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Update: Nike Zoom Rival D 8
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running

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Use - The Zoom Rival D 6 from Nike is designed mainly for long-distance running matches. These can range from 800 meters all the way up to 3000 meters. However, it can also accommodate mid-range running meets. 

Spike Type - Ideal for track rubber surfaces, pyramid pins are attached to the running spike. These are ¼ inch in length and are removable. This fashion is intended for featherlight, versatile grip. 

Spike Plate - Tasked with delivering superb traction and durability, a Pebax® plate is added. It has a six-pin design, hosting the shoe’s changeable spike pins. This is to accommodate the varying needs of the athletes.

To promote structural integrity and support, new seamless overlays are welded to the upper. These do not add bulk as they are composed of ultra-light materials. 

The rest of the Zoom Rival D 6’s configuration is patterned after the previous model. Similar to its predecessor, it still sports the brand’s Phylon midsole. It is responsible for enhancing the responsiveness of the track shoe.

Intended for grippy traction, a Pebax® plate is furnished to the outsole. It has a six-pin placement that addresses the varying needs of the athletes. It also features flexible qualities, permitting contenders to last in the competition.

The Nike Zoom Rival D 6 runs in men and women’s sizing measurement. It is engineered using the standard width. Athletes can get a pair with their usual size preference. 

Influencing the fit of the track spike are the one-piece mesh upper, internal midfoot arch bandage, molded medial arch, and the no-sew overlays. The one-piece mesh conforms to the shape of the foot, enabling security and comfort. The rest of the mentioned components deliver support and lockdown.

Running full-length on the outsole of the Zoom Rival D 6 is a Pebax® plate. It is a polymer-based distance plate that has shock-attenuating attributes. It cushions the foot to maximize comfort. Its rigidity solicits durability, allowing the running spike to resist wear and tear. Although quite stiff, it still is pliable, permitting an unrestricted range of foot movements. The same outsole component is present in the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3.

As mentioned, the midsole compartment is embedded with a Phylon foam. It is composed of featherlight materials, lessening energy loss. Because of its engineering, a smooth bounce and a resilient ride are created. Such characteristics enable protection from foot trauma.

The upper construction of the Nike Zoom Rival D 6 aims to provide the optimal amount of support and security. All of these have been achieved with the help of the technical elements of the upper. 

For one, the material that houses the foot is the one-piece mesh. It is extremely lightweight and has a strategic layout of perforations. Such a design is responsible for maximizing airflow into the foot chamber, preventing bacteria build-up. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to the natural shape of the foot for lockdown. 

There are two aspects of the long-distance spike that are intended for support—internal midfoot arch bandage and molded medial arch. The internal midfoot arch keeps the foot in place and prevents slippage. The molded medial arch is responsible for midfoot support—ideal for a variety of distance races. 

The update made to the running spike is the addition of the new seamless overlays. Aside from holding the foot securely in place, it also provides an irritation-free running experience.

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Same sizing as Nike Zoom Rival D 7.

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