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7 reasons to buy

  • Various users report that the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 is a comfortable track shoe.
  • Some buyers are pleased with the durability of the spike plate.
  • Although made for sprints, the JA Fly 3 works just as well in jumping events, according to an athlete.
  • A couple of sprinters claim the shoe has helped them create new personal best times.
  • The shoe gives a secure fit, a few reviewers had written.
  • There is an ample amount of space in front of the toes, according to a user.
  • The Nike JA Fly 3 is just the right weight, not too heavy nor too light, some wearers stated.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several runners dislike the asymmetrical style of the lacing system. Some said it puts excessive pressure on the foot, while others think it was restrictive. Another athlete had said it causes bruises.
  • A couple of users have observed that the upper of the JA Fly 3 tore apart after just a few uses.

Bottom line

The Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 is considered a fantastic track spike by the majority of its users. The shoe is praised by athletes for improving their performance. Its versatility and some of its structural elements are also positively regarded. Unfavorably, negative feedback is directed towards the upper details. On the overall, the JA Fly 3 is still concluded by buyers as a shoe recommendable to anyone looking to run faster. 

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Good to know

Use - The Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 is built to perform in short-distance running events, particularly sprints of 100 to 400 meters. Its aggressive spike plate design is made for gripping on track surfaces, like synthetic or rubber. 

Spike Type - Similar to many track shoes designed for sprints, the Nike JA Fly 3 can be equipped with eight ⅜-inch pyramid-type spikes. The spike pins that come with the shoe are made from stainless steel. The material guarantees durability and allows the JA Fly 3 an exceptional performance on both indoor and outdoor track surfaces.

Spike Plate - The spike plate of the Nike JA Fly 3 is made from Pebax® that covers the entire length of the track spike. The material carries durable and flexible characteristics simultaneously, thus enabling effortless and uninhibited movements.

  • In the third iteration of the Nike JA Fly, the upgrades might not be visually noticeable. However, runners would feel them right away, as these changes include a fine-tuning of the overall structure to make it more lightweight and more compatible for sprinters.
  • From a simple, single-layer mesh, the JA Fly 3 upgrades to a Flyweave upper that promises more durability and support than before. However, the signature asymmetrical tongue and lacing system are retained. Other updated elements in the upper include the no-sew tip and lowered heel counter.
  • An improved spike plate is also present in the JA Fly 3. Compared to the previous version, the latest release features a spike plate that claims to be 2.75 times stiffer. This means forward propulsion is further promoted for a more efficient ride.

The Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 is a unisex track spike, which means the sizing scheme is the same for both men and women. As such, athletes who follow women’s sizes would need to go 1.5 sizes down to get their correct fit. Like many other track shoes, the JA Fly 3 is meant to provide a snug fit. Thus, the heel and midfoot widths are narrow, while the toe box height is relatively low. The shoe comes in a Medium width profile and is built for runners with low to moderate foot volumes.

A full-length Pebax® spike plate comprises the entirety of the outsole of the Nike JA Fly 3. The Pebax® material is a thermoplastic elastomer that has a low density, which makes it flexible. In addition, the Pebax® gives the JA Fly 3 a high resistance to impact. The Nike Zoom Victory 3 is another track and field spike that utilizes a Pebax spike plate.

The honeycomb pattern of the spike plate encourages the strategic placement of stiffness and flexibility zones for a more efficient gait cycle.

The midsole of the Nike JA Fly 3 is a minimal structure of a Phylon wedge located in the rearfoot area. This detail has the following benefits: it cushions the heel, it absorbs energy during heelstrike, and it provides a resilient stride. The result is a smooth transition, as well as reduced shock and minimized damage to the knees and joints.

The Flyweave technology present in the upper of the Nike JA Fly 3 is engineered to support the foot in specific movements. The material is composed of weave-and-weft threads that form a durable yet lightweight fabric, resulting in a long-lasting coverage and dynamic fit. Flyweave also guarantees a precise fit and reliable sturdiness.

A unique feature of the JA Fly 3 is the no-sew toe tip. The seamless construction of this detail ensures comfort, as it prevents chafing and other similar skin irritations; this is especially useful during toe-offs at the starting blocks. A low heel counter is present at the rearfoot of the shoe. It works in tandem with the collar to reduce pressure and fatigue in the Achilles tendon.

The most noticeable detail in the JA Fly 3 is the asymmetrical placement of the tongue and lacing system. This design is meant to wrap the foot for a natural feel and a contoured fit. It also minimizes the risk of snagging and slipping and helps relieve pressure on the top of the foot.


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