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8 reasons to buy

  • Many runners describe the Nike Zoom 400 as a comfortable shoe.
  • The Nike Zoom 400 has a durable structure, according to several athletes.
  • A lot of buyers agree that the Nike Zoom 400 has an affordable price, with some mentioning in particular that it has a good value for money.
  • A number of customers have found the shoe to provide an excellent, precise fit.
  • The upper provides enough flexibility to keep the foot comfortable, said a reviewer.
  • The layout of the Nike Zoom 400 is ideal for 800-meter runs, a few users detailed.
  • Some customers like the stylish appearance of the shoe.
  • The shoe has functional features that allow powerful runs, a couple of athletes have reported.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The spike pins of the Nike Zoom 400 tend to fall off a lot, a user had observed.
  • Some reviewers have noted that the track shoe is too soft to provide speed in 400-m runs.

Bottom line

The majority of reviews for the Nike Zoom 400 have been positive, which means users are satisfied with the shoe. The Nike Zoom 400 has delivered pleasant experiences, especially in terms of comfort, performance, and pricing. Certainly, the good comments outweigh the bad ones, therefore making the Nike Zoom 400 a winning track and field shoe for sprinting events.

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Expert reviews:

User reviews:

Use - Designed for the running events in track and field, the Nike Zoom 400 is suitable for use in sprints, most especially in indoor tracks with rubber surfaces. The shoe would perform its best in 200 to 400-meter races, but could also still provide the energy and power for 800-meter runs.  

Spike Type - The Nike Zoom 400 comes with seven pyramid-type spike pins that are ¼-inch in length. Made from stainless steel, these spike pins keep the Zoom 400 durable and efficient in sprints, no matter the distance nor the surface type.

Spike Plate - Pebax® is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer that has a low-density, making them more lightweight than other polymers such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Pebax® is naturally flexible and tough. In the Nike Zoom 400, the Pebax® spike plate possesses sturdiness and toughness that allow for adequate energy return and unrestricted mobility. The Nike Zoom Rival S 9 also features the same spike plate material, as well as the same number of spike receptacles.

The Nike Zoom 400 offers a combination of speed, power, and lightness, all within a structure that allows athletes to “zoom” through the tracks. As hinted in its name, the Nike Zoom 400 is built for the sprinting events, which have a maximum distance of 400 meters. Sprinters will be pleased with the shoe’s dynamic underfoot elements and its upper that balances between supportiveness and lightness.

A Flyweave upper equips the runner with flexibility and provides a supportive structure for the foot. The material delivers a snug fit that gives a secure hold but with a lightweight finish that allows for a barely-there feel. 

The bottom part of the Nike Zoom 400 consists of various elements that contribute to an energetic performance, responsive strides, and ultimate traction while athletes quickly finish the tracks.

The Nike Zoom 400 is a unisex track running spike that follows the measurements of men’s sizing schemes. Women athletes are advised to go 1.5 sizes down to achieve an accurate fitting of their preference. With regards to dimensions, the Nike Zoom 400 adheres to the standard of track and field spikes—that is, with a narrow heel width, a low midfoot volume, and a low toe box height. On top of these, the Nike Zoom 400 is also presented in an anatomically-correct layout; it is designed to fit around the natural shape of the foot.

A full-length Pebax® spike plate comprises the outsole of the Nike Zoom 400. This polymer-based element has a low-density and high-resistance to impact, making it flexible and adaptable enough to withstand forces during footstrike. This quality helps relieve joint fatigue. 

The Pebax® plate is equipped with seven spike receptacles on the forefoot area, while the heel area is rimmed with a sturdy rubber for enhanced traction. The layout also helps with reducing possible trauma caused by heel-striking.

Like the outsole, the midsole of the Nike Zoom 400 is built as a full-length construction, from Phylon. This material is a lightweight and springy product of ethylene-vinyl acetate, and it comes in the form of pellets. Phylon has a resilient quality that not only makes for a responsive ride but also gives the shoe stability and durability.

Additionally, the Phylon midsole provides a contoured platform that keeps the Zoom 400 light and low towards the ground. With its bouncy property, each step is designed to feel feathery and, thus, easy on the joints, making for a better running sensation on the rough track surface.

The Flyweave upper of the Nike Zoom 400 is known to be highly durable and lightweight at the same time. The material is created from a unique method, producing a textile that maximizes the foot’s natural motion and acts as a “bionic” second skin. The development process of Flyweave was inspired by the aerospace industry as it copies the strength and reliability of aerospace materials. These qualities, therefore, allow the Nike Zoom 400 to adapt to individual requirements of durability and stability of each runner.

Additionally, the Flyweave upper offers a flexible and supportive fit that makes long days at the track a pleasant experience.

The integrated tongue design gives the upper a seamless finish, allowing the top of the foot to feel more comfortable.

The Zoom 400 features a streamlined toe construction that likewise provides a heightened level of comfort, especially during the start of the race.

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