Great runs with the Nike Zoom Streak 6

75 / 100 by Koh Ancheng • Level 3 expert

The Nike Streak 6 is a snappy, well-cushioned racer that has made an impression.

Performing well both on the track and the road, running in this shoe is both comfortable and enjoyable.



The Fit

One of the things that stood out the most when running in the shoe is the fit.

In most racing flats like the New Balance 1600, the fit is traditionally narrow at the forefoot area, making it hard for my foot to move and occasionally leading to hotspots.

One thing the Streak does well in this area is that due to the lack of welded overlays, the mesh upper is able to accommodate my feet with not much problem, giving the shoe a glove-like fit.

One thing I must note is that I went half a size up from my foot size in order to give my midfoot a bit more room.


The Heel Counter

The heel counter used on the Nike Streak 6 is another feature that I love about this shoe.

Having a slightly smaller heel than what most people have, the heel counter fits surprisingly. In most shoes, there is usually too much room in the heel but the heel counter on this shoe fits like a glove.


Lacing System

The lacing system used on the shoe is not traditionally seen on running shoes.

The eyelets are not punched through the upper but instead, they are part of the mesh upper. Being part of the upper, tightening the laces gives the shoe a more secure fit than that in other shoes.


Upper breathability & durability

The upper of the Streak 6 is very breathable and durable, being able to withstand round after round of abuse. When I started using the shoe the thin upper gave me the impression that I had to pamper the shoe with a lot of care.

However, after using the shoe for a few months I saw that the upper was able to withstand beatings with little visible wear. One other thing the thin upper provided was breathability.



I really got to see how breathable the upper was when I left the shoe in my bag for 3 days after a session in the rain.

When I took the shoe out, I thought they were gone as they were still soaked but after drying them out for a couple hours they were bone dry and had no smell.


Overall Durability

As a racer, the Nike Zoom Streak 6 has held up quite well.

After a season of using it as a track shoe and at competitions, outsole wear is minimal and there are very little signs of wear. The area where there is substantial wear is at the exposed midsole material.



Midsole Material

The Nike zoom air material used on the shoe provides it a very responsive and supportive feel.

The toe off on the shoe is quick and the ride is very smooth. The addition of a Pebax plate in the midsole made the shoe a bit stiffer than usual.

Once I got used to the added stiffness they became my go-to shoe for faster workouts on track. Also, the thicker midsole makes the shoe very comfortable to run in during longer runs while not adding any additional weight to the shoe.



The Streak 6 is a beautiful shoe. Running in it gives me a feeling that I am running fast as it looks sweet.

The design is simple yet elegant making it look very sleek. With no welded overlays the upper looks very clean which is what I want in my racers.



Problems the shoe has

The Nike Streak 6 is not a perfect shoe and one of the problems is the seams falling apart at the heel area.

Although as stated above the upper is durable, this is kind of annoying as I have to cut the threads that come out.



The Nike Streak 6 is a responsive racer for runners who wish to have a shoe that they can use for longer workouts. This shoe performs well both on the track and the road and has been my go-to racer for most of my races.

This shoe is by far one of the best racers I have run in in a long time. All in all, it is not a very versatile shoe but the Nike streak 6 is a racer that does one thing very well - racing.

Koh Ancheng

Koh Ancheng • Level 3 expert

Hi I'm Ancheng! I'm from Singapore and an avid runner. I'm currently part of my school’s cross country team and run roughly 30km a week. Besides being an avid runner I am also a shoe geek, for the most part a running shoe geek.

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