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Use - The Nike Zoom Celar 4 is a high-performance sprinting spike that generates versatile traction. Its componentry allows it to perform in other running meets like short-distance races and hurdles. 

Spike Type - Suitable for track rubber surfaces, pyramid pins are attached to the running platform. These spike pins dig into the track surface for stability and speed. 

Spike Plate - A Pebax® plate is furnished to the outsole. It has a five-pin configuration for a superb grip. It also maintains minimal weight, preventing drag.

One of the notable changes made to the Zoom Celar 4 from Nike is the absence of the sharkskin outsole. Although this element is no longer present, the outsole of the track spike still offers the same superb traction. 

Another refinement is the addition of a dual closure system—the lace-up fastening system and forefoot strap. These ensure that the foot stays in place during track races or training. 

The sprint shoe still sports the same spike plate from its predecessor. A Pebax® plate with the same five-pin placement is furnished to the outsole. It offers a good combination of both durability and flexibility.

The Nike Zoom Celar 4 only runs in men’s sizing scheme. Thus, women are advised to subtract 1.5 from their usual size. This is to secure a precise fit and size. 

The aspects of the track spike affecting its fit are the mesh upper, the no-sew synthetic leather cage, and Phylon foam. The mesh upper and the synthetic leather cage offer superior lockdown, preventing premature shoe removal. The Phylon foam, meanwhile, offers a supportive and comfortable fit.

The outsole of the Nike Zoom Celar 4 flaunts the sturdy Pebax® plate. It is a polymer-based spike plate that houses the changeable pins of the running spike. It offers a good balance of rigidity and lightness for a propulsive sprinting performance. It also offers a good amount of flexibility for unrestricted foot movements. Lastly, it offers a superior grip on the track surface, powering the speed of the contender. The same outsole component is present in the Nike Zoom Victory 3.

A contoured Phylon midsole is incorporated into the Zoom Celar 4’s configuration. With its design, the platform is kept low to the ground. It also keeps the shoe featherlight while providing good impact protection.

The upper of the sprint spike consists of lightweight mesh. Aside from keeping weight down at an absolute minimum, it also offers ventilation. Moreover, foot movements remain unrestricted because of its flexibility. 

For structural reinforcement, a seamless synthetic leather cage is added to the upper composition. It keeps the foot in place while enhancing support. It also employs minimal weight, preventing increased bulk which can cause drag.

Tasked with lockdown, a traditional lace-up closure and forefoot strap is integrated into the upper.