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5 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Zoom Rival SD 2 is very comfortable, according to some athletes. 
  • Many commend its lightness. 
  • According to several reviewers, the shoe has a secure fit. 
  • It does not require a long break-in period, remarked a few purchasers. 
  • The shoe provides excellent stability, commented some athletes. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • A reviewer states that the Zoom Rival SD 2 feels a bit tight. 
  • One customer says that the shoe is not durable enough. 

Bottom line

After years of research and continuous improvement, Nike has finally come up with an entry-level throwing shoe packed with security and springy cushioning. Staying true to its word, the shoe gives lockdown comfort made for movement. Touted to be the perfect pair for rotational and/or glide throwing techniques, the Zoom Rival SD 2 is packed with technical components that will power your performance.

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Good to know

Use - The Zoom Rival SD 2 is a track and field shoe that is designed to be best suited for glide and rotational movements. It also accommodates athletes in shot put, discus, and javelin, and hammer, and weight throw events. 

  • Designed for beginning athletes, the Nike Zoom Rival SD 2 keeps comfort and unrestricted movement as its primary focus. That is why some refinements have been done to the shoe to enhance its quality and to power your performance. 
  • One of the updates made to the Zoom Rival SD 2 is the contoured design of its BRS 1000 rubber outsole. It is meant to deliver better surface traction. 
  • To retain the quality of the series, the shoe still employs some features from its predecessor. One of which is its EVA midsole for a lightweight cushioning. Acting as the protective layer of the shoe from dirt and debris is its synthetic leather upper. 

The Nike Zoom Rival SD 2 is available in unisex sizing, following men’s sizing scheme. Thus, female athletes are advised to go 1.5 sizes down in order to get the perfect fit and sizing. 

The synthetic leather upper of the shoe gives a secure lockdown to the foot. Meanwhile, the lace-up closure system of the shoe gives it an adjustable and comfortable fit. Wrapping the midfoot section is the shoe’s support strap. 

Acting as the protective layer of the Nike Zoom Rival SD 2 is its BRS 1000 carbon rubber with a contoured design. It provides durability for an extended life span of the shoe and it also secures excellent traction on varied surfaces. 

In the medial forefoot of the platform is its pivot point. This is added in order to permit ease of rotation. 

Engineered for flexibility and unrestricted foot movements, flex grooves are furnished to the outsole which are strategically placed at the heel and forefoot.

For the Nike Zoom Rival SD 2’s midsole, an EVA foam is embedded, providing a lightweight yet durable cushioning. This complements the shoe’s promise of comfort. This material is also found in the Adidas Distancestar.

The synthetic leather upper of the Zoom Rival SD 2 provides contoured support to the foot. It is configured to give it protection from dirt and debris while securing in-shoe comfort. 

In some sections of the shoe, an open mesh is utilized in order to increase the breathability of the foot chamber. Some perforations are also incorporated into the toe box in order to further increase the shoe’s ventilation. 

One of the things that athletes have to consider when getting a pair of shoes is the security it offers. That is why the Nike Zoom Rival SD 2 is locked down with 2 closure systems. The first closure system is the traditional lacing system employed by the shoe. It gives an adjustable fit and prevents premature removal of the shoe. Second, a support strap runs across the midfoot further locking down the foot unto the midsole. 

Lastly, rubber toe tips are supplemented to the shoe in order to maintain durability during planting and forward movements. 


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