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Nike Zoom Javelin Elite 3: The best made even better

Considered the "ultimate" javelin shoe, the Javelin Elite series from Nike is renowned for its stability and power transfer. These are exactly what you'll get in the third version, only that they're refined and amped up. Made in cooperation with three of Nike's professional throwers, the Javelin Elite 3 is sure set for performance. 

Javelin Elite 3 vs. 2 

So what has changed exactly? 

  • For better foot plant and stability, the throwing shoe now features a full-length rubber to complement the spikes. 
  • A stiffer midsole is incorporated to enhance power transfer and increase support. 
  • The upper is also more secure with the help of the lacing system and dual midfoot straps. 
  • For protection, a damping foam is added to the forefoot to shield the toes during foot plant. 


The current trend of Nike Zoom Javelin Elite 3.
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