than the usual shoe size they would go for to get the correct fit for them. This shoe also has a narrow fit, so even for men, it is suggested to consider buying half-size higher. The Zoom Superfly Elite runs narrow for the important reason that this ensures the shoe's construction is secure and stable during short sprints or distant races.

The first thing that is noticeable when you take a look at Zoom Superfly Elite's outsole is the metallic spike plate. This generative plate design combines both zones of stiffness and flexibility. The shoe has been engineered with its spike plate all one piece wherein the spikes are not screwed in, like that with traditional sprinting shoes. The spike plate's webbed structure also defies any kind of grid or distinct unit of measurement. The cells seem to instinctively adjust accordingly around the outsides and arch of the foot shrinking and expanding around the ball and heel areas.

The Zoom Superfly Elite's shiny spike plate is fused with eight perma-spikes that cannot be replaced or changed. These spikes provide excellent grip on track surfaces, while the innovative 3D design guarantees that the plate and spikes do not make the shoe any heavier, keeping it lightweight. The perma-spikes which are at a length of 6.35 mm proved to be very durable and responsive.

This high-quality outsole spike plate design and perma-spikes make the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite perfect for sprinting.

The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite's midsole is fitted with Nike's Dynamic Fit technology. It helps secure the midfoot by locking it down comfortably providing a glove-like fit. This track shoe's midsole does not really offer any kind of cushioning as it is meant to have a maximum ground-feel for running faster. This shoe is built for 100 m - 400 m track running that does not technically require much padding underfoot. Nike took note of this by not adding unnecessary cushioning, which will only make the shoe's overall weight heavier and perform slower. 

The seamless upper of the Zoom Superfly Elite features the Flyweave technology. This technology was designed to provide zoned ventilation and superior breathability. It is lightweight and helps the athlete's foot stay cool even when the pace heats up.

The safety of seat belt webbing inspires the durable Flyweave technology. This means that the specially designed woven upper increases its hold on the runner's foot during acceleration, ensuring a consistent level of support without being too tight. The Flyweave technology was also engineered to move with the user's speed making the shoe feel comfortable no matter the pace of the run.

The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite was explicitly developed for the Jamaican athlete Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce in 2016. She has won gold medals in the 100 meters track event at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Fraser-Pryce competed for the Olympics Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro wearing the Zoom Superfly Elite.

Intending to take a one-tenth of a second off the athlete's personal best time, Nike worked with and analyzed the athlete's sprint to create the optimum stiffness for the shoe's plate. 

Nike used rapid-prototyping with its 3D technology to create multiple versions of the shoe for Fraser-Pryce to test run on the track. This led to the brand using fixed spikes instead of screw-ins to make the shoe feel as close to the track as possible. This converted to increased traction which helped propel Fraser-Pryce forward, faster.

The innovative track running shoe features a tightly woven upper and base plate, both of which are lightweight and stiff. These technologies were inspired by the geometric structures of various ocean organisms. The shoe also comes in color combinations that reference Brazil's tropical wildlife. Colors like bright pinks mixed with Nike's signature volt green were applied across the athletics footwear range.

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